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  2. Tip for sets like the ATAT, keep it as close to the ground as possible, anything that’s tall like that should stay low.

  3. Lgt and txq are resellers, saberforge is selling them from a manufacturer in china. For example,

  4. First of all, ace combat is not realistic in the slightest. Jeff bezos with a giant drone plane that carriers drones with a forcefield while you try to shoot it with a mach 10 superfighter armed with lasers and railguns is not realistic at all.

  5. Day one of commenting hogwarts legacy to see if that’s still relevant

  6. Two... well, technically more, but there are two T6 Connies that are parts compatible with the T1 and T2 versions of the ship. Problem is: Both are pretty expensive. The Temporal Light Cruiser was a promo ship, so that's worth over 1b ec, and is a single character unlock. The Legendary Miracle Worker Light Cruiser is part of the 10th Anniversary Bundle, which usually sells at around 180 dollars.

  7. So where can i get the bundle? Can’t find it on the zen store, or arc game’s website

  8. Sadly gotta wait for it to pop up. It doesn't stay in the store.

  9. Both are bullshit, everyone knows the secret society founded during the cold war controls the government elections, have any of you seen the documentary series metal gear?

  10. Clearly one is a hunting rifle and the other is a super dangerous 100 clip magazine assault weapon that can blow your lung over the border.

  11. Just do what ace combat electrosphere did. 80’s jets but futurified

  12. Top comment at midnight (central time) is the eliminated state. I will post the updated map tomorrow at 11am (central time). (I'll try to post it as close to that hour as possible).

  13. Well you see, when entire chunks of metal are piercing bones, organs, and your neck, it makes it hard. Kind of like putting on a glove with nails inside of it. Easy to put on, impossible to take off without removing chunks of flesh.

  14. I mean there’s one on Roblox that’s pretty fun based on jeff Wayne’s. But its mostly just hiding from the tripods

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