1. I can go through some sativa pods quickly if I’m anxious, indicas tend to ease anxiety for me.


  3. I’m somewhat surprised to see this, I must have lucked out cause the batch I got tasted very sweet and candy like.

  4. This is on my list “must try” list. Have you had the pineapple pez LR? That’s on the same list 😅


  6. Picked this up today from Columbia Care Dayton for about 350 after patient appreciation and tax, I am pleased with the purchase. It represents the strain well, the familiar glue smell welcomed me upon opening the bag. It tastes skunky and slightly sweet with a hint of citrus on exhale, very smooth too. I am really impressed with the cure as the buds are firm, velvety, and they spring back a little with a light press. It has good effects for 17.5%, it not the strongest obviously but it works, relaxing and euphoric not overly sedative. My only suggestion for improvements would be larger buds, most of the big bags I’ve gotten had larger buds but that’s not a deal breaker for me. For comparison I got a big bag of Dstar and the buds were huge but it was a bit harsh to vape and dry. (It was old when I bought it so perhaps not all OCLs fault)

  7. From what I can tell, it's Columbia care under a different brand. Haven't heard anything about quality yet either, but there was a big display for it up at the dispo today so I'm assuming that will change soon.

  8. Thanks for the info, I think I’m going to pick some up. If I do I’ll post a review.

  9. I’ve thought of doing the same, I will say there are a few strains that I’ve had 10/10 jars and 6/10 jars. Sometimes I’ll give things another try and can be surprised, and sometimes my staples let me down ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  10. Are they the dispensaries that was bought by Ethos?

  11. I would imagine they have cut the pay of the staff.. a few months ago they were trying to get raises and get the staff up to $20 an hour.. sure that will come to a halt and they will probably fire anyone (or already have) that asked for a raise. Ethos doesn’t seem to pay well or have a great culture

  12. They released it once before about a year ago, it’s pretty rare.

  13. They released it once before about a year ago, it’s pretty rare.

  14. They are about to release the may and June calendar together. lots of new vendors coming in

  15. It’s the method they use to make the oil, majority of 510 carts are distillate mixed with botanical or cannabis derived terps. The distillate can be from any cannabis plant, they add terpenes to try and match a flavor profile hence the different names and flavors. Most pods are strain specific CO2 extracts, these are made using the specific strain related to the cart so their effects and much more similar to the flower.

  16. Do you see "smelling like marijuana"?

  17. Ive read majority of this thread, and agree with you for the most part. Aside from the broad statement which businesses can refuse for any reason, they can not refuse service solely on the basis of someone belonging to certain protected classes. I am a civil rights advocate, I believe people should know their rights and uphold them.

  18. Might want to tell OP that. He believes he is well within his rights and he's looking for trouble by taking a bunch of his friends in their to stink up GameStop.

  19. Returning to a buisness that has asked you to leave is considered trespassing, I would not recommend doing this. The sidewalk adjacent to a city street is usually public property, GameStop has not authority over what you do on public property.

  20. I wonder if board members and investors have similar meeting in contrast… over thier investment payout and profit margins.

  21. I wonder how long this post will stay up, I tend to see posts like this disappear after an hour or so…

  22. I'm so hoping to make it there soon, even the packaging of all that looks better than here in Ohio! Are you a luster pod user? Do you know what the Michigan equivalent to one would be? Or do they sell luster pods in other states?

  23. Luster pods are specific to Ohio. The equivalent in MI or other states would be full spectrum or htfse. Live rosin is similar but that is it’s own category now.

  24. It’s was good, the effects were nice. I expected more cherry flavor, it was there just a bit subtle. I’ve not tried the flower it’s made from but it did taste how I would believe the flower should, not artificial. I may pick up another from certified if it’s a favorite strain but for regular use or trying new things I’ll stick with GO or Klutch.

  25. Yeah just curious bc the cherry mints flower was amazing. I’m gonna stick with klutch as well. About to grab the lemon slushie LR sounds fire

  26. The lemon slushee regular luster is fantastic, I’ve heard the live resin is off the charts. Excellent choice!

  27. They’re 69 for a jar instead of the usual 89. Ive had their minis from time to time. I see them very infrequently; most of the times I’ve had their minis it’s the Blueberry Cheesecake, but I’ve also had Sunset Sherbet and Le Crinkle minis as well.

  28. I’ve never seen these, thanks for sharing. Glad to see them reduce the price a little for the smalls.

  29. 365F or 185C is where I start, bumping it up 10F or 5C after a few draws at each interval maxing out at 395F or 195C

  30. 1/2” screw covers make a decent luster pod cap. Takes a little work at first but it keeps lent and dirt out.

  31. There are no official luster pod caps that I know of. I too hate digging out pocket lint from my mouthpiece so I have found some alternatives. The best one thus far is 1/2” screw covers (they’re used to cover the head of screws, I get mine at lowes but I’d say most hardware stores have them) they’re round and maybe slightly smaller than the mouthpiece but the material they’re made of can stretch. With some effort you can form it over the mouthpiece, warming them up may help but I’ve never had to, they hold their shape if left on a pod for awhile making them easier to take on and off.

  32. I need to look into how to make a silicone molds lol. Someone out there is gonna make these and then make a killing because i know I'd buy a bunch.

  33. They may, the screw covers set me back about $1.25 for 3 of them. I’d try them out you maybe surprised.

  34. “Are you playing army golf today? You know army golf? Left, Right, Left, Right, Left” 😅

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