1. I’m not expert but I think I see a strong natural essence supported by a hint of romantic

  2. I have questions for everyone, including white women. Do essence/kibbe tests seem confusing to you? What should be updated in those kibbe/essence tests that will help y’all understand and resonate with your IDs? Personally, I can pinpoint my essence pretty quickly from my features to the type of fashion that suits me. I’m seeing a pattern of women confused of their kibbe lines and how to translate their essences. How can we better help each other?

  3. Not sure how to fix the tests to make them easier to understand. Personally I was never into fashion or style so I don’t know what looks good on me and struggle to be objective about how I look. I find it helpful to hear other interpretations of my essence and enjoy learning more about style systems.

  4. Hello! I’m 5’2 and definitely believe I’m a soft type. I’m fleshy and think I look better when I accommodate curve. Wash and wear styles don’t suit me and dark makeup ages me. I think I look better when I’m not colorblocking. Any comments are helpful. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for the in-depth response! I have never heard of the four writing styles, will definitely be looking into all this further.

  6. The Four Writer Types is something I think Ellen Brock came up with herself. It’s definitely not a “thing” yet, but it’s so smart and so helpful that I think it will catch on and become something most writers learn about early on.

  7. It was really insightful for me to learn about the four types and agree that it will become a useful tool for many writers. I always thought I was a plotter but I think I’m a methodological pantser which is both shocking to me and makes perfect sense. Thanks again.

  8. I don’t think it is possible to have a short story that is too short.

  9. Whenever you have a writing thought open notes and jot it down. Even when you don’t have time to write at that point. You will want that idea later.

  10. I want you to know that I can relate to this feeling. I struggle with writing, but, at the moment, it is the only thing I want to do. Turning off your inner critic is a skill just the same as writing.

  11. You definitely give natural and ingenue to me. Maybe a hint of romantic.

  12. The way I figured it out was from a post a while back that described it as being almost like wide set boobs. Ultimately if your boobs obstruct your silhouette then you have upper curve. Hope that makes sense.

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