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  1. For me the best way to stave off these emotions is by preaching the game to my friends long enough that they play it themselves, and then sharing in their enjoyment, reminiscing on when i made those same discoveries myself

  2. Problem is I can’t get any of my friends to play it lmao Closest I’ve gotten is a friend started it but I don’t think they ever continued after dying a couple times, didn’t quite get to the beauty of it ig

  3. I'm interested in the them being 100% off in my bedroom

  4. “Maybe if you had enough coupon codes, though I dunno if they do online orders, sorryyyy” lol

  5. Bro I’m on NG+4 and I got one shot by the troll ogre dude, basically the first fucking actual enemy you encounter. Loved every second of it though (,=

  6. The voting pool is tainted, this is Reddit nobody respectable uses this app

  7. One of my friends got suspended for like 2 weeks just because he went up on the roof, and when he got back he had like people follow him around to make sure he wasn’t building a bomb or something. It was pretty neat.

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