1. It can depend on the industry, more specialist areas are likely to require longer to make their decisions.

  2. I never thought a photo of a dog could be offensive. Just click on. No need for this crap

  3. Ohh okay i see!! And if im coming from Hungary so i dont have credit history in Ireland can i rent a room, or an apartment with no credit score? Because before i can request a credit card i need to get a job as far as i know. So it's literally impossible for me to have a credit history in Ireland when i arrive there for the first time in my life.

  4. Presumably you were forced to buy it under threat of violence by Aldi staff.

  5. Someone’s never been on the receiving end of the shopping coming off the conveyor belt in Aldi…! It’s like coming off the set of Game of Thrones. Carnage everywhere!

  6. Aldi (other supermarkets are available) would definitely do this if they weren’t bought by their patrons.

  7. Quite the contrary. I'm more worried about how I'm going to make it through the month and wondering how others fare actually. Money out...but so much out this month

  8. Can someone enter something decent for the craic.

  9. Jesus I never realised self builds were included. I thought spending tax payers moneys to encourage house building outside of urban centres was an issue but encouraging presumably mostly one off houses with tax incentives is bizarre.

  10. many builders, particularly small builders, want buyers to buy using the self build mechanism - it allows the builder to get money before the build is complete.

  11. Interesting - didn’t appreciate that difference - so this would presumably be for smaller developments - 2-10 houses - rather than single houses?

  12. Fairly sure the mirror isn’t allowed here. Also, your post breaks the rules.

  13. With the change OP might have from a half o of hash, they can afford a wank

  14. They can’t afford a wank, but the friction from it causes heat. Gotta think outside the box in these hard times.

  15. Well, 2 negatives make a positive right? So by that logic, as long as we have enough negatives to have a pair then the budget balances.

  16. Main reason would be the initial investment in setting it up. (I don’t know if that is the case in reality!).

  17. Have you tried the socials? there’s enough info there for you to be able to do a search and compare photos, surely?

  18. Have a look at a UK government site, do not rely on reddit.

  19. I enjoy the radio when it isn’t talk shows, phone shows, or news and current affairs. Those shows drive me crazy coz it’s a bunch of people who think they’re journalists being nothing more than moany holes.

  20. I'm currently listening to my weans. So they are playing house. They're 'viewing' an apartment. It's like a parody of the renting situation in Dublin. So basically they are standing in the box room (no window) talking about how amazing it is. "Oh look - there's even a suitcase in here!"- "Wow"- "that will make such an amazing table!" "Or a bed!" "Or both!! So amazing - we are so lucky". 🫣

  21. From the information you’ve given us, it’d appear your weans are cats. Therefore you’re a cat. That or your weans are going to have exceptionally low standards when it comes to house hunting.

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