1. You have to be careful talking about TV in some workplaces these days.

  2. An admin that is no longer with us, on a different server, advertised a 10k tournament. We never endorsed this advertisement, and the admin was removed. That server is no longer online, this is a Cataclysm server. How is it not a joke comment?

  3. I got a fix earlier today and I'm pretty much 4 hours in. Yeah it is broken, but I just wanted to play it and so far it personally hasn't disappointed me. But I also did not expect much.

  4. Nice! Yeah the game is great, it's just the bugs plus it has full multiplayer support using ryjinx

  5. Speaking of, mind playing together once I setup my multiplayer? Might as well get the full experience.

  6. I'd love since I never got to play multiplayer on yuzu before, but Im not home till tomorrow I'll let you know when I do thoigh

  7. In this sub? Nothing. In The Last of Us thread, I said that I’d like part 3 to be a prequel of Joel’s story. That didn’t go down well for some reason.

  8. i got called transphobic because i said that last of us 2 entire story was garbage... numerus of times

  9. id be excited for felsong, as i am dying to play on a legion server, but the whole starting at elvel 95 completely ruined it for me

  10. James was seeing if he could pick up Mary’s scent, obviously

  11. "Hm, let me see if I can smell marrys bloody tampon with my hyper smell ability" - James 2022

  12. God! I've been trying to buy one to play with RE loving family but they cost so much online unfortunately But thats amazing you get t them especially for free that's crazzy!

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