I told my husband that my dad beats me and I really regret it

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  1. Definitely, this is better than most movie intros today. This is better than most TV intros. That was art.

  2. Definitely going to be my favorite comment of the day 😂😂

  3. Abused for 25 years but the guy never touched mom? No one knew somehow for 25 years or whatever?

  4. Use this trick next time you're looking to promote the next big video lol

  5. Yeah this is a weird meme for me personally. Shroud is arguably one of the greatest FPS gamers of all time. So if you look to anyone for gaming experience it would be Shroud for me.

  6. Yeah this is a weird comment for me personally. Doom is definitely one of the greatest first person shooters of all time. So if I would be look to anyone to reviere Good choices in gaming it would definitely be doom.

  7. Might want to try a Linux community. I have PyCharm but I went through windows. The directions seem pretty straightforward however

  8. Okay so I looked it up, apparently " Miss matured" It's from India. Not as incell as you would think.. might be worth checking out..

  9. I really don’t think people don’t like them because they’re rooting against them. Their narrative style, dialogue, clothing, and general characterization is completely, jarringly out of context for the show. I absolutely hate them and it has nothing to do with them representing Bojack’s reckoning or something. I hate the style of dialogue, stupid alliteration, and relationship between them and the world around them.

  10. Yeah dude that sounds like you got bigger issues than two characters in BoJack. Lol

  11. Bold words on a Bojack Horseman subreddit, we all love this show because of issues 😅

  12. i realized my redundancy post submission. i take it back. good luck.

  13. This is one of the funniest things I've seen in a while. I'm glad people like that are still out there. I'm sure I don't agree with everything that comes out of that guy's mouth but I know he's on the right side at least. Fuck these corporations.

  14. He looks like the lady you see at the grocery store that just won't stop taking pills

  15. /uj you got hella downvoted (probably for perceived negativity), but I get the reference

  16. /uj in all fairness I wasn't a fan at all before his incident. And I don't condone it.

  17. Well fucking yeah, dude it's a movie. When the kid first picks up the guitar and plays those few notes that was real, but that wasn't the kid holding the guitar that was just somebody else playing. They barely show the kid playing the guitar up until he hits the solo which he clearly is not playing at all.

  18. yeah sure no problem, consider it done. thank god you said somethig, this couldve gone on for a while. good catch op.

  19. Could be but the premise is true. Men hide their kinks till after the ceremony.

  20. Well that's going to be the stupidest thing I read all day.

  21. Okay so I listened, in 1993 that shit was off the wall. Unfortunately 30 years later what he was describing basically describes the BDSM section of any porn site right now. Almost every sexual act besides the bestiality I've probably seen in a thumbnail somewhere on PornHub.

  22. Civilian here.. why do we need camouflage in space? Who exactly are we trying to hide from? I have questions...

  23. I keep imagining scenes like in Harry Potter 3 when Harry and Ron are trying to invent dreams and what they mean for their divination class, and keep losing inspiration. "Hey we need a reason for her death what about : she tripped and fell onto a knife ?", "No that one we used twice already, they'll suspect us if we do this, let's do the food poisoning one but with a different food instead." " Brilliant ! Did we do the canned fish already ?"

  24. I keep imagining someone getting tortured and raped to death. We are not the same.

  25. It sounds like you are going to use Zoho to create apps for your business to use. And Zoho is a pretty good option for that.

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