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  1. I like it!! I would swipe right in you for sure but you live too far from me :/

  2. I love watching ridiculous comedy movies on my own or if your looking for a serious trip, an action movie will really suck you in.

  3. Hi op, you are so strong to seek help. I went through something very similar a few years ago. At the time I didn't think I'd ever get away from the experience. You will move on and grow from it. Its not easy but please take comfort knowing that you have a group of friends trying to help in anyway they can. They are there for you, even if they can't fully grasp what you went through.

  4. His viewership will stagnant even more and will prob decrease a lot

  5. Agreed. The problem with myth is he a try hard and honestly boring to watch.

  6. That wasn’t myths problem at all, he’s very entertaining to watch I think he just had a hard time finding a place for himself post valorant. He did good in that space for a long while but what he needed after he stopped with valorant was a solid game that was popular that he could fall in love with and get really good at. And that just hasn’t really come and he has a bit of problem sticking to variety games and switching things up on the regular

  7. I agree, he can't find his way. I do think his problem is he tried too hard to fit in and his streams seem lsost and uninteresting. I used to watch him a ton when he was big into fortnite.

  8. It’s the type of people who come( hipsters, basics, church crowd) it’s because you’re prob still drunk from Saturday night or Friday night service after shift drinking and because you’re working and these people seem to have better lives than you that they are off on a weekend drinking and eating and having a real life. Low key it hurts when you step back and think about the fact we get mondays and Tuesday’s off

  9. I left the restaurant industry bc I wanted a new, firm schedule. A 9-5. Its not what everyone wants but it's what I wanted and I still enjoy it. Do what makes you happy.

  10. Would anyone recommend the bowflex max trainers? If not what would you recommend for full body cardio. Looking for a good elliptical type that won't break the bank.

  11. It might be coming over from the internal servers on adp side. Like the info is stuck and not changing. Have the client call in and have service help. It shouldn't be hard.

  12. How can I keep my feet healthily and tough but also moisturized and not cracked?

  13. Not sure if this is actually healthy or not but it does wonders to my feet.

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