1. Shaheds are no longer a serious threat. Iranien factories making them should still be taken out.

  2. Appreciate the advice! “Pull like hell” actually worked when the wrench and mallet did not! Thank you.

  3. For reference, do it fast, use a lot of force, do it straight up, and it gives. Any side-to side or twisting or hitting will weaken it for use and could crack the plastic sleeve under it.

  4. Ok. After reading your comment I checked my 88 owners manual again… and on the cluster warning lights diagram THERE IS NO OTHER CHECK ENGINE LIGHT!! So… they forgot it, or left it off, or it wasn’t in all markets, or they may have shipped them from the factory with no bulb in there because “check engine “ was causing too many dealer service calls like the temp gauge thing was which lead to the temp faker mod.

  5. It may have been a leftover from an earlier engine management system that was redundant by 88

  6. Tempting fate, but the Chally has never been destroyed by enemy action.

  7. It’s all because of that bratty cope cage.

  8. Oh fuck yeah!!! Take that, bitches! (As my old czech friend would say)

  9. That’s almost as annoying as « would of done it »

  10. Never understood that. But I have to presume that "have" is pronounced "of" in some places.

  11. Yes, it most likely will work. I’d say you just connect the power to the new power antenna and if it doesn’t work, hit the message boards. The 12v to the power antenna is probably fed / activated from one of the wires in the radio harness. Turn your radio on and test it for power with a multimeter

  12. Hahahahaha I cant even watch these anymore. They literally have nothing to say now.

  13. Where’s that “Russia got fucked” bot when you need it?

  14. It was intended to help channel air to the radiator. The actual difference in cooling potential with or without it is negligible. You won’t ever notice a difference. Your fan is running all the time anyway.

  15. Yeah, that is pretty much what I have been hearing. Just wanted to confirm.

  16. It’s always a good idea though to check your radiator and blow it out if the fins are clogged with road debris

  17. A new frontline trench digger in the making.

  18. Root ‘em out & make it transparent = win.

  19. You can always find it by starting with the o2 sensor and following the wire… it’s not very long so easy to find the ends

  20. Yeah I’ve done successfully. Key is to clean the casing of rust, then reglue the magnets in the proper spots so they line up with the armature. I just used epoxy and some clamps to hold them in place. Still holding up after about four years.

  21. You forgot the most important rule: only pass on the downhills.

  22. You have to pretend you aren’t passing them. Wait til they’re finding another rightwing radio talkshow on the satellite and… stay out of their mirrors and Bam! 240 Passing machine.

  23. sure, i’ve gapped spark plugs.. know a fella with gapped teeth..

  24. Babies are being raped and evaporated. Stop posing in front of fireplaces and send all u got now, showboats.

  25. The cheapest one is Chinese, the middle one is slovenia and probably made on oe equipment, and the gmb sounds german of course but could be made anywhere… i’d go with the INA FAG Schaeffer

  26. The INA Schaeffer tensioners are made in slovenia, i think they are oe

  27. It has a touch of that « grinding » sound that is usually more wheel bearing than center support… but could be either. Also check trans fluid.

  28. I have an 88 that won’t start… and I’ve narrowed it down to the fuel pump.

  29. When you put the key in and turn to kpii (key position 2) , do you hear the fuel pump charge? If not, it’s a fuel pump problem !

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