1. I did a whole write up a while ago about trying La Mer and if it was worth it. For me, it was - it calmed my skin down and one year later I have the clearest, smoothest skin I’ve ever had. I alternate nights I use my crème de La Mer with German Nivea. I will say that it fixed my problem skin and nothing did for decades until I took that plunge. Many people will say to not buy it because of various things, price being one of them. I was thinking this way too but I wanted to try it for a longer period instead of talking myself out of it. It may not be for everyone, but it definitely worked for me! :)

  2. It too has calmed my redness and nothing else has. I have tried everything and have even seen specialists about it and all their advice/creams has done nothing. This works but you have to be consistent to see the results

  3. I think these buyers are testing how low one will go with no intention of buying. I had this one person offer me ridiculously low prices which I just ignored. One day I accepted her offer as I didn’t care to get rid of a cleansing cream I had and her pmt was declined. She never fixed her pmt and the pmt never went through so I think there are alot of people just trying to waste our time

  4. Maybe at the end before the switch to winter offerings

  5. I was on the fence about cancelling before they announced the price increase so I canceled soon as the email came out to lock in. The box is getting dismal as of late, few great offerings and the same thing over and over again. I am tired of all this diff skincare that has expired, blankets, hats, scarves etc. like seriously how many hats, blankets can one use. I am trying to declutter not accumulate more of the same. For the items that I do want, they are always OOS soon after customization is open, so no thanks. I’ll put the money into items I actually want even though I am paying full price. I will buy what I need rather than hoarding. Ciao ciao FFF , it has been 5 years too long.

  6. It doesn’t even make a difference to my skin and I’ve been using it for a year now.

  7. I find sellers do this to me and I have no interest in the item - I remove and block

  8. Agreed, I don’t bother anymore. If they want it; they will offer.

  9. If they’re so swamped, it’s time to hire some more people.

  10. They sure charge enough with a 20% cut from every sale. I am a seller of only authentic luxury items, but part of the appeal of posh is the authenticate feature so they should continue to authenticate regardless of the sellers status. It is a buyers piece of mind- they don’t know your a trusted seller.

  11. I am a PA2 but only because I met the older requirements and they kept me on until end of Sept. I will not be able to meet the 250 listings and whatever shares are required for a PA2. This is a casual thing for me just to sell stuff I don’t need/use anymore. I don’t think this PA thing does anything whether it is PA or PA2. It only provides new users exposure to your closet but they don’t buy anyways they just follow. The only thing I want Posh to fix is the search function so I can sell my stuff. I search for a brand and most of the time I can’t even find my own listing - reason why I have to keep reducing my price.

  12. I agree…it is very annoying. Labour day sale, closing down sale etc etc… It is too much, I’d like to block them. I am a seller and I don’t harass anyone even with drops in an item they like. If they like it then they’ll offer period so leave the buyers alone

  13. Supposedly KS released a statement saying its “safe” but not as effective. A hilarious redditor compared that bullshit line to putting mustard on your face. Sure it’s “safe” but doesn’t mean I’m gonna do it.

  14. Is FFF giving refunds for this substandard product?? I don’t really go online to the forum anymore.

  15. Nope, last I heard they’re offering a replacement item from a random selection (items not offered in the fall box) or a $15 credit for an upcoming sale (not totally sure which one) or a $20 credit for a winter add on. I tried to push them into letting me pick a Cat.1 replacement item since others have had luck doing so but I was unsuccessful.

  16. Can we cut out our name from the shipping label? It is at the bottom and not necessary, but only needed for a return which posh issues a label to the buyer with the address anyways

  17. I don’t really like relaxed fits so I stayed with my usual XS and it is perfect, not too baggy.

  18. I would reorder it. Who knows if it will ever come back

  19. Yeah, they are saying that they like your item BUT give me a better price than posted. I often give discounts and they never respond - so they don’t like my reduced price either . I don’t bother anymore because they would offer if they really want it

  20. I find it irritating and yeah it is spam for selling their junk that no one else wants…so they should be putting them in a donation bin

  21. I liked it at first as I found it helped with my redness but then after finishing the 30 Ml I found it was just the same as my other moisturizers. IMO, not worth the hype

  22. People want things for free and the only reason why there are no sales.

  23. Is this the same with leaving love notes as well -30 days?

  24. I usually don’t bother as the buyer knows you are desperate and most likely would want less. I provide discounts to likers then someone gives me $40 then I counter $50 and I don’t hear anything then 3 mths later I drop to $45 and she offers $35 which I send back at $40. I now just don’t bother, really I hate Posh as buyers want you to ship for $10 profit. I’d rather just donate at this point as it is less hassle

  25. Yeah, measuring is polite since posh purchases are non refundable. Items on the website are generally sizing and even then not accurate so it is a good thing to provide measurements. I’ve purchased my usual size and alot of the time it is either too small or too big

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