1. virgin muh Paternalistic Conservatism vs the chad great trial

  2. Taboritsky must gas all the molesting thots.

  3. Buhkarina Serov, Buhkarina Serov, Buhkarina Serov, One Struggle One Struggle One Struggle

  4. I truly understand why Panzer regrets making TNO

  5. Least delusional TNO fan (nah but fr how tf could anyone think TNO’s the best hoi4 mod)

  6. No clue, like the UI is unique and the atmosphere was cool and dark and then, well they went realistic

  7. Thing is: TNO is, to me, the best example of a Cold War mod working and being pretty good. Now, that doesn’t mean it’s the best mod, imo the fact that it’s a Cold War mod makes it rly boring (except if you play Yunnan or a warlord). Anyway, that’s my opinion ig.

  8. Fair enough man I get it, though I would say KX is probably the best Hoi4 mod, just in shear content and quality

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