1. True story movie... Homeless to Harvard.

  2. I don't usually respond to comments like yours because I think you've decided to be very judgmental. But I truly hope that one day you can open your mind and your heart and decide to treat people with Grace and respect. You do not know other people's situations and it is not your place to judge. Just because you changed your life does not mean you understand other people's stories and maybe why they can't change theirs. I don't down vote....I see people don't agree with you....

  3. Yes, I agree. I am very happy with other peoples successes. I just try to give my best service to (hopefully) get rewarded.

  4. Completely understand where you're coming from because, while my parents set me up for success, my addiction and life let me down. I am now busting my ass to start a new life for myself. All I can say is that you can find something that you want to do or you can capitalize off of your efforts and try to put your self in a place where you are comfortable. I know it's hard to start....

  5. When I was scrolling through the available batches that morning at Costco drop, I was about to click on a $78 batch I saw, but did a double take at the one below it when I saw $401. I was like “WTF??!!” and speed tapped at the speed of light with my fingers crossed, toes curled, hair raised on my neck and my my ass clenched as I waited to see if someone else beat me to it. I clicked it so fast idk how I even managed to get a screenshot off before ii even finished loading after I tapped ACCEPT. I damn near passed out when it said transitioning batch. I jumped out my SUV to try and yell to my fellow shoppers but no words came out. They thought I was having a medical emergency and ran over to help me, but all I could do was hold my phone up and point at it because my knees were too wobbly. They looked at the screenshot like “holy shit, dude! You got that one?!” as they were all holding me up from falling. Everybody was like “photograph every item as you shop, man. Just to be on the safe side.” I did. A goddamn documentary. Turns out I didn’t need to, because this woman was the best Instacart customer in the world, y’all. A genuine person who goes out of her way to help others and show her appreciation for the services she depends on for her day to day personal and business life needs. I wish more people using gig services like Instacart, DoorDash, UberEats and all the others valued us the way she does. She said she even tips the mailman. Like, who tf ever considered tipping the mailman? Well, she does. She’s an angel on earth.

  6. That's really awesome. That basically makes up for a lot of the money you need to make in a week. So I kind of Wonder now that they're putting the huge batches on SUVs and trucks, if people like me with cars are missing out. I mean I think it's completely fair and rational and I think it's a good idea because I can't fit that s*** in my car, but it does make me wonder. I don't see good Costco batches in my area anymore but I've heard a lot of people saying that.

  7. I've never heard of that. Maybe you just got a really rude cashier? I consistently will buy like one or two things for myself along with another Costco order. As long as you're not buying over five items, I don't think it's a big deal. Maybe that person was just an a******.

  8. So I started during the time of the pandemic and I remember thinking that I would never get a batch over $50 and then I got a $73 double batch at Costco and I was so excited. It was more the fact that I could work on my terms and make money without people telling me what to do. Overtime I got to a point where I got bigger batches. Last year couple weeks before christmas, I remember getting three batches over 100 dollars. I eventually started getting personal shopping customers and this Christmas I had a Costco order for one of mine and she took me $200. No, it's not like it used to be, but you can still get something decent every once in awhile.

  9. I did a 50 item Costco order today, barely fit in my car. No way I could fit that many items

  10. Yeah, I had a huge order to Sam's one day and I literally had to refund like four of the huge cases of water because it was just too much. The tip was not that great so I didn't lose very much. It's probably one of those days I was desperate. And I said, instacart needs to start separating big orders and allowing people with huge vehicles to take them because even though sometimes they pay well, it's not worth it if you can't fit it into your car. A month later, they started doing that. I am convinced they listen to us. Seriously, I think they probably have some sort of thing on their app where they probably do hear every goddamn thing we say.

  11. That's for sure a lie. You must've never shopped at Costco

  12. So I don't understand why people debate the fact that people work for instacart or that they've had Costco orders. Why are you wasting your time? It is reasonable to say someone got paid $216 for an order that was similar to the order shown in the post. Where are you arguing?

  13. not even a "please" on his ridiculous demand. go shop for yourself, stephen.

  14. Exactly, I will never understand people like this. I do think there's the exception of customers who actually cannot get out of the house due to health issues. And while I'm happy to help them, I guarantee this person is just a normal idiot that just doesn't want to go to the store but wants to fall someone else around with their stupid demands.

