1. Layer Cake & Ice Cream Cake are heavy Indicas that I Iike.

  2. It’s the joint you rolled. Grind the weed. Maybe get a cone instead of a rolling paper. All tou have to do is pack it. Trust me, most of the flower smokes just fine.

  3. As an avid andriod user and a broke cripple thanks for the heads up

  4. Verdant has curbside service if walking is difficult for you. You have to place your order early in the day to get a spot.

  5. I have been to all the dispensaries in Columbus. I like to shop the sales, have specfic products I want, as well as wanting to see what’s available. I generally check out the inventory & sales regularly. I have had some long waits at Verdant & Bloom, but have also had times I am in & out very quickly. I have not had a wait at Strawberryfields. Their price point when not having a sale is generally the least expensive. For example they sell the BE honey regular price $50 where others charge $60-$75. I think Terresana is probably the most expensive with the Botonist 2nd. I tried Harvest for the first time Monday during their every Monday sale of 15% off between 12-2. They also offer 15 % off every day between 9-10 AM. I have also been to Pure Ohio Wellness in London. Unless I want to try the deal if the day flower, or there is a special sales, they are expensive. The deals on their own weed can be excellent.

  6. No problems on Monday. My budtender had no idea that the change took effect. But my days were correct. 1/2 oz, was a tier 2 b4 change, 5 days. And a 5.66, was a tier 2, 2 days.

  7. Quick fix worked great!! You need to use synthetic urine.

  8. I would love to try them, but I won't buy them until they change their packaging.

  9. I love these & buy them regularly. I picked some up last week & found they had added another disc, about another 125 ml and did not increase the price. It is 6 days not 4 though. Quite a surprise to get more for the same price!!

  10. What is the issue with a seed? It’s minuscule. It doesn’t weigh basically anything. It’s a good thing you weren’t buying weed in the 70s. lol you get a 100 seeds.

  11. I receive my change at dispensaries in the Columbus area, including Verdant. One of the dispensaries kicked in a few pennies so I could use exact change once. I have received change at Verdant, Bloom, Strawberryfields, The Botonist & Terrasanna. Also received change at Pure Ohio Wellness in London & Columbia Care in Dayton.

  12. Bloom had great sales regularly. They ran 30% off BE & several others all week

  13. I have the luster pod & I am enjoying it. Any specific question?

  14. Where does it reference that 2.83 is going to count as 1 day instead of 2? That would be great.

  15. so the reason the day math is funky now is because a 90 day supply is defined as 8 ounces - 8 ounces is 80 tenths every 90 calendar days. the announcement mentions

  16. Do you think all the weights/days will change? I like to buy halfs for 6 days. Maybe they will be 5?

  17. I have tried all but the guava. The layer cake is excellent. The sherbtane is very good too & you can regularly grab a nice half, on sale for like $110. Tier 1, so it’s just 6 days.

  18. Try their Gelato. It’s their only strain I have tried of POW & I think it’s very good. Big nugs, great taste & smell. Wonderful effects.

  19. Heading to Detroit today. I have my Ohio medical card. Where should I shop?

  20. Plants often have different color buds depending on location and part of bud, etc. I wouldn’t expect all buds in a container to necessarily be from the same plant. Just the same harvest of the strain.

  21. I wasn’t a fan. Anxiety & pressure around my temples

  22. I shopped at Bloom Columbus today and it was 20% off. I dropped $364. Sure would have liked that additional 10%

  23. Great Indica effects. Nice & moist, but not too sticky. Wonderful smell & taste. Very potent, 32% THC, no terepene info. As you can see it weighed 13.9 instead of 14.5 which is very small short but still annoying. I purchased this today at Bloom Columbus. GO is 20% off. I have been trying to only shop sales but it’s hard when you want to try something new. Like the yummy Cherry Mintz by Certifed. Just want to mention that an awesome strain too.

  24. I purchased some last week. It looks great. It gave me some anxiety & pressure around my temples. Same for my partner but another friend who got some loved it. It didn’t feel like a heavy Indica to me, more of a hybrid. I also pick up some Lemon Dosidos at the same time & loved it.

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