1. Darkness I guess since it was what she choose to fight the monster with

  2. Tbh, does jhin even have deep lore? Lol. He is just some mass murderer that likes art. Not really all that complicated.

  3. I would say Noxus because they aren’t afraid to use technology/magic.

  4. It's either sword, shields, arrows and Kaiju statues

  5. But it was Dauntless Vanguard, not Demacia as a whole. The DV seem to be just elite foot soldiers.

  6. This kinda art is cool I agree but the AI can't make original pieces... it can only "copy" other works and combine them (to anyone worried this will make artists obsolete) otherwise I think it's great for getting yourself some character art

  7. True, but this is just the start. In 10-20 years it will be MUCH more capable. This is the equivalent of a nitendo 64.

  8. Midjourney and the prompt was Fantasy Portrait, Female Blonde Haired Knight with multicolored lights surrounding her.

  9. So there was this part in First Shield where Quinn almost faints and Garen catches her in his arms, I thought that was an interesting moment, shows that he cares about Quinn. I think Quinn is ranger-knight, she hold a very high rank in the Demacian military, can't be a peasant, is probably just a Demacian countryside commoner. Technically he could still marry a countryside commoner who is a ranger knight no? Maybe Quinn is now a noble because she became Ranger-Knight rank.

  10. What i meant by peasant is that they didn’t hold a noble name. Names come with power, resources, prestige, etc etc.

  11. If there was a high ranking officer in the army, wouldn't that automatically make them a noble? Like in Quinn's scenario being a ranger-knight. That said, wouldn't Garen have a better chance to get with a fellow Demacian such as Quinn over a Noxian assassin such as Katarina? I mean logically if you were to ask his aunt who she would approve in between those 2, aint the answer obvious?

  12. I mean yeah, if the alternative is Katarina lol. At that point Garen could marry a literal brothel worker and Tianna would be happier.

  13. Well, that pool of water that she uses to travel on is constantly flowing, due to her staff's magic. If her pool isn't eternal, she can probably just draw water from a large body of water to recharge her source of mobility.

  14. I think Rell is a magic wielder and not a telekinetic (who has psionic mind powers and not magic), so Petricite would stop her magic completely, and even if it didnt, petricite is wood and not metal.

  15. …i never said she was telekinetic…? And Petricite is used in the creation Demacian Steel.

  16. ok? Its common to think metal powers are psionic. I was just answering a question that you were asking in a way I knew how. Get that stick out of your ass lmao.

  17. Umm. I was responding in a confused manner not a mad one lol.

  18. Well, at least now I understand why Xayah wants Rakan back so much. Like god damn.

  19. Well they do appear to have intelligence so technically its not impossible for them to make such a choice. But I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  20. Its true. Its one of the tool tip thingies when you load into a game.

  21. OK so petricite weights with chain could do something. Maybe the answer Galio he is not human thus would his emotion taste the same? If they could even taste emotions from him at all.

  22. I mean if we’re honest? Galio is alnost always the answer.

  23. Yes and no. Petricite Trees are fossilized wood. But Petricite itself is a cement/concrete that uses crushed Petricite Trees as a component in the mixture.

  24. What if...Taliyah was manipulating Galio like a puppet all along?

  25. Dead, corrupted, retired and went to college, take your pick.

  26. You can't be an engineer and also be a star guardian? lame

  27. No, its in the rulebook. Once you graduate highschool you cannot be a Star Guardian. Why do you think Urgot is cosplaying even though he clearly is a perfect fit?

  28. I assume the god emperor will at some point resurrect and get off the throne.

  29. See, the problem is you said “regular civilian”. A regular civilian wouldn’t get anywhere in terms of power level.

  30. i cant see a difference between pc and wild rifr

  31. …the Steel Legion skin? You cant see a difference? They don’t even look like the same skinline.

  32. I think it's not a new skin. Both her and Garen already have Steel Legion skins in game. An update SL splashart like the WR counterpart would be great though.

  33. Wild Rift Steel Legion is honestly really freaking dope. It shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence as the one on PC. Like holy moly the PC one is so bad in comparison.

  34. I certainly wouldn’t mind a rework on Lux and Garens steel legion skin.

  35. Well apparently they are willing to rerelease the damn game 4 time lol. The least they could do is add some coop so people actually have a reason to buy it again.

  36. Doubtful, since it requires lots of custom code... If SKSE isn't coming to consoles, neither will Skyrim Together.

  37. I would say he should be at least a bit denser than a human, so he should be heavier than a human of equal muscle and height.

  38. To be honest, while poros are really fun, they tend not to be the most optimal deck. Not only are they reliant on their extremely limited forms of buffs (snax or porealis), but even with the buffs, you still dont have a deck that achieves much other than having a board of 2/2 or 3/3, which isnt much at all, especially in this meta. The most recent poro deck that was actually viable is the one that ran iceborn legacy and looked to spam daring poros, but with the iceborn nerf, i am sad to say that poros are pretty much dead right now.

  39. So, you want to duel me so I can smother you in fluffy goodness? Cuz I just beat the last guy who talked smack about my beloved poros.

  40. This man has taught me the error of my ways. He has soundly beaten me and I hereby declare him King of the Poros.

  41. You have no oblivion orb and he has corrupting pot and is Sylas. No way you can win this. Lux damage is fine. You just need to use your spelsl correctly.

  42. I think the point the OP was making was that the sylas took hardly any damage from a full combo, meanwhile Lux damn near died to Sylas full combo.

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