  15. So it looks like this person is shopping for 12 items and the delivery is 8 MI, for $38 I think. That's actually a pretty good order for my area. And there's no way to cancel only one person's order. I probably just try to put it in ice and make the order work. We're desperate out here though.

  16. The way they treat us makes people not want to file taxes for barely being paid their “words in their contract” that makes them too powerful over everyone. Also I’m sorry to see you got downvoted, happens to me all the time on this sub lol there’s always people that will. The only “blog” I know of is the one from the IC app. Are there others that can actually influence the company?

  17. Well, I upvoted you. Lol. I'm a pretty peaceful person but I'm not going to lie, read it makes me angry. It seems that if you don't say what people want to hear, or if you get off the subject slightly, they're not going to like what you have to say. It'd be amazing if people were a little bit more positive and encouraging and actually upvoted. I digress, I completely and totally agree with you regarding instacart. I try to get as many tax credit as I can at the end of the year because my dad used to work for the irs.

  18. Number one because it didn't answer my question. Number two the tone of the reply. Thankfully I think we cleared it up. At least I feel like we did but apparently people love to go around and down vote responses if they don't hear exactly what they want to. I mean honestly, I never get on Reddit because every time I do, if you don't say exactly what someone feels is appropriate or wants to hear or agrees with with, they're going to downvote your reply or your post. It is some of the stupidest s*** I've ever seen and I think Reddit could be a great place for people actually get answers to questions but every time I get on here apparently nothing I have to say is ever good enough.

  19. I've gotten the red warning message in the app saying if I didn't start heading to the store by a specific time my batch would be cancelled... problem is, every time it's happened to me I was on a 2 store batch. One time I even started shopping the 1st store just 2 minutes after accepting it, and still go the warning. For whatever reason the app doesn't recognize 2 store batches and wants to cancel your batch cuz you're not heading to the 2nd store... which you obviously can't head to the 2nd store until you're done shopping the 1st store - but the app doesn't understand that. The whole thing is stupid.

  20. That's fucked up. And never even considered that. They definitely have some glitches they need to fix and that's why I was trying to find a way to complain about it in their blog. It's kind of like the whole if you're sedentary and you don't head to the store or at least move in your car and some direction within 8 minutes after accepting a batch they cancel it but yet you can take 45 minutes to get to the store as long as you're moving in your car somewhere. It defies logic.

  21. This seems to have changed within the last couple of weeks.

  22. I completely agree. I've also noticed a huge difference between whether you are just sitting in your location and not moving or whether you're actually driving. It doesn't even matter if you're driving towards the store. The app only seems to care if you're moving. Totally illogical. Happens to me for the first time yesterday.

  23. I don't know how long you've been doing this but I've been doing it for about 2 and 1/2 years at least. Overtime you will find some customers are absolutely amazing. When it was icy in my area I got a ton of extra cash tips. I pretty much try to ignore the bad batches that don't tip well because if I take those that's on me. Sometimes it can be rewarding and you can get to talk to the very kind strangers.

  24. Not necessarily. So I actually live about 5 minutes away from the Kroger and my small town. I only get batches there around this time of year and sometimes I'm simply not ready to leave. I feel like we have a grace period for a reason and now they're taking that away from us. If I am in the city and I get the batch, I go immediately.

  25. The thing that gets me with Add-Ons is that Instacart doesn't even offer full batch pay for it.

  26. Yeah, IC lowered the customer's recommended tip amount to 5% earlier this year. It used to be 10%. I assume they changed it to reduce sticker shock to customers... but all that did was make most batches not worth doing. Maybe instead of lowering our pay, the should've reduced their own fees instead.

  27. Exactly!!!!! They make money off memberships, single orders, AND EVERY item has a markup. It's insane. Then they pay shoppers in my area $7 whole dollars and no extra batch pay for multiple batches.

  28. My greeting is in part to help make that aware:

  29. Especially when you get a Kroger "online" order. Most of the customers have no idea that we shop AND deliver. Always a good idea to be transparent.

  30. I'm seeing batches, bit all shit, and lots of time between seeing new ones. My thoughts, this was the first official "no covid" new years, so waaaaaaaaay more people are in full recovery today, compared to recent years. IF today gets busy, I'm guessing it'll be early afternoon or later

  31. Thanks for the encouraging words. Actually went out by a few stores and caught a few good hits today - $30 -40. And a whole lot of real bad batches with a $50+ payout ... Seems the Carrot is trying to dazzle me with big numbers while slipping a bigger carrot up my ass.

