1. Kind of a random question but did we ever hear more about the Russians who dig trenches in the red forest? I’m guessing they all have terminal cancer now.

  2. Cancer does not develop that fast. Probably they are sent home. But it’s unlikely that they will live long.

  3. Its better to rip our the tracks they have now so Russia can't run their trains on it.

  4. This is also reasonable goal. Destroy tracks that goes near the border. Once you have standard gauge; you can install them back.

  5. Ukraine will be wise to replace Soviet tracks asap as part of their national security.

  6. I didn’t expect any less from him as he is a trump supporter. Such an attention whore.

  7. Are they not classed as AWOL soldiers of the Russian army? Should they be not inturred in a camp until the war is over?

  8. I think most of them are outside of the EU. Georgia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakistan and Mongolia.

  9. Iran has a huge problem with their Azeri and Kurdish minorities. Accepting such referendums will open a can of worms for them as well.

  10. So basically the statement says; “don’t nuke us if we nuke a non-nuclear country.”

  11. I think Ukraine has term limits for presidents, not sure. Checked Wikipedia, 2 consecutive terms max, 5 years each. So he can, and probably will, be president till 2029, by which time Putin will probably be scratching at the insides of a wooden box

  12. Land is two dimensional; do you need volume? Not like Russians were only following asphalt roads and gave their advance in KMs. We all know how that went in the north.

  13. Free the western bank and pin them down in the east with the full might! Slava Ukraini!

  14. I will be so happy once all the western bank of Dnipro is liberated. Then will come the concentrated effort of AFU.

  15. Came here to comment the same. Russia failing at air supremacy was a big surprise, losing air superiority was the next step. But being dominated in their own skies is something of its own entirely. It would be inconceivable before this war.

  16. All Russian planes seem to be getting rarer and rarer these days 😅

  17. Petition to add ruzzian aircrafts to IUCN’s list of critically endangered species.

  18. Also Finns don’t use that much cash anymore so the amount of bills available in ATMs are probably way below what they were 10-20 years ago.

  19. How will this not be immediately sunk by the Russian navy?

  20. I presume it will be staying in Turkish waters until its safe to move. Or could be accompanied by Turkish navy until it reaches Odessa.

  21. Did they really duct tape a board in the window as armour?

  22. Vegans don’t eat anything that comes from animals.

  23. I mean they still have time. The Baltics and others in the east of Europe are, pretty commonly now, the first to act in favor of Ukraine, cuz their own experience with Russia makes it an easy choice for them. Turkey is a bit more complicated, but i have almost 0 expectations for Turkey to accept the annexation of Ukraines territory, the NATO part might be more complicated tho, but we'll see.

  24. There is no way Turkey will accept annexations. But they will keep being a huge pain in the neck regarding anything else. Especially when it comes to NATO and the sanctions.

  25. Is this Mongolia limiting downside? Is Mongolia Russian ally? Maybe this is just humanitarian?

  26. Mongolia is basically underpopulated; anything will help i guess. Especially young workforce.

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