1. They are beautiful and loved but we don't gotta tell blatant lies here. Sadly obese BMIs do correlate with a ton of health issues, to the extent that a valid argument can be made that weight is the main cause of many obesity related health issues and they can only be reversed or helped by losing weight to a healthy weight. Very few bodybuilders are obese by bmi and those who are roid and have an amount of muscle that is not realistic for most, especially women. Athletes in general are not ever obese by bmi unless they are just plain overweight, and that still has health consequences. We can acknowledge reality while still being nice. Our weight doesn't define us or our worth but my entire family outside of me is dying right now from obesity related causes and their quality of life is so sad for such a young age.

  2. Yeah, I weigh more than a white French or Scottish man so while I love the body positivity stuff and I don't think size correlates to worth as a human, it's OK to just say that I'm large.

  3. If I see one more site say an hourglass figure is yin I can and will cry

  4. It makes so little sense! Anyone who looks at DK's verified celebs will see hourglasses in pretty much every ID, most notably the SNs and SDs.

  5. Low income housing. Or just housing. And parks. All the parks.

  6. Me realising Rick Owens does not design for double curve

  7. Just realized today that I have very wide-set boobs, so I can't answer until I do the line sketch again.

  8. It puts the pencil in the basket... not the long skinny narrow basket, the curvy one

  9. And that stiff blazer with massive shoulder pads my R angels!!!!

  10. BRB grabbing my oversized unisex cape poncho cloud thing

  11. Honestly I agree so much on baseline curve being a weird concept. From what I've seen the most common conventional body type is the rectangle, hourglass is kind of rare, followed by pear, inverted triangle and rectangle (although this can depend by region). Also there is a big difference imo between fleshiness and curves, the first, is what might be common among women, but still I know plenty of girls that have taut flesh (especially in my age group 20-25). I understand why he says that (because there are busty Ds for instance) but I can imagine some women feeling insecure because there's always been a connection between curves and femininity which kibbe as a system wants to break (at least from my understanding). I find the concept of baseline width and vertical for men weird too. I know plenty of small men that don't have either of those.

  12. I saw a post in SK the other day where someone had drawn their braless line ( ) and one with their bra on \/ and used the \/ to type themselves because that's what their bra does. And everyone was OK with that... made me wonder whether I am really a curvy type or whether I just need a squishier bra.

  13. I mean if someone is fleshy or even a little overweight they get told they are a R. If they are too tall to be classified a R they get told they are a SN or SD. So in my opinion the Yang types are gate kept.

  14. Um hang on, dogs are yang and cats are yin! Says so on page 9 of Metamorphosis.

  15. OK here's the thing - it doesn't matter. Join SK, do the exercises, and you'll eventually get to the line exercises. I did my line exercise with my current photo and again (like you, I didn't believe it) with one from 30kg ago. The shapes are identical, just wider now.

  16. Something doesn't add up. OOP says there are three kids - OS (Mom and Dad's kid), OOP (dad and babysitter's kid), and YS (dad and babysitter's kid)

  17. From the older sister’s post, it looks like both her parents were minors when she was born. It’s not clear when the stepmother/babysitter started dating the father (marriage was at 18), but it sounds possible that they were both minors when they started dating? If you take the kids out of it, it’s a 16 year old dating a 17 year old, and at some point he dates someone two years younger than her, and they get married at 18/20.

  18. The stepmother is 14 years older than the older sister, meaning that Dad is a fucking creep and possibly a rapist somewhere along the line.

  19. I have found it useful to identify the wrong things in the sketch, because then someone will correct it!

  20. Yes this was very similar to my experience where at first I focused on trying outfits that I thought embodied the ID I thought I was (some kind of romantic). Turns out I was wrong about a lot of the elements, I kept going too big (probably closer to SD), but after feeling exhausted with trying to make something work that wasn't, I just decided to go with what I felt were my ideal outfits, the ones I felt expressed who I was and made my figure look best. I also started taking pictures of outfits, made small adjustments, and compared them. I kept noticing recurring elements, like how I could always make an outfit better by pushing up the sleeves and pant legs, that lightweight clingy fabric looked best on me, anything that maintained the rounded shape of my shoulders (but without going too big), and that I needed ornate but delicate details and jewelry. I saw how looser, relaxed construction overwhelms me (and even with a belt makes my waist look like a stuffed sausage) and that stiff smooth construction is matronly and plain on me. Adding up all of these together I feel fairly confident of being a romantic, and I'm slightly tempted to make a post to see if others agree, but knowing what actually works for me is so much more beneficial.

  21. So much this! I don't know what my type is yet but Kibbe has saved me from floaty long line cardigans, too stiff shirts, lack of waist emphasis, too much waist emphasis, stiff jackets, maxi skirts, wide leg trousers, baggy tees, too-long tops that bunch weirdly above my butt, and wearing completely the wrong colours for my season. Even if I never settle on an image ID, I have already gained so much!

  22. I used to work for a locksmith and have done several master key setups. Here's how it works.

  23. If you scroll down to the photos of the woman in the black version, the waist line hits her waist line, it's not an empire style. Same with the woman in the pink version, you can see from the back view photo that the dress's waist is too long for her, her natural waist is higher. So maybe for you, you might be a bit boobier than the models and need a lower waist in your dress?

  24. I am ... into fashion intellectually, but I don't have the budget or the body or the interest in look trendy all the time. Kibbe is helping me to embrace my own life goals and style, and to work out how clothes should fit my body. It has taken sooooooo much stress out of shopping and I no longer buy awkward tops in the hope that if I just stand a certain way, tuck them in, put a jacket over the top, they'll look right. I mean I still sometimes buy awkward tops by mistake because I'm learning, but I can now recognise why their awkward and return them!

  25. I eventually got an OK sketch but for me it makes more sense to think of the lines going up and down from the waist. Does the body push the fabric outward or does it go straight up/down on its ways to the shoulders/knees?

  26. The exercise is definitely poorly written. Imagine draped fabric, but don't actually drape fabric.

  27. I'm only learning, but I believe (from SK) I'm a romantic and an autumn. This has helped to explain why certain clothes don't suit me (looking at you, long narrow black coat) and what I should be buying instead. It's a journey, I'm not 'there' yet, but I can already see improvements.

  28. Yep, mine is shorter than yours and I moult like crazy. Still have really thick hair though.

  29. I was talking to a woman on the Freely Kibbe Facebook page (I refuse to join SK, it is cult-like) who had spent the $$$$ to go see Kibbe himself, and he typed her as Romantic because she painted with watercolours??? Despite her obviously Classic lines??? He told her to wear shapewear and a wig to fit into the R lines. I think his method is great, but I’ve honestly had to take what I like from it and leave a lot of it because it’s so, so dated and he refuses to modernise it.

  30. Really? Was she part of an official 'reveal' or didn't want to go there?

  31. Yeah, this is why we don’t idolise one person instead of appreciating & expanding on their system. “His word is God” is such cult behaviour and leaves no room to be able to question him. Like, I’m sorry but Rihanna is definitely taller than 5’4 (I’ve literally seen her in real life) but he refuses to accept that, just so she fits into the R category. Like ???

  32. I actually wonder how the SK mods feel about all this. They constantly say David's word is law, but do they really believe it?

  33. Don't paint brick. If you hate it plaster over it and paint that, but leave the option for the next person to enjoy the brick.

  34. I don't know my type yet but I really want to be a golden retriever.

  35. I adore Retrievers. I think they’d be either Natural family or Classic family 😌

  36. Great, I'm going to give that reasoning in SK when I settle in an ID. Thanks for helping me narrow it down.

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