1. Looks good, but if you want to give it just a bit of a cleaner look, I think some cable combs would really take it over the top.

  2. Will look into this. Thought my only options were the expensive af cablemod cables

  3. Nope, asiahorse extension cables. As of a few months ago, they were about the only extensions that came with 2 cpu extensions. I have them and they work and look great.

  4. It's a great poster. I also have the batman one seen in the pic then I have the poster that has all the marvel comics characters and finally a fallout 4 poster.

  5. just take the pc out of that cupboard so it can get some air, and it'l go from a 4/10 to a 7/10

  6. Not a cupboard, custom console table. It has access to fresh air on all sides.

  7. Drop my pants and proceed to take a massive shit in the middle of the walkway directly in front of the registers.

  8. I think I’ll go with the h510 in that case. I’m looking for some 140mm fans (3 of them) to fill the case. Any suggestions there?

  9. You mean the h510 flow right? The regular h510 isn't as bad as everyone says but it does run a bit hotter. I switched out my h510 for a h510 flow and immediately got an average of 6 degrees temp drop. Regarding fans, just fyi the case comes with 2 (not the greatest) fans that are upgradable but it only supports 4 fans without mods. Max of 2 140mm fans in the front, 1 140mm in the top, and 1 120mm in the rear. The case fans it ships with are both 120mm.

  10. After buying the case I found out I was too poor to buy more fans so I have like 5 different brands in there all on stock rgb settings. So I gotta ride out the rgb until I can afford all of the same fans and actually sync up the colors.

  11. Look into signal rgb, as long as all your different brands are supported you should be able to sync them all.

  12. That's the neat part, you don't... Just kidding, it most likely is a piece of plastic or more likely an aluminum badge that has 3m adhesive covering the entire back. You can try taking a screwdriver or something else flat and pry up one side and use some ipa (isopropyl alcohol) to loosen the adhesive. Alternatively you can tape it off and paint it.

  13. In the search box on the taskbar click Start, type command prompt, right-click the command prompt result and then select Run as administrator and confirm.

  14. There is a NIGHT and DAY difference between the flow and non-flow versions.

  15. But this isnt the flow version, and I have no hatred for NZXT, its just baffling the orignal h510 was ever released as it was.

  16. I feel out of the loop here, why the fuck is everyone posting their GeForce page using cellphone shots of a monitor???

  17. I have wondered this exact same thing. The worst part about it, is that for some reason it irritates the shit out of me but I can't figure out why...

  18. I mean I'm ok with people showing off their builds, whether it's a 3 year old build that they just cleaned up or if it's a top of the line $5000 build or anything in between. I understand being proud that you built it, and wanting to show it off on here but I don't think posting a geforce experience screenshot from a computer is even a flex, I just think it's lazy and unimpressive. Also, I never went walmart, but recently went from a target console table to a console table from the 60's that I completely stripped and refinished. Lol

  19. Take a blow torch to it until it all melts into one tidy cable that runs along the bottom rail. Lol

  20. Possibly a stupid question, but are you installing a cpu cooler on top of the cpu/ thermal paste? I only ask because you're cpu looks straight up burnt, almost like you are only putting thermal paste on but no cooler over it. Lay the computer down on its side, apply fresh thermal paste, lay cpu cooler on it. Tighten the screws in this order: bottom right, top left, bottom left, top right.

  21. LOFL I'm sorry but how you came to that idea makes me giggle but yes I am putting a cooler on it the 2nd pic is a artic liquid freeze ii, like the other person commented I may have put to much and messed up the x pattern when screwing it in. Have already wiped and repasted and temps are back down to 30°-40°C and not scaring threats of high 80s

  22. If it doesn't fully illuminate the room when all other lights are off then you need more rgb lol

  23. Depending on how old the pre-built is, you may even be able to simply upgrade it or even reuse some of the parts to cut down costs.

  24. It works great for the 12700K, I have a Z63 on my 12700K and idle temps stay between 23° and 27° depending on background apps and I don't think I have ever seen it get above 58° under load. Not only that but having the dual infographic to monitor temps or add a gif is great.

  25. Pull the trim and door frame, then put in a couple 2x4's, attach drywall to the 2x4's, tape, mud, float, and paint. Boom, closet hidden without a trace.

  26. Would it be sufficient to just put drywall over the door as I may need to remove some stuff from it in the future like super unimportant but out the way stuff

  27. Really, my post was meant as somewhat of a joke but, if you are seriously considering the suggestion then yes, technically you could but you would either have to take off the door handle for it to sit flat or you would have to cut a hole for it to stick through. Not only that but you would still see the edge of the drywall. An easier way would either be a backdrop of some sort of at the least a white sheet hung over it.

  28. Pcpartpicker is great for building your own pc. It will actually let you know if there are any compatibility issues with the parts you have selected.

  29. While I can't speak to the Asus or the vision oc, I can say that I have the 3080ti gaming oc and as long as you have proper airflow you should be fine either way. Most people (in the US at least) see things such as 70°C and then freak out because of the conversion without realizing that, yes while hot to us, for an electronic component it is well within acceptable range. If they are around the same price and you care more about performance than aesthetics then go with the 3080ti, you will gain around 10 to 15% more performance. If you care more about aesthetics then get the one that you feel will look better in your build.

  30. Just got back to me optiplex 7000 with 12th gen i7

  31. You are paying close to $1,000 too much. Without the 3070, the optiplex 7000 is only $1250 and that is not taking into account any vendor discounts so it is most likely costing them even less. Also installation and configuration $460? The computer comes pre-built, and if the "configuration" they are doing is cloning the old computer's drive then realistically you should be paying no more than $2000 total. Sounds like you are being completely taken advantage of. At the price point they quoted you would be better off buying the parts separately and building the computer yourself. The great pc community of reddit would be more than happy to assist if you have any questions about the process, and the best part is we all do it free of charge simply because we enjoy computers and helping others build one is almost as satisfying as building one.

  32. I actually got those! The PSU cables it came with were 1/3 The length I needed. I couldn’t get the combs on though! Do you have any tips for me?? Haha

  33. The cable combs require a bit of pressure to get them to snap in over the cables, the easiest way to do it is to go 1 sleeved cable at a time as opposed to all at once. It makes the process a bit longer but in the end it's worth it.

  34. Looks great, and I'm not saying the cable management is bad or anything but if you want to make it even cleaner looking, you can get some asiahorse extension cables with cable combs to really make it look even cleaner.

  35. Thank you! Yes I want to order some combs too. And the cables have splitters which I didn’t want to use so it’s 2 independent cables and looks bulky

  36. You might consider looking into cable extensions, on amazon you can get some pretty decent asiahorse cable extensions. They come with cable combs and are individually sleeved so they give you that super clean look.

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