1. My advice to anyone who wants to read a popular book on this sub or the internet is just forget about it and try to read it in a year without expectations. It’s insane how easy it is to ruin good books for yourself this way. The difference in your headspace will be like the difference between stumbling upon a good M/M book, and analyzing and critiquing a romantic classic. It’s always a mistake.

  2. THATS EXACTLY WHAT I DID hence me replying a year late haha. I did NOT enjoy the first half of the book because I had extremely high expectations from not only the internet, but my friends. Sat on my shelf for about 6 months after buying too after I read the first half (took me a month to read the first half because I found it SO boring) and picked it up today to finish the second half in 1 day. Perhaps it may have just been a slow first half, but this book sucked me in when I picked it up with no expectations. This is really the way to go, so glad I waited.

  3. i found i zero expectations for this book, which made it way easier to read. i finished in.. i think three days, but most of the time was because i could not sleep.

  4. The whole point with the plot is that El was spending her entire time hanging out with Mike and both were barely hanging out with the group (and El couldn't do all the things the others were doing). El didn't hate Max anymore but they were just friends of friends.

  5. that is exactly that i'm presenting, that el and max were friends, but perhaps not as close as we see them become. people in this thread are claiming el was still "hostile" towards max in the beginning of the season which is just a reach. it is made very clear that a level of reconciliation has taken place before the timeline of s3. without hop, they may have not been as close as we see them become, but they certainly would have still been friends.

  6. The claim being made is that they weren't friends. Which is true as far as we see-they were in each other's friend group, they weren't friends itself. They don't hate each other, but they are absolutely still weary because of that prior hostility (they didn't say they were hostile, just aware of their previous problems) as they correctly noted and they probably haven't interacted much at all, for the reasons I noted.

  7. i'm glad you considered that max and el's relationship had at least developed off screen, even if you do not fully believe they were closer/friends! thank you for hearing me out! i will reiterate that although they may have been friends regardless, i will admit the incident with hop was a primary catalyst of their friendship leading to them becoming best friends.

  8. If she doesn't vibe well with his friend it suggests... what exactly?

  9. That he's aware he's doing something wrong. Them not vibing is fine, if the boyfriend acts weird about them being friends, that's odd.

  10. Oh, sorry, I read "if she acts weird about it/ect".

  11. Kyedae started out in Bronze and mostly solo queued now to diamond 2. If she keeps improving she might go high immo in no time.

  12. There is a big difference between diamond 2 and high immo

  13. There's a big difference between bronze and diamond too, and she climbed tbose ranks in just a few months. Of course there's there's a huge difference, that's why I said only if she continues improving at the same rate she has been. I've been watching her streams lately and she often top frags diamond lobbies.

  14. Doesn't matter how smart you are getting a 100 in English shouldn't be possible. Cause you can't write a perfect essay. Its not like math where you can answer all the questions right.

  15. You do realize it's possible to get a 100 on a class that isn't objective/numerical? Subjectivity can still be applaudable. I don't know which subject he got a lower grade in but he did not get a 100 in all subjects. He got a lower grade in one, may have been English. I feel for you that you had a bad teacher, but that does not mean someone can't exceed expectations through literary aspects.

  16. lmao my school is half IB but go off. Even the IB students had some of the same teachers for English. Majority of schools don't give a 100 in English class but if you want to believe that your school wasn't easy, I'm not gonna stop you.

  17. Once again, I feel for you about the fact that IB students had the same teachers as academic, but my school did not. For the IB classes that were given by the same teacher, the teacher has far higher expectation for the IB bunch as they have to strictly follow IB guidelines (for context our literature teacher was the same and while the IB class avg was 3/7, the academic class average was in the 80s). IB English was far more rigorous, I know because I've done both, I dropped IB english and took academic instead and the change in difficulty is very noticeable.

  18. Just saw this on the val subreddit! The comments are surprisingly supportive.

  19. {{Loveless}} by Alice Oseman. Can't recommend this enough, and the main character in this is ace too.

  20. physics is actually so hard and my English is not perfect😭

  21. I mean this in the most polite way: you might HATE engineering if you find highschool physics hard/get a 60%! Just don't rule other career options put because you're dead set on something you're already not enjoying!

  22. If you can got to college, go. Apply to scholarships and grants during the summer and maybe work a job.

  23. I think I've only seen universities save a specific amount of slots for women, nothing about race though. Don't worry, us Asian CS majors can stick together (I'm probably not the "right" type of Asian, but yk what I mean).

  24. Do you know where universities have mentioned saved seats. I'm curious how much is usually saved. Btw you are always the right type of asian bro dw

  25. I might have confused it with something else, I can't seem to find where I might have read it. Anyways even if they don't, I do think they should.

  26. Yeah you’re right. I guess I just got a little panicked after some financial difficulties 😓 I always hear that people who do get masters in social sciences tend to mostly go down the professor/researcher route? I’ve heard mixed reviews on both positions so I’m not sure if I’d wanna give either a shot. Do you know any examples of the jobs under social media and sales? I usually hear social science kids going into law. And I’ll definitely give those coding websites a shot!!! Thank you for giving me their names because I would’ve probably stressed out and spend who knows how much just to see what coding is like 😭😓

  27. You can use your degree to apply to law schools. Lawyers make bank.

  28. I got rejected from Waterloo CS and UofT CS but got into Waterloo math and UofT math. I accepted neither. Instead, I accepted Carleton CS thinking I'd get better CS education. Did I make the right decision? I feel like I'm regretting it a lot... Should I be worried?

  29. If you don't mind telling, what was your overall average of all classes?

  30. they don’t see ur grade 10 stuff only gr11 and 12 and they cant tell if you’ve been online or inperson also i don’t think they care if you’ve done a course in summer school if it’s not related to the program

  31. Ahhh, I see. How does UW and UofT manage to penalize students if they can't tell whether a course is online or not? It is just based on academic honesty?

  32. They can definitely see if you took a program in the summer even if its online because you have to report that you've taken a class out of day school.

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