1. In vanilla tbc and wrath you could communicate cross faction by /emote (type sentence here)

  2. The real cross faction communication was the Babelfish addon, which dumped encoded gibberish into chat channels to be decoded by anyone with the addon.

  3. Never mind you don't get my point.

  4. Oregonian don't know how nice of the roads we have here. And it breeds negligence in driving. Simply put these cagers are too spoiled and god forbid we allow lane splitting oh no now i have to shoulder check and have situation awarenesses!? What am i gonna do?!

  5. I'm not sure nice roads have anything to do with it - it's illegal in 49 US states, and plenty of those have shitty roads.

  6. I remember seeing an exhibit for nutria at the Vienna zoo. One man's trash is another menschs treasure, I suppose.

  7. There's a few cool citizen initiatives working their way towards the 2024 Oregon state ballot everyone should get to know / consider helping to signature gather if interested.

  8. I’m worried about open primaries without also having ranked voting of some sort. With just the former, it’s going to make us more susceptible to spoiler candidates siphoning votes.

  9. I was able to see a presentation recently with some folks from other states in the know, and they stated a few times that having both open primaries and some form of ranked voting (STAR is a type of ranking as well), both campaigning and legislating becomes more moderate. You have to really appeal to everyone so it removes the extremes on both sides, something I think we would all appreciate.

  10. That’s all well and good, but if they’re voted on separately (as they have to be with ballot measures) there is no guarantee they both pass. There is a lot more incentive for astroturfing open primaries to change state politics than there is for ranked voting. The former benefits at least one of the big parties, the latter benefits neither.

  11. All design software should be like that. I was a UI/UX designer and being able to change something from the past that reflects across all subsequent actions would have been incredible.

  12. That’s probably why I found CSS so fun before moving into CAD - it’s fun and efficient to change things in one place and have it ripple across your workspace.

  13. Plz off my page wit ur negativity my caption said WishList for rally adventure, its not ur list so plz keep ur comments to urself weirdo

  14. This is a great way to lose support from people who otherwise like your idea

  15. Good guy AI, cushioning my high speed entry into 90 degree turns

  16. As someone with 32gb but limited to an APU (5600g), it is a really welcome resource. Got some nice gains here, maybe 10+ fps depending on the place and population.

  17. Out of curiosity, how much ram did you dedicate to the APU?

  18. Truly just to be excessive and ridiculous. It's not my primary PC, and it's generally connected to a TV, so I don't have much in the way of multitasking to do. Also, it's a DeskMini, so I was bent on stuffing to the max given its tiny physical footprint - 32GB was such an easy cap to hit for the motherboard that I figured, sure, I'll own this for 10 years, why the hell not.

  19. It’s okay. Zippy and sweet/tart but it doesn’t taste like any brand of sriracha I’ve tasted. A little goes a long way, it can really overpower dishes.

  20. Good to see parents standing up for their children’s education. If you are going to be forced to pay for public education, you’re entitled to have a voice in it’s content. I don’t know the content of these books, but I’m against books for school kids that:

  21. I have no idea what you are referencing, but you can call and talk to your representatives, or vote for new ones.

  22. You are not entitled to choose precisely how your tax dollars are allocated. Not to mention, these books are a drop in the budgetary ocean - an absolute nothingburger of an issue.

  23. damn trucks and SUV's, godamnit, i want real cars.

  24. Ford Transit with the high roof and long wheelbase and a small diesel swap. I’d slap a prime logo on and Tokyo drift that bitch from stop to stop. And probably roll it a few times, too.

  25. You can have Mind Flay, but lego my Mind Sear

  26. DK looks generically like a mix of every other DK tier set - cold and dark, spikey, frosty blue accents.

  27. I checked. They don’t have any controllers with built in batteries.

  28. Ironically, the removable batteries tend to be lauded as a good feature over competitors because you can easily replace the rechargeable battery without opening up the controller once it starts to lose life. You can also throw in any AA batteries in a pinch should you not be able to recharge mid-session.

  29. Let's replace this with Californian policies and see if it would pass the conservative sniff test

  30. Comparing it to the year of said car. Chances are, the car has lasted longer than the confederacy itself.

  31. I'm not making any implications, I'm just telling you that is absolutely not how mathematics works.

  32. I think they mean it like, even if there were as many drag queens as catholic priests, the incidence rate of the former would be zero

  33. Again no implications, I have a ton of friends in the LGBT community, spent a lot of my youth partying in gay bars. I would never argue that they are more likely to commit crimes. It's not a realistic world view to say that they are incapable of committing crimes. They are human beings like everyone else and the vast majority of all humans are good people. There are bad people in every community and it is not the communities fault that some people are bad.

  34. I took the comment as hyperbole in response to hyperbolic legislation. Sure, there are shitty people in all camps, and some camps get a pass significantly more often than others.

  35. Even after the north won the civil war, the south didn’t stop being assholes. You’d think after over 100 years they’d learn not to make laws with religion being the reasoning behind them, but I guess not.

  36. Over time I’ve come to realize that the American civil war never really ended, it just went cold 😕

  37. I had this issue appear 2 weeks ago, but it seemed to go away when I turned off WPA3.

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