1. Could someone send me some some MATIC for gas fees I’m trying to sell my Reddit avatar

  2. Do you have a stock bed, or glass, or pei ??

  3. Well I don’t plan on printing I just want a hot plate without paying for one and I have a metal bed plate

  4. There are Micro SLA maschines that have a Resolution of up to 0.002mm but they are damn expansive. We have one at Work. Boston Micro Fabrication produces them.

  5. Hey so I searched it up and it doesn’t say the price anywhere would you mind letting me know?

  6. I am Not 100% Sure but in the Rang of 150k-200k € and than you still need additional Software and Hardware and Special Material For what do you need that presicion?

  7. Z170 is definitely starting to get long in the tooth. If you are considering buying it used, know that even the cheapest new Ryzen CPU is about as fast as a 6700k. You would be much better off picking that up.

  8. There's nothing wrong with it as long as you don't mind the CPU becoming a little dated.

  9. My heart breaks every time at this scene 😭

  10. I can’t see the blue and yellow but if there plugged in the z axis than yes it is wired corect

  11. No, it's a bit of a premium feature. Within ITX cases you may be able to find other interesting layouts though, like the Phanteks Evolv Shift

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