1. Yep, been doing this for 4 years and I don’t do multiples. I’ve never been tip-baited or had people report things missing. Plus you are literally doing MORE work for LESS money.

  2. Yep, I've noticed lately that they aren't even paying us anything on the second and third orders. I've seen a lot of doubles and triples where the pay is only $7. There's no extra money on there at all. In the past they would at least put gas money on it but they've definitely lowered their pay.

  3. Well technically I was too late but I went ahead and emailed them and asked them to cancel me and they did. Have you reached out to them?

  4. e925 says:

    Wow that’s good to know! I have FFF and have always avoided the electronics because everybody usually says if they break you’re sol.

  5. Yeah I also felt like this season's box was pretty skincare heavy but skin care is my jam so I was pretty happy with it. I had added in the vacation bag in the first customization group and the Free people packing cubes. Plus the skin care is brands that are pretty trendy and quality. I'm extremely happy with my box. Yeah and I guess the boxycharm would be the only place you could get that Nars blush cheaper because I have definitely looked. I got it as well because I just couldn't say no. I think it's very similar to the hourglass ambient blush. It has a lot of highlighter in it and not a lot of color.

  6. I’m on the fence about getting gbx because everything seems great in it but I have a lot of stuff so I don’t really need anything and I’m trying to save money since I just started beauty school

  7. I side-eye this brand so hard, lol. In addition to being scammy, the products look like cheap, gimmicky crap. There was also

  8. Yeah honestly their packaging looks so pretty with the product all colorful . So I purchased their shave butter and was really let down by it. I did not like the consistency at all and just was very underwhelmed. I also just started thinking, you really can't fight cellulite with any skin care products and maybe stretch marks with certain types of oils, etc but it just really didn't seem like their products could do much. So thankfully I never wasted my money because they're way overpriced. We all need to be careful not to fall for pretty packaging and pretty products.

  9. Honestly, I'm in the same boat but I'm actually going to be canceling. I had to decide whether to cancel my fab fit fun or ipsy. I decided to cancel ipsy but I keep saying one more month. There are a few items and this one I am excited about but overall I look at it like this, I've never been let down by a Glam bag x. But I don't need any of the items. I get excited about it and I feel like overall the value is amazing. If you do not need any of the items and you're really tight with money, I would consider skipping or just cancel all together. When I really looked at how much money I was spending between these two subscription services I realized it's a problem. One of the most aggravating things with ipsy is that the advertise all these products and I watched a video of the 30 items that they have shown could be possibilities in this bag, but usually I end up having to buy the things I really want in add-ons and then I end up spending like $100. But that's just me. I'm sure sure you will get some products that you will love, and it'll be well worth the $60 but how much do you already have? To summarize, I do not think you will be let down by the bag, especially if you're excited about a few items, but this money adds up over time and if you don't stop now, then when? At least that's how I look at it. Sorry this is so long.

  10. I'm sure the resellers are rejoicing 🙄 I was actually pleasantly surprised by the max 1 limit, like they were finally starting to take control of inventory and people hoarding items either to actually buy or til the last minute to drop. I love, love, love FFF sales, but they stress me out when I can't jump on right at 9am or keep refreshing my favorites for days because I'm in a lot of meetings at work. Like I get buying for friends and family, but let's be real about who's really hoarding the most desirable items.

  11. I made a to post about this last sale because they had no limit on the Sunday Riley retinol serum or glow recipe swims. Super popular items. I had no clue why they set the limit at five. You get 5, I get zero? They added in the items in the newly added so you would have had the check at the exact right time to get it. I noticed it later and I checked back probably 40 times and the items were never available. Glad they changed it this time.

  12. It wasn't "no limit", there was a limit of 3. Also, the Sunday Riley was a Daily Deal, not a "newly added".

  13. Yeah so even with a limit of three, that's still more than the zero that I got to get. Multiply that limit of three times however many people that got it. That's a lot. Did a semantics of a daily deal versus newly added really matter? The whole point of my comment was that there needs to be limits on popular items

  14. It's skincare heavy but I know it's things I'll use. So happy to see the kate Somerville. Happy with Glow Recipe and Free People!

  15. Frye beanie is awesome. I have one in a different color and I love it. I put that one in my cart as well.

  16. For the Earth harbor I've gotten a couple of things from them. I hated their Sunshine cleanser. It removed none of my makeup when was super heavy. And yes I think most of their serums are just copies of each other.

  17. I was torn about category one. I really wanted to try summer Fridays and I have a Nars blush so I grabbed another one. I wanted the bag. Honestly, thinking about ditching the blush and getting the bag but they don't have pics of the inside.

  18. So I have it and it's a great product. Glossier is a good brand. You use it on your no makeup days and you can mix it with a bronzer or even you could just play around with it and even mix it with like anything with a bit of a skin tint. Or I wear it on its own and have a beautiful hydrating glow.

  19. I’ve been using the body wash for the last couple of months, and while the scent is nice that’s all there is to it. It’s also pretty drying. Definitely not worth its normal price, and for $12 I feel like even a body wash from target could be better.

  20. I mean they're too very different products. With the future due you're going to use it on days that you don't want to wear makeup and you just want to have super glowy skin. You would use it in place of an oil after your moisturizer and you can also mix it with like some sort of bronzing products. But the glow recipe it's got pretty good ratings as a very nice moisturizer. The only thing I have by them that I hate is their watermelon sleeping mask.

