1. EXCEPT, the foreign stability of other countries isn't like the USA end up doing business in the US.

  2. a lot of anti-democrats liked sanders. Thats why actual democrats didn't vote for Bernie, who is not a democrat.

  3. Lol he sighs dramatically at the end because he's so disappointed he's wrong again

  4. This is such a desirable outcome for anti-establishment folks, and so it has far more clout than it deserves. The day one of these opaque BRICS autocracies starts to genuinely de-dollarize, their flimsy manipulated currencies will feel the wrath of Mr. Market.

  5. India already exports more culture (movies, music, etc) than China does ... that counts.

  6. on a scale of 1-10(highest) how worried is Putin/Russia about Chinese conquest of Russia's Far East?

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