1. Compared to klutch or buckeye relief???I'm waiting?? equal if not don't have me wasting time

  2. You’re waiting & don’t want me to waste your time. lmao….guess you will have to take a big risk & try it, or not.

  3. Their best strain for this effect is cherry mintz. Haven’t seen it lately. Kepp your eyes out for it

  4. I have never had a problem there. All the dispensaries in Cbus sometimes get busy & have long waits. There are a whole bunch of new dispensaries opening in Columbus, so that should help with wait time soon.

  5. I think the effects are excellent. Nice taste. Fresh sticky buds. Much better than expected

  6. Just picked this up the other day. Enjoying very much. On sale at Strawberryfields 5.6 was $65 on sale for $55 plus 20% off.

  7. I check every manufacturers date on every package b4 I buy. Ask them to show you the dates if you aren’t allowed to hold the product. If it is older than you want, don’t buy it. I have read enough stories on here of people not getting what they want or old dates to take any chances. I review everything b4 purchase.

  8. There will not be any dispensaries in Dublin. There are plans for one on Bethel & another on Henderson.

  9. To elaborate, each strain tastes different but there is a consistent flavor profile or maybe aftertaste (cant think of the words to describe it) across all of their stains. There are a couple that I havent tried. I've had maybe 5 or 6 different ones and I think they are all similar in taste.

  10. It sounds like you are using dispensary price lists? If so that is extremely inaccurate. It doesn’t take into account what is actually purchased. I buy on sale. 20-30% off. Did you adjust for sales?

  11. What is the purpose at all? Nobody os relocating based on the chart

  12. Re-ran the numbers, knowing now what is normally listed as an 1/8 oz is actually 2.83g. So after adjusting for that, Ohio's average comes out to be $46.93 - you all are good, sorry for putting you on blast without knowing the ins-and-outs of how your program works!

  13. This is your own personal analysis? I don’t pay on avarage $46.93 for 2.83g. Are you averaging the prices on a disp list? Do you have insight to what is actually being purchased in Ohio, what the actual sale price is? Please explain where you arw getting your information?

  14. There is no way the pricing is correct. We don’t pay that.

  15. I believe that is because it was sent in on the same day. I was told the renewal should not be sent until the previous year is expired.

  16. If you google white truffle strain it will let you know the closest dispensaries that have it. It is in real time.

  17. WOOOOOO!!!! Best damn Flower in Ohio!!!! Full-spectrum cannabis derived terpene rich extracts coming soon!!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  18. You will continue to use your old card until it expires. My Dr would not send the new recommendation to the state until the start date. I think that is common practice.

  19. It’s a decent sativa. Nothing special. No anxiety.

  20. If you want a Sativa the Heat Locker is awesome. I am not sure about the white truffle. It may have given me anxiety last night but I may have beem anxious either way. Buds are so cool with the colors. I just smoked the Heat Spike and it’s excellent. Better than the Budino. Haven’t tried the Jealsoy yet. Probably like the Big Head a bit more than the Budino. Lemon Slushee is solid.

  21. The Heatlocker to me is literally a sativa Ice cream cake!!!

  22. I picked up both of these yesterday too, along with Heat Spike. I tried the White Truffle last night & felt some anxiety. Hoping it was just a fluke. Will try again tonight.

  23. I enjoy many of Certifieds strains. Unfortunately the buds often look like smalls.

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