1. It's really refreshing to see an anime where the characters have realistic face proprotions/anatomy

  2. I find being high actually makes certain games easier.

  3. On the contrary, while it'd be tone-breaking and silly, the moonwalking dance would actually be advantageous in combat since, if you're running away from enemies or something, moonwalking (or moonrunning) would allow you to still shoot the enemies since you'd still be facing their direction while running

  4. White Album 2. They're high schoolers, but they're very mature for high school kids.

  5. yeah.. but I never counted them in my Goodreads reading challenge

  6. I expect a non-living and sentient being to be a collectible, not f*cking puppies

  7. What sort of vacuum sealed blankets are you using lol

  8. Probably has more to do with Cara Delevingne's lack of chemistry with any living thing than actual homophobia.

  9. It's actually really cool that Cara looks so much like his co-star in Valerian (despite them being love interests, not siblings)

  10. As a Christian it is so cool to see how they tie in all these different elements from bible lore. Oh and Dante’s inferno (Aka the divine comedy); it’s referenced in the game. All these are religious books but ones that I enjoyed even though I’m not the most religious person The action Bible, it has some really dramatic depictions of heaven and hell my favorite part is revelation. The Pilgrims Progress The Skrewtape letters: a uncle demon try’s to teach his nephew demon how to be a miscreant.

  11. Not a conventional book but I feel like Constantine fits what you're looking for

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