1. Victoria’s Secret body mist in bare vanilla. They also do spin-offs. Their body mists lasts longer on me than bath and body works.

  2. I don't like them. My lips dried out after using them.

  3. I use this palette for every fancy event! I can't stop going back to it. One of my most used!

  4. This was def the last straw for me. It's like they looked at my quiz, and picked the opposite of everything I wanted.

  5. NTA you cannot handle another dog. He is being selfish.

  6. Info: why are you dating? You know you're NTA if all this is true. Find a dif gf. Edit, don't cate if she said she would make it worse. Leave her. Make sure everyone around you knows the situation and can vouch for you if she tries pull crap.

  7. Ditch the jewelry & bandana. Can shop so much cheaper elsewhere. Also do you need so many spongelles?

  8. You can never have too many spongelles!!!!!!

  9. If you are near one those tiny hair clips are sold so much cheaper at dollar stores, etc.

  10. She meant sticky as in.. you’re not missing out anyways

  11. No, it actually is sticky. It's a cream blush, but after applying it, my hair kept sticking tp my face

  12. nope nope nope! that ND blush is not gonna make me get a bag full of private label crap! easy skip

  13. I'd say unless you're sold on the mugs, I know everyone loves them but I tend to overdo it on cute mugs and now have too many myself. Candles can be better priced almost everywhere, the ounces are quite small for the price and they don't even look like a wood wick so I worry about tunneling- I also worry about blind buying expensive candles because they may not smell the best and may have poor throw. Also not even sure what that aqua thing is haha. Also you can get bath bombs cheaper and on sale many places too, they're standard size and not jumbo ones too, don't know if that bothers you at all. If you want the GA and algenist stuff and you know you'll use it then it's up to you, my only worry is if it would have a short expiration date and go to waste- skincare stuff tends to be a little more fragile.

  14. After using dollar store mugs, I cannot justify spending any more on mugs now.

  15. Okay I'm not a fan of the ginseng moisturizer. I got some and it smells really nice but it peels terribly, this has been supported by other members of the community as well. Also it's probably best to not go with a mystery candle just because candles can be so finicky. the mugs are really nice but unless you actually need mugs if you're trying to save money I would ditch them. Also you have quite a few duplicates that you could knock down to one. I like the volition serum, as for your other skin products I would just do a quick search of each one and look at some reviews.

  16. Agreed. I had my worst bout of acne and this didn't help at all. I switched back to my jergens and haven't looked back in 3 years.

  17. Oh no! So sorry! I got offered 3 keys products and one was also chosen for me. It seems like a lot of people loved their curated items and choices and some people weren’t so lucky 😞

  18. I said the last box was MY last. I signed up again and paid the heafty emotional price. Lol

  19. I got pretty much the same ipsy-picked products as you, besides the huda gloss, and I have the same feeling as you. i was hoping not to get the ofra, and here we go. I hated it 😭

  20. The palette is probably 80 yrs old by now lol. I like ofra, but this will just be play makeup for me. I don't wear highlighter when I leave the house.

  21. Right?!?!? Idk why, but want those damn bowls everytime I see them.

  22. Most of my items this time were rarely, or they barely counted as a category. I had bronzer AND highlighters as rarely, and blush on often..... I got the ofra face palette instead of the danessa cream blushes :(

  23. I’ve been getting products geared towards acne for months despite not having acne as a concern. It makes no sense

  24. Something has to be off! It's like they picked the items I had the least interest in as an April Fool's joke.

  25. I know I can't be the only one in this predicament. Will update or post anew if I get a response.

  26. I hate this trend. I want nothing to do with these products and if I say anything, people start attacking. (In real life too).

  27. You can see by my downvotes it wasn't a popular idea here, either, lol. But I always did have trouble with not challenging the status quo.

  28. So many of my friends swear by it, but I don't even see the results they claim to see on themselves woth these products. It's not my thing, and I don't want it in my beauty products. Just how I feel.

  29. It was only okay for me because my parents were there to help. My daughter and her husband are off on their own, in their own house, with less-than-no experience.

  30. They are independent adults and that is a problem? No ma'am.

  31. YTA She will be 20 soon. They have steady income and a home. If there are no drugs/heavy alcohol issues involved, they will likely be fine parents. You ARE babying an adult. They waited until they thought it was an appropriate time. You are worried that people at a grocery store will think she is a pregnant teen? So what? Let her deal with them. Of course she was imsulted by your actions. The fact that you were over her house and already arguing about something else is what worries me.

  32. I really hope the veggie chopper works! I'm hesitant, but picked it anyway. I really want it to be the hero item for me.

  33. I have one very similar and I love it! Just don’t submerge the lid and hand wash. I use it mostly for chopping onions and it’s fast and easy. I’ve had mine for a couple of years.

  34. This is great to hear! I changed back to this, and I am just excited to try it!

  35. That blush has too much shimmer for me, but I have a lot of other nars blushes, and they are some of my favorites.

  36. I haven't tried the options here. I picked Taj Mahal for my box even though it also has shimmer. My favorite is Exhibit A, which is the brightest and most red blush I own. I am light, so if used carefully, it is still amazing.

  37. I also got excited, then realized it was a random fake example lol

  38. How so? What proof is there to say something so hurtful?

  39. She thought that by having the oil changed, it’d be ok to drive. It needed It. But it’s only part of the problems lol

  40. Yeah, I just talked to my wife about paying her for the oil change. Figured we’d do that.

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