AITA for telling my wife that she can stay home this Thanksgiving?

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  1. "Mums! Get on board with a panopticon surveillance monster or you're ruining childhood!"

  2. America, please stop building sheds to live in. This is a garden outbuilding. What the fuck.

  3. Oh God. I've just realised one of my autistic special interests is autism pseudoscience. The complete.

  4. Getting a "full night's sleep" is recent terminology. Prior to electricity allowing us to stay up later, safely, humans naturally undergo "biphasic" sleep, meaning there are two rest periods during sleep with a waking period between the two. Realistically, not everyone is "awake" at the same time; our circadian rhythms vary from person to person- when we choose to sleep, when we naturally wake up, the times of day we feel most energized are part of our biology. For example, I naturally wake up between 7:30 and 9:00, but my wife's circadian rhythm wakes her up around 5:00 AM. Some people even become most energized at night time- though that's to be expected, as some humans had to take the night watch before that pesky electricity.

  5. Uh the biphasic sleep thing was one guy who proposed it with zero evidence and was immediately debunked. Apart from that you're good!

  6. But there is credible evidence that humans do get sleepy at different times of the day. One being at night, and the other after lunch. The 2:30 feeling exists for a reason

  7. I have an ED and went into residential treatment at one of the best sites in the country. OOP is not recovering from their ED they are just swapping it out for a different one.

  8. Came down here to say the same thing! Orthorexia is much more socially acceptable than anorexia, easier to explain to people in our horrible food culture. Poor thing.

  9. YTA and also a poster child for the missing missing reasons. Your son and his family deserve better.

  10. They decided to celebrate a visitation by The Holy Mary, Mother of God with....charcuterie?

  11. Yeah, I suspect she made a mistake in the sense of bringing her props and projects with her, and insisting that she use the time--set aside for family--to constantly be working on her "short film" about...setting time aside for family. She couldn't even let everybody sit down to Thanksgiving diner without getting footage for her film.

  12. I get the feeling you're right, the rest of her family seem on a much more even keel.

  13. I can’t stop seeing it with huge lips. He looks like 👁👄👁

  14. "Okay Cindy. Now you're married, here's a strap-on and a copy of Curries Without Worries. Try not to combine the two on the same night. Okay, have some good biblical fun out there!"

  15. Hot spicy food blow outs in bed are so romantic.

  16. My husband once farted so loudly it woke me and the dogs from a dead sleep. I started laughing, the dogs just stood around barking in distress and concern. That made me laugh louder.

  17. Hm. Because I think all 'this' here is why I'm really glad I got a university education.

  18. “Although that is all against the culture in this generation”

  19. It's the Facist play book straight through; we are moral people surrounded by an enemy who is both all-present and all-powerful and simultaneously weak and corrupt. It's an excuse for stochastic violence and then of course real violence 🙃

  20. No one expects rainbow sprinkles on a carrot cake. They also do not expect or want raw carrot shreds. You know what's beautiful and tasty sprinkled on carrot cake? Toasted pecans or walnuts.

  21. I wish I was on Reddit back when I was now with my ex-husband. He could teach a masterclass on gaslighting someone especially me. His need to keep his mom happy at the expense of me was one of his favorites. We decided to move in together after dating for 2 years and bought a house. Our first Valentine’s Day living together and he calls me at work to tell me we are going over to his parents house for Valentine’s Day. I honestly thought he was trying to surprise me b/c it was so crazy those were our plans. Even better since he finished work before me he went straight over there to hang out. Told me I needed to go pick up our puppy (since he didn’t want to drive home) oh and said I needed to pick up something for his mom. So I go in rush hour drive an extra 45 min to get our puppy and instead of flowers I got a plant that would bloom (thinking it would last instead of just flowers). I got over to find out those were our plans then had to listen to his mom complain dinner was overcooked because I was so late late and complained I got her a plant and not flowers when it was Valentine’s Day (like I needed the reminder). Even better all he gave me was a card his mom made (she liked making cards) that said ‘at least I didn’t have to go to his ex’s bday party this year’. Which was a ‘joke’ because our first valentines we got in a fight and he dragged me to his ex’s 21st bday party (another long story). I wished I had broken up with him so many times just happy I finally did.

  22. He despises his wife. Everything she does he sees coloured through a negative lens. His update is full of poor me she’s doing it to spite me words. Everything is about him. He’s petulant and immature, and I really hope a week away from him will give his poor wife a moment of clarity. He needs to not inflict himself on another poor woman until he’s actually grown up.

  23. Was there only one tube of lipstick passed around between the bride, mother of the bride, and oldest bridesmaids?

  24. $5 says it’s Revlon’s “Toast of New York,” which I definitely have not been wearing since I thought I was going to grow up and be on Broadway circa 1997.

  25. Right? It absolutely does not destroy your brain, in many cases “distraction” is where people find the most creative solutions to problems. I’m constantly teaching my students with ADHD how to leverage the superpower that is their ability to make unique connections.

  26. Literally what did people eat? There wasn't fast food back then. Did employers provide meals? I spend almost all my 'free time' doing laundry, cooking and cleaning

  27. They all had WIVES. Someone stayed home all day to take care of the chores. These days everyone in a household is working 40+ hours a week to pay rent and bills.

  28. I mean, not if we're talking early labour movement - c19th and early c20th, women in the working class...worked. At factories, laundries, char and cleaning, other people's houses....they took food out to be cooked, bought ready made, etc. Snap would be at work, bought in or 'fast food'.

  29. There totally was fast food! Here in the UK fish and chips became popular for that very reason. Pie and mash shops etc were hugely popular. Working class women and children worked too in the c19th and early c20th factory towns, and in labour like coal mines, farm labouring etc.

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