1. You're talking about your spamming style of playing, if you're a spammer that's up to you but don't blame the game. Or maybe you're just talking about what someone on YouTube did.

  2. I’m a completionist Didn’t realize that there was difficulty based trophies my first playthrough of both sora and riku

  3. Xenoblade 2’s character designs and the actual personalities didn’t help that the game has an insanely slow beginning (fun fact when you google bad character design rex and pyra show up in images)

  4. Also seems like they removed mechanics like set mode and skipping battle animations which is pretty fucking stupid considering Pokémon is already easy without being forced into switch mode

  5. I’ve only played god of war 2018 for 2 hours but I love it as much as Elden ring tbh

  6. Disgaea probably unless there is some other obscure series with levels higher than it in

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