Jordan Peterson breaks down crying after being described as a 'incel hero'.


Did someone say... cake?

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This hits me right in the feels

  1. Age regression can be a symptom of some mental illnesses (such as BPD), this means it is often involuntary when in regards to being a symtpom of mental illness and can lead to behaviours that are childlike, including things like tantrums, but can also be a coping mechanism used by those who have childhood trauma, mental illness, or want to relive their childhood. It can involve playing with toys, stuffed animals, reading children's books, going to a park, colouring, watching nostalgic or new kid's cartoons, etc. It can also be used in therapy to work through past traumas associated with childhood, as well as to cope in session. I hope this all clarifies age regression a bit more, and that this makes sense! 😊

  2. I’ve done this a few times. Only when I’m doing REALLY badly though. It’s a big ol red flag for me.

  3. I wonder if she thinks a cake and an actual visit with a professional are the same thing.

  4. i think those who do not find him attractive will just say that their dream alter is different from the source and bringing up dreams real appearance triggers them.

  5. 100% they will make it about themselves: he doesn’t look like that in their inner world, the criticism hurts their alter, etc. etc.

  6. Oh man!!! That’s right!!!! There was a YouTuber that died and they kept using their image as an alter for their stupid fake DID

  7. Idk, man. Language is important to a point, but nothing matters more than action. We’ve been paying a lot of lip service to a lot of marginalized communities over the years while not actually doing anything.

  8. This is so strange. I don’t know anyone with this point of view. I was watching a video, I think it was a second thought video on YouTube, talking about how people in China “deserve” the drought they’re facing and the coming food scarcity. (Because of the amount of pollution in China attributing to climate change) But like….it’s not going to be the wealthy that go without.

  9. That's why I don't advocate shoplifting. A lot of people think "it's a big corporation, who cares they can afford it." Do you think the executives are going to take the hit? The shareholders? Hell no. It hurts the bottom workers.

  10. Nah not the white person making a poc alter named HERSHEY 💀💀💀 what’s next gonna call the Mexican alter el taco??

  11. Wow, amazing how every one of this person's hundreds of alters are 99% beautiful trendy looking young women... Except for the regular-ass mom and dad alters?? I feel like that's a glaring clue as to what went wrong here.

  12. here’s a story about me fainting; grade six trip, we went camping. I ended up passing out when we played a big game of manhunt. One of my friends basically threw me over their shoulder and carried me back to the medical/nurse building. When I got there, I think they did place a bag of ice on my head and put me in a bed in a dark room. They also gave me some pedialyte to drink. It is gross.

  13. so basically think of tag and hide and seek put together! One person is it, and once you’re found, you all have to work together to find the rest of everyone, lol

  14. That sounds super fun! They don’t just sit there when they’re found and wait, they work as a team. I like it! No boring parts :D

  15. I've put my (70lb) dog in the back of cabs before. Not in a kennel. Just depends on the driver.

  16. Oh no way! I didn’t know it was something you could ask of from regular cabs! That’s awesome! Thank you :)

  17. Could always post for a ride on Uber and include info of big doggo friendly vehicle

  18. I’m not too well versed with the Uber app, but if I can figure out how that’s for sure a great option. Thank you :)

  19. Idk…this is dystopian in the sense that this shouldn’t be someone’s experience. But like…$30 isn’t a lot of money and this could give someone a safe space instead of on the streets. I don’t think the person renting this out is doing anything wrong.

  20. She’s amazing! I don’t watch a lot of fighting sports but my husband showed me her cause he thought I’d think she was cool. She seems so chill in interviews and like a genuinely cool person.

  21. The whole topic is a mess to talk about because it's not about any one issue for any one group.

  22. I believe that’s right for a lot of people. We’re a very individualistic society (something JP promotes).

  23. How the hell did she think this post was some sort of advocacy? All she did was talk about herself being handed everything on a gold platter. No resources for the underpriviledged. Just bragging about how good she has it.

  24. Like…. She’s not wrong. But it totally reads like someone who watches stories about people born without arms and legs and calling them inspirational.

  25. If they alternate being unkind towards you or others with being overly affectionate. To the point of it being a pattern

  26. “You’d be non-conforming too if you looked just like me” - the emo song from…some point around 2005?

  27. Cash will only be useful for a few weeks/months. The longer term issue will be if/when things fall into outright anarchy. I guess I’m being naïve about being able to withdraw said cash as there will likely be a run on the banks by hordes of panicked people.

  28. Ditto - I’m on esketamine for severe depression. Without that, after roughly 2 weeks I’ll be in bad shape. Really bad, actually. If I were to somehow manage to pull through that, I have liver and kidney disease. I have other serious health stuff as well. My mental health would likely be what kills me within 2-3 months, though. It doesn’t matter how well things are going. My baseline is suicidal, and I barely made it about a year ago when waiting to get through all of the hoops to get approved for the esketamine.

  29. So you're saying there is no basis for PP attacking the Liberal party on inflation and high gas prices?

  30. When every country in the west is experiencing inflation and high gas prices that are either as bad or worse than our country…I’d say the issue goes far beyond our individual country’s government.

  31. Idk….a career politician who’s been in the Conservatives party making 6 figures since his 20’s is somehow worse than a nepotism baby/drama teacher….

  32. well I mean also a lot of older people were afraid to speak out in the past especially women because of how easy it was to be sent to a mental hospital/in patient thing- which were very poorly run and most shut down now due to abuse

  33. I don’t know why you’re being down voted. This might not exactly be the reason for the increase, but this was absolutely a problem in the past. The dude who invented the pre-frontal lobotomy won a Nobel prize less than 100 years ago. Lobotomies were largely considered “successful” if you became more agreeable.

  34. Yeah, there’s a lot of who talk on whether more people are getting diagnosed with rare chronic illnesses because of the fact that there is more awareness or if people are just flat out copying, faking, and munching. There are some creators speaking out about what they have noticed and then other creators are still kind of oblivious to it and saying "what if it just bc there is more awareness? Isn’t that what we wanted more awareness?" Etc. It’s hard to say sometime whether it really is bc there is more awareness and people are getting diagnosed or if people are just trying to fit in and look for attention. Like it feels like as soon as a young person finds these "influencers" they also immediately make a "awareness account". Which is kind sus honestly. It could be bc these people want to make friends(let’s be honest, if you don’t have a account people won’t become friends with you or add you to the GC’s) but then these people copy other creators immediately with the same diagnosis etc. I’ve even seen a girl copy another person’s personality and bio completely. The other girl didn’t even notice and she’s not a OTT person she actually has a life outside her illnesses and is a genuine person. It’s crazy out here.

  35. It is a federal holiday, so only if you're a federal employee you get it off. It's not recognized by the province as a holiday because the provincial government can't bring itself to give workers even a tiny break.


  37. Thank you!! I was so confused how it was being observed but not being added as an annual stat. I didn’t even know that was a call they could make.

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