1. Yes, what Psycho55 said and try going right clicking on one of the slides....go to "speed" go to "time interpolation" then change it to "optical flow"

  2. You change the keyframes to Continuous Bezier and adjust the speed.

  3. He's recent video where he talks about this artist who got fired... His face gave me a jumpscare

  4. I don't see why this is a W for Theft. He just made a comission to a talented artists, that's it.

  5. The key will never expire. Windows XP keys are still valid.

  6. For those that don't use a graphics card and use the integrated graphic processor on the CPU instead.

  7. You can get signal through the motherboards HDMI port. Just only using integrated graphics.

  8. the walk looks hes twitching on head lmao

  9. Trying to make one that doesn’t look weird but that’s currently on the back burner for right now because of the camera system.

  10. I’m experimenting with a couple different walking animations. I’m trying to find one that does not give you a headache after watching it again and again. But, my main priority is the camera system, and UI so the walking animations are currently on the back burner for now.

  11. Looking great man! You plan to release it??

  12. Note sure if I’m gonna release it. This is just a practice project. Maybe I will the future?

  13. I have made this little test project to get better at CTF 2.5. The original model is here was made by RazvanAndrei123:

  14. I have it cause it came my computer, and I don't risk the End-Of-Support.

  15. Windows 11 Pro came pre-installed on a new laptop. I like the "look" of it. Haven't had any problems.

  16. Yeah, my pc came with windows 11 too. Happy there is no problems with your computer.

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