1. Omg ur hand looks exactly like mine , except the 2 thumbs , i have only 1

  2. I find virginity obsession weird. Male or female. Some people don't want/can't have sex. None of my business.

  3. Girl , i read AB first , i didn't know ANYTHING what was about to happen , and when ''that'' happened i was a fucking disaster 😭😭😭

  4. Ikr !! He was the perfect dumbledore in my eyes , i did not like the changed dumbledore

  5. I thought she was finished like 3-4 times, but she just kept on going.

  6. That's because Rowan is the absolute best and I would follow him to the ends of the earth <3

  7. I liked most of it but after both Aelin AND Dorian survived the gates, I kind of felt less invested because it became clear to me there weren’t any real stakes. I was devastated by the Thirteen dying, but I felt after that point, the rest of the battle dragged on. I was sad about Gavriel but honestly thought someone more important should have died, and it felt sort of cheap when she had him and Aedion meet again just before his sacrifice, like it was intentional to make us feel sadder about a character who otherwise wasn’t super fleshed out. It also felt like there were three different endings. I enjoyed the overall ride of TOG but I still think I like ACOTAR and CC better.

  8. To me the whole Gavriel thing felt like she knew she had to kill a main character, and he was the best she could do. But that one was odd because the book made it clear that his sacrifice was unneccessary.

  9. This is so true omg , i've always felt like that gavriel just deliberately sacrificed himself , when there was like no real need for him to die

  10. There's a different video with it happening to someone's grandma lol

  11. I got hip with a heart at the end , this means good right ?

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