1. I think the reason they mention family and friends is because I had commented earlier on that same post, relaying my experience with Kibbe and how I initially thought I was Tr. I was excited and told family and friends about the system and asked for honest feedback, if anything “stuck” out to them other than obvious curve, and didn’t get any clear/helpful feedback.

  2. I just find it so odd that this person has latched onto your comment in such a way. Certainly enough to get them to post this unhinged nonsense. I think this person has some deep seated issues and my personal take - a whole lot of internalised misogyny.

  3. But seriously.. how insane is this technology? And also, spray on fabric automatically accommodates for everything considering it conforms to the body of the wearer exactly, right?

  4. Theatrical Romantics accomodate double curve and petite whilst Flamboyant Gamines don’t accomodate curve at all. Instead, FGs accomodate vertical and petite.

  5. I’m either a bright/clear winter or true/cool winter, I’m not sure. I personally find my seasonal coloring to be harmonious with my Kibbe ID overall. You can be any season and be a Gamine, they aren’t necessarily related but I do think this high level of contrast and need for bright colors reflects the same level of contrast of Yin and Yang in my body and face. My coloring just feels like another way that balance is reflected!

  6. Honestly it's crazy. I just glanced at the sub and there is like 3 posts in a row about "FG icons"!

  7. Such a contrast to about a year ago when nobody was allowed to be FG. FG was treated similarly to TR back then.

  8. Op, you are most certainly not alone. I relate so much. I always wanted to be more angular, straighter bodied and more muscular. But, my body just isn’t ever going to look straight. No matter how much weight I lose or how many weights I lift, I’m not going to be a Flamboyant Gamine.

  9. Yeah this, it’s not particularly accurate. It’s also not relevant to Kibbe. Kibbe isn’t a measurements based system.

  10. Can FGs have relatively thick booty? Im more of a pear shape than anything, but the lines of my body are incredibly straight up and down from front-on and I have naturally buff/broad shoulders.

  11. FGs can absolutely be pear shaped, you can be any conventional body shape and be any ID really! Jenifer Love Hewitt might be worth looking to as she’s a bit more pear shaped than some of the other verified FG celebrities.

  12. anyone found a style of sunhat that suits soft gamine? I just don't know anymore what to look for! in winter a soft knit slouchy beanie or beret type thing works best for me. In summer, I can't find anything that looks right.

  13. I like a smaller rounded straw hat personally! Keeping it small and crisp I find is key. Anything too floppy and big can be trickier.

  14. I don’t know if there is a correlation between genetics and Kibbe but it’s an interesting thing to ponder!

  15. I don’t think Kibbe has ever said this?Please someone correct me if I’m wrong. But, I don’t see why SG would particularly be unable to be super thin when compared to other IDs. In Metamorphosis he says SGs may feel overweight due to short limb length but I wouldn’t equate that with an inability to be underweight. That has more to do with the individuals metabolism, eating and exercise habits, genetics etc.

  16. My rule of thumb is that words that mean one thing, probably mean a slightly different thing to Kibbe. I think he’s defining “extremely thin” differently to what we might. So I don’t think a Soft Gamine can’t be underweight, (I don’t understand how metabolically this would work lol - like do all SGs have hypothyroidism or slow metabolisms?😅 ) perhaps he meant that SGs might still look a bit fleshier when underweight? I don’t know, honestly but those are my thoughts.

  17. There’s quite a bit less information and guidelines on Kibbe for men unfortunately. But, before we dive into unadulterated speculation territory I would like to talk a bit more about what we do know about Kibbe male guidelines.

  18. Great post! I think Timothée Chalamet could be FG?

  19. Yes! I’ve seen some people suggest TR for him but I think there’s far too much Yang. He has a more varied and distinct mix of Yin and Yang In my opinion which I think is indicative of a Gamin!

  20. We’re all going to be slightly different and potentially have different accomodation needs. So even though we may share the same Kibbe ID, there’s not going to be specific pieces that will universally work for all Soft Gamines.

  21. I’d cry but thankfully the kids shampoo for SG is no tears 👌🏼

  22. She was moved from G to SG and given as an “icon” in his new list, but I don’t think she exactly unseats Bette. 🤔

  23. oh good, that threw me for a minute, I was sure I would have heard about it if Kibbe had actually moved around prime celebs!

  24. My bad sorry for the confusion! I love that my brain was like Leslie being named an icon = her being the new SG prime celebrity 😅

  25. Ah thanks for the clarification! For some reason I thought Leslie was now the prime example (Sorry Bette!).

  26. i have a question then, as a SN we have single Kibbe curve right- curve accomodation but not double curve. but we can also often have big boobs (eg kat dennings and myself included) so if its in the bust does that then not give SN double curve too ?

  27. It wouldn’t be double curve for SN or SD because width interrupts the top curve for SNs and vertical interrupts the bottom curve for SD’s. I don’t think that means you won’t have a top curve altogether, just that it doesn’t need to be accommodated if you do have it because width takes precedence.

  28. Where did you see him talking about the ribs? I don’t think Kibbe would ever use such a “scientific” explanation so to speak, this is way too specific, detailed and non-artistic to have come from him. Was this ever a comment from him or someone outside of strictly Kibbe transferring his words? Also as far as I know the two circles thing was some people’s misunderstanding of the purpose of the shape sketch exercise.

  29. I participated in the Zoom and he described it as the bust pushing fabric out in the silhouette (can’t remember if he used the word bust or something else though). I need to go back and re watch that session, it was filled with nuggets of information!


  31. I think this comes down to a misunderstanding of what “combination of opposites” for Gamines actually means when translated to clothing. I think the dresses you’ve linked both meet that criteria just fine. In Metamorphosis, Kibbe recommended opposites in line for the Gamines - but seemingly in particular for the FG.

  32. Imagine being a “stylist” but refusing to style an item of clothing because you find it too hard. Honestly why even be a stylist if you can’t think of a way to make a garment work for a client?

  33. Don’t forget the Quintessential and original TR celebrity; Rachel McAdams 😍

  34. I've seen her in person and I'd find it hard to place her anywhere other than in the Gamine family.

  35. I just want to preface this by saying that looking good in short hair or a pixie cut does not automatically mean someone is a Gamine. But I do think Gamines need short hair to best harmonise with themselves and their HTT outfits. Once everything else is working, its rather obvious if your hair is out of place - at least this was the case for me.

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