1. ESO has very unique combat that isn't present in any mmo (well NW is close but not quite). I hate those point and click MMO's not enough action and feels like WoW ripoff.

  2. Animations could be updated and first person IMO should be made a bit more viable than what it currently is which is mainly for screenshots. It's clear that a lot of the effects were not made with first person in mind because if you go first person the graphical effects are super blinding and take up 40% of the screen real estate.

  3. I still find the bad experiences to be a very small minority of cases, but yes they're frustrating when it happens.

  4. No. If they did. The game wouldn’t be in the toilet as it is now.

  5. I assume it's to split populations up for line breeding, in which case I think it's fine so long as the overall tank is big enough and there's a decent drop in water level from the top of each divider. Shrimps do seem to be able to get over small areas of wet surface above water. Mesh would also have to have be very fine as baby shrimps are VERY small.

  6. Genuinely curious. Does Ukraine not have enough to defeat Russia already? Or is the request by Zelensky for even more modern equipment to end the war faster (and therefore less casaulties, which I presume is what he means by "killing Ukrainians")?

  7. Lady this is the second era and I’ve never heard of anybody called Talos. Allow me to tell you the story of how the wood elves came to exist from out of a cosmic goo,

  8. I've heard that it depends on the Betta's personality. That said, all 3 of my Bettas have been shrimp killers. The 3rd one was slightly less aggressive in that he wouldn't genocide the entire shrimp population in a week, but every now and then I did still see a shrimp ripped in half. All of the tanks were relatively heavily planted, however because of the aggression I would rarely ever see the shrimp. As soon as I took the Betta out to another tank, all the surviving shrimp came out and started being active and visible again.

  9. Society pressure I can deal with. Though my mother nagging me about children can sometimes be a bit much.

  10. Sailing a carrier group into the strait in modern times in the scenario of "China and Taiwan are fighting each other" would probably make everyone in the navy scream so hard they get a fucking aneuryism.

  11. Tactically it would make zero sense to sail a carrier through the strait if China and Taiwan were actually in open war other than to play chicken with the lives of the 5000 sailors on board plus their escort group.

  12. No some people just find it difficult to get hard without physical contact no matter the amount of foreplay. Especially if it's with someone relatively new and they're prone to be nervous or shy.

  13. Who the fuck come up with that logo? It looks like someone got a deal at Vistaprint...

  14. If the Left doesn't offer an alternative to disenfranchised men, who typically are from lower-class socio-economic groups, then it's not surprising that such groups continue to exist and attract members.

  15. Guild Wars 2 is more of a pro-casual MMO and has managed to strike a good balance for its overland experience.

  16. I quit GW2 because I found the overland content too hard. I saw many new players wipe on overland bosses and minibosses just on the second zone map. Maybe some people like that but I don't.

  17. I think Morrowind was after One Tamriel. I didn't play at launch because I heard it was buggy (I generally don't play any game at launch and wait a few months for a few post-release patches).

  18. diplodocus - they always make me cry whether happy or sad… unsure why. probably because they are the most docile and non violent (in my perspective)

  19. Half my tanks are co2 injected. It shouldn't be the reason. Some are even injected 24 hours (no solenoid valve)

  20. The tank is around 7-8 months old. The water parameters were fine when I checked last week, just the pH was higher. Also, had the tank been unbalanced all along, the shrimps would have shown this behaviour in the past also. But this behaviour is something new. The only change I have made in the recent past is CO2 injection.

  21. Legal custody favouritism towards women is heavily misunderstood. In many western countries the courts will aim for balanced custody/access, however the primary consideration is what's in the children's best interest and this will often mean minimising any disruption to the children's life. So if the mother stays in the family home after divorce, she will often get majority custody so that the child doesn't need to move, doesn't need to change school, doesn't need to change from their local community etc etc.

  22. Bla bla blah strawman after strawman. I never said landmass or total spending were perfect metrics and The only consideration far from it. Only that they have relevance in your ability to defend yourself unlike per capita spending which has no relevance at all.

  23. Ah yes hitting people with the classic "you're not a patriot" when they question military spending lol.

  24. Saying someone is "hot" is fine depending on the context and can be innocent in some cases. Being in a relationship shouldn't doesn't mean you're suddenly blind to attractiveness.

  25. It's natural to feel this way in any breakup whether it's from infidelity or not. It's natural to cling to the good times and focus on the things you'll lose by breaking up because the vast majority of people are risk adverse and focus on the negatives.

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