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  1. Bro I’m half expecting Sheldon from Big Bang theory to be in season pass 2 I have zero idea

  2. Yeah same thing happened to me, it already comes with one ink cartridge, whoops. I screwed my second one on so tight that I had to use a drill to get the stuck one out. Lesson learned lol

  3. There is no way people are actually buying the Logitech dd I am shocked

  4. damn everyone fr roasting this dude for the graphics and their driving skills… I will also join in

  5. I have an aluminium rig with an osw now but… this is also how I started haha. Just swap the wheel out with a G25 and that’s pretty much what my beginner setup was. Just be careful the rabbit hole doesn’t pull you in too hard.. it’s a money pit

  6. It’s so hard and I haven’t gone 6 months without vaping just because I’m out of coils and can’t be fucked to go get more

  7. Using assist with kazuya is a legitimate disadvantage. You need electric to play him.

  8. I’m divine ruler. I don’t why the other dude said teal.

  9. Xiaoyu. As a mishima you now can only use df4 or ws4. Everything else will not work

  10. yeah since he doesn’t have a df4 tsunami kick that’s his one

  11. T5 best soundtrack imo. Gameplay wise t7 my fav, my overall favourite tekken is 6, and tekken 4 probably takes best story

  12. Gotta love that you remind us twice that they remind us twice that he's the son of a distinguished family.

  13. I will also choose to remind everyone that Kazuya Mishima is the son of a distinguished family (the Mishima family, which is a distinguished one).

  14. Yeah just my playlist on Spotify. When I need to focus/when I start losing I pause it and go into gamer posture mode lol

  15. I’m literally not even allowed to leave lmao

  16. well who do you think has the biggest dick. i reckon kazuya cause how else would he have bagged jun like gdamn

  17. My rhymestone build costed a WHOLE lot less [price is for 5 build PCB's]

  18. so they will be hella cheap but I feel like u won’t get any enjoyment out of them. i mean gateron blues with the cheapest keycaps possible there’s almost no point imo

  19. I don't think you understand what I am saying, or care enough about it to have this discussion :)

  20. idk if casual sex is 43 people jesus christ

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