  21. I took a pic of my order at the door (the app requested it) and it was still reported missing. Taking a pic doesn't do shit

  22. I don't disagree. Instacart sucks. They truly do not give to s**** about us that I have found that their customer support people for the most part do try to help but they're extremely limited and what they can do. Instacart corporate is the most greedy egregious company that I have dealt with.

  23. Not surprising. I thought it was a pretty s***** store and that they had like literally no toilet paper or paper towels at all. And one employee. I pretty much stay away from stores like that, but I love dollar tree. But I'm not about to buy my household items like toilet paper and paper towels and food there.

  24. At least it’s not as bad as doordash lmao I enjoy the area I deliver in, no crime and the batches are always $20+ even on low item batches they just tip super good I made $90 in 2 1/2 hours off of 2 batches. 5 orders in total.

  25. Well here in Memphis and the surrounding areas we see a lot of batches under $15. Sometimes for hours at a time. I've seen days where I'm in a nicer part of town and I'm seeing $50, $70, etc but it's very rare. I've noticed lately has been a lot worse. I've been doing instacart for over 2 and 1/2 years and I don't know if it's just because we can only see the batches in our immediate areas or if it's just gotten as bad as I think it is.

  26. I had one the other day. When I went to drop the order off she Grabbed the bags out of my hands where I could do anything and then tried to distract me by saying she's going to tip me through cash app. Today I see she reported her order missing and I reported her ass. She was an add-on order. The other customer took great care of me.

  27. What didn't you like about the shave butter? I've never actually heard of the Truly brand...just tend to love CBD products.

  28. Well okay so speaking for the brand, as far as do their products work for like helping with cellulite and stretch marks, in my experience there's not much you can do for that besides going in and having a procedure done. I think keeping your body extremely moisturize and exfoliated and obviously wearing sunscreen is the best thing you can do. To answer your question though, I just felt like the shave butter was just kind of thin and consistency and I have to use a lot of it and it's expensive for such a small amount. It felt like a body butter but it was more like watery.

  29. I've tried the shave butter-not impressed. We have a store here called Buff city soaps that does an amazing whipped body butter, so I can't imagine this is much better... Imo.

  30. So I've heard this company is okay but I've been sort of hesitant because they're so inexpensive. What do you think?

  31. Thank you for your consideration. You're doing just fine. You should not have to subsidize instacarts s***** business model. I have a theory that one of the reasons that they are losing so much business is that they use a crappy business model. They don't take care of us as shoppers and theyre r***** you guys on charges

  32. Very small orders. Low tips. Is you live in an Instacart area, just turn on app and stay home.

  33. Awful here in Memphis. Had one double at Costco with high mileage. Debating calling it a day. Blank screen! WTF happened? Last year I made $196 on the 2nd.

  34. I was about to post this, I got the same email! Only reason why they’re refunding everyone is because they got called out on boxycharm fb groups too much . They’re shady! They know it was almost close to expiring. And if I remember correctly I spent like 30+ dollars on it in the drop shop…. Just wow.

  35. I bought two of them and I was refunded $34. I think with tax that was the total for both so they were about $15 a piece. The thing that's b******* is that glow recipe hasn't made that product in over a year so I kind of wondered like it's got retinol in it and avocado so how good is the product? Have you used the product before and I loved it so I just bought it out of excitement but then when I got it I noticed it was a little off color. So I asked low recipe and they said yes they're expired and they won't hurt you, in my opinion, but they're probably just going to be pretty weak and may not be effective.

  36. So I'm really glad I found this post. I got some advice for you. I got the same email and was informed I would be refunded. I sent glow recipe in email with the lot number on the bottom of my two bottles. If you open at the box and look at the bottle you will see a number and that is the lot number and if you tell glow recipe what it is and explain the situation they're actually really good and they will probably tell you it is expired as they told me. I will say I never asked for anything from them but they gave me a very nice credit for their website for my troubles. They were pretty frustrated that boxycharm is selling their products that are expired.

  37. Without question 8 full sized products for $60, on the surface, is a deal.... BUT...

  38. What kills me is that they never give us what they advertise. It's a bunch of, oh Khloe loves these products. They COULD be in the GBX". But they aren't. We may get a few of them. It's false advertising.

  39. Yeah, I relate to everything you say here, though I have not yet been brave enough to cancel.

  40. So true. The IPSY products are not remotely high end. Most of the brands were new to me and I'm into skincare and makeup. You're so right, it's not what some of us really want. It's more, well for these products I'm saving money and we take ourselves into liking/needing them.

  41. How many shades did you use for your look? Like like 2..? And, do you use any tools to do your wing? It's so perfect. I also have hooded eyes, but they are also small and down turned.

  42. I love Complex Culture brushes! I ordered that same set plus a couple other brushes. The cheek and bronzer brushes maybe? I don't remember lol. But I've loved all of their brushes that I've tried and my backups have backups. 😂

  43. I ordered the large makeup box and am so impressed. It's actually a good-quality hard case that holds its shape on its own. I intend to repurpose it to store my favorite fountain pens and their accessories.

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