1. TikTok, has never been funny. It's the troglodyte cousin of vine, and vine wasn't ever funny to begin with either!

  2. Just read this in the voice of the robot lady from Ape Escape after you complete a level and she gives you your score.

  3. Thank god there’s another sane person in this thread. I swear 99 percent of reddit have no idea what sarcasm is

  4. What do think his username could be lol. XThingCarpenterX69

  5. This makes me want the community to come together and study his camp location and keep any eye out for a camp in that spot and try to figure out johns user and then we can call stop at his camp and drop a bunch of stuff for him

  6. I remember my first scorchbeast, I was doing some pumpkin picking mission and was at their house as a scorchbeast arrived and proceeded to spawn camp me for about 5 deaths before I got away

  7. I have the same trauma around that area, it was the little glass house thing, I remember hiding in there thinking I could just crouch and eventually the scorch East would go away but it would just fart that toxic gas shot all over and me wreck my ass, recently was around that area and remembered and was so happy that it seems scorch beats encounters aren’t as common, for me Atleast.

  8. I would like a flag where the main colors are brown white and tan.

  9. It’s only showing it as 2/3rds white and 1/3rd brown for me:(

  10. I just use my old flags as kindle for my charcoal BBQ like a true American.

  11. “Dad my steak taste like flame retardant and the lost of souls of children shipped to war”

  12. Canonically anakin was obsessed with the maneuver Kenobi used to “defeat” maul which is why in revenge of the Sith obiwan warms anakin that he has the high ground. Because he knows anakin is going to use the jump over enemy from low ground attack and try to kill obiwan that way, but obiwan knew what attack could counter that and used it to defeat anakin

  13. Yep, and believe there was even mention of it in the Kenobi show during one of the training scenes but don’t quote me on that because I’ve only watched it 1 time

  14. I realised around 2015 that the cockpit is on the side and it changed my life.

  15. Lol not hating or anything but where did you think it was previously?

  16. It's an overly expensive microphone. You're supposed to be able to talk in it with people around you not hearing you

  17. Ain’t no way that actually works right? Unless you hardly move your mouth when you talk that things gonna be flopping and unsealing all over the place, unless it covered a bigger area

  18. I actually did not know that. Why have we been marching outside their building then since they relocated from North University?? I have to be honest, this revelation is very surprising to me. I, in no way condone this man’s actions as violence is never the answer. This whole thing is just very sad now, tbh as we have long been led to believe that abortions were performed at this Peoria location.

  19. So you just decided to protest something you knew literally nothing about?

  20. Probably some weird thing like “if we under report crimes then it makes it look like we’re doing a better job and will get more funding” or some shit like that

  21. i stopped playing this game like 2 years ago , glad to see yall still fighting over tech skill lmao

  22. I haven’t played in about that time too. Sucked goin up against players blatantly using exploits, made it no fun

  23. That Coolyori template has gone far and wide, perhaps more so than any other DDLC content

  24. I have seen this template out in the wild before and I honestly didn’t even notice it was a DDLC template until now

  25. Is the bug that makes nuke zones show in the wrong place on the map still a thing? Could be that

  26. Damn that’s a thing? How could you determine where it’s supposed to be?

  27. I quit my HVAC job 3 months ago becuase the boss was treating me like crap becuase he was feeling stressed about things. Keep in mind he knew this was his reason and I talked to him before about it. The final straw was us doing an install in a house and I was helping with marking up a branch for the attic and a piece fell off so went to grab it and he yelled at me GET MARKING BOY.

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