1. please, we've been doing that (shooting the fucks) in Africa for a hundred years.

  2. So if someone eats this pork, at some point in the future, does it make them a cannibal by proxy?

  3. Fuck me, these dudes are older than I am and I've already been to the military.

  4. Jesus fuck, did you see how black that last guy's lungs were?

  5. I get it, he's saying that Jerusalem is Roswell & baby Jesus & naughty Lucifer are the 2 main protagonists in a real-world galactic empire striking back what the actual prophesied fuck?

  6. “Well you need to know this because someone is going to be MAKING the software to code”

  7. Thanks everyone for your comments! I will probably hold out and save up a little more for the XT6!

  8. my girlfriend from 25 years (crazy bitch) used to say that the roman catholic church is demonic but then-again she did speak in tongues - that sounded like breaking plates.

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