  32. Honestly I think that they are definitely sticking by you being able to get good batches if you're rating is over a 4.7. I don't even look at mine anymore cuz I forgot to care. And I've worked some Sundays lately that have been absolutely horrible. Yesterday I actually did the best I've done and quite a while but yet today I've seen pretty much no good batches. Everything is a double or a triple with a thousand miles and very low tips. I do not see orders over $50 anymore.

  33. Yep. I can’t start my batch, and am getting notifications to please start batch. Like DUDE I’M TRYING…

  34. Isn't it funny that that part of the app works but yet nothing else does? Like they can cancel your batch because you can't possibly start it and you can't deliver it but somehow that's on us?

  35. So fucking annoying I literally just got a $107 order and can’t even start shopping or message the customer

  36. Where are you located? I'm in the Memphis area and I never see batches like that anymore. Last year the week before Christmas I had three batches over $100 but this year has been absolutely horrible.

  37. I can't start my batch. I'm hoping this doesn't affect my cancel rate since I'm stuck and can't do anything with it.

  38. I couldn't agree more. I started during the pandemic and was making anywhere from $600 a week to a thousand a week. I regularly saw batches from anywhere from $30 to $90. Now I don't even see anything decent over 30 anymore. Not only have they lowered our batch pay and they're not giving incentives but people have decided we should work for free. I'm out.

  39. Me too. My app has been glitchy today. I'm not necessarily getting a noise with my notifications and I'll see the notification pop up but then I can't find the batch. There's definitely something going on. Also today has been terrible because the batches in my area are all s***.

  40. That is insane. I think the best I've ever seen in the Memphis area is like $74 for five batches. I really think it depends on the area. We don't get offered much here in the tips are pretty s***** lately. So yeah you just need to do the minimum and if you want to pick up extra batches after that it's up to you.

  41. There's really not. Unfortunately instacart is doing this a lot lately. They don't care. You're going to do whatever they can to save every penny possible. Not only do they have to not pay you for the second and third batch but they also don't reimburse us for gas very well. Also customers don't seem to want to tip anymore but they're still ordering consistently. I'm pretty frustrated with the lack of instacart and customers giving a f*** about us. To answer your question, unfortunately you can try going to a different area but if you're not getting good batches call it a day.

  42. I think you can get something similar to the pill holder like on amazon. If there's anything you want more in that category, I would get it. I mean I basically compare retail to what I see online. Sometimes you'll see the value of an item has fallen. I just generally get things that I really really want but I look up reviews. I really think all this stuff about the skin Care is kind of out of hand. I've been using fabfitfun skin care for years and I've never had a problem. I'm sorry if other people are having issues with it but that has just not been my experience. So if you're happy with what you've chosen, trust your instinct.

  43. e925 says:

    I totally thought the same thing about the pill holder but when I went to Amazon I actually couldn’t find anything similar. I assumed Amazon would have one that was cuter and/or cheaper but when I actually looked there wasn’t anything comparable, let alone cuter/cheaper.

  44. Sometimes, Amazon is weird that way. There'll have the most innovative or interesting items, but not something you need. In that case, I'd get what I want or need most in that category if I were o.p.

  45. So I have purchased Sunday Riley products on eBay when they are a good price and I have had pretty good luck. If I look up the lot number that they are not expired and also the product is in good condition. I've actually gotten the retinol serum from eBay for a pretty good price and been happy with it. Just something to consider.

  46. I actually think beekman makes great products. This is where skin care kind of gets tricky. One person may have a great response and someone else has sensitive skin so they don't. I just look up reviews. I look at the overall Google review on a product. I have used their clay mask and loved it as well as their ceramide serum and it is amazing. I do not think you can go wrong with that brand. But definitely look at the reviews and consider your skin type when looking up each product.

  47. Honestly, I don't think he has any business communicating directly with customers. He has ceo/MBA brain, which is great for a business but not great when trying to smooth things over with customers. In most cases his responses just piss people off more.

  48. I'm not super familiar with the content that you guys are speaking of but I do think you make a good point and referring to different people's personality types. While there's definitely a place for his personality type, meaning people that are good with money, etc, there is a type of personality that is better with people and there is definitely a way to speak to people in which not only does not offend them but fixes the problem. I've always been extremely satisfied with the customer service of fun when I call them on the phone or reach out to via chat.

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