1. I guess the issue is that I’m just not motivated to go spend the money on 2 and dedicate the time to it when the aesthetic and the humor that I’ve seen has just been kind of off-putting to me. Especially when so many other games I know I’ll love are out there that I haven’t had time to play yet.

  2. You can always watch youtube gameplays from 2, or the cutscenes only, or read synopsis and summaries

  3. I might watch a lore recap video or something and then play 3.

  4. Dont forget, the longer it takes, the higher the chance for development hell to ensure. You cant just take forever, this will drop team morale and result in loss as well.

  5. A game doesn’t enter development hell because of delays. The delays are caused by the development hell. A game that is having a very troubled development might get better if it’s delayed or it might be unsalvageable even with delays. But pushing out a broken game just to avoid a delay doesn’t fix the issue.

  6. that’s more or less what I thought of it. the other possibility is that the demo was actually really good and they just had a sort of had to admit how resource intensive it was to even get to that point in the amount of time that they did and Sony/Lucasfilm was like “yeah, we’re gonna get someone that can actually manage their resources properly to run this.”

  7. Honestly I’ve never had much faith in Aspyr to do this well since they mostly just have experience with ports of older games (and their ports tend to launch with a bunch of bugs that take time to get patched out). Going on to make a full from the ground up remake of KOTOR that’s up to modern standards just feels like way too much to expect from them. So I have a feeling the demo they showed off to Disney and Sony was very underwhelming and caused Disney and Sony to take drastic action.

  8. Either go to a comic shop or buy the digital comics on Amazon.

  9. Yes. Naix were correct the whole time. They all live inside of a video game, and Tokiko was able to prove the existence of the player (you) through her whole plan.

  10. Yeah. It was pretty anti-climactic that right after you learn exactly who Tearer is, you also learn that he’s been dead for the entire Present time period.

  11. I think it’s much more likely that 2024 is a straight up Biden/Trump rematch.

  12. That's why if you're making a sequel, don't treat it like a standalone if you're gonna use an existing character from the previous game as the protagonist. That's why Virtue's Last Reward was a great sequel to 999 , they brought new and old characters and made references to the first game , and the protagonist was actually good and more fleshed out

  13. The problem is that higher ups at a studio usually really really want a new entry to be standalone because otherwise there’s a bit of a ceiling on the size of the audience for the game.

  14. i agree with every single thing you said, this game had so much potential but mizuki route just felt awful in comparison and tbh the amount of action sequences was a huge turn off. it seems to me you want a darker and grittier tone and i fully agree, the action sequences ruin this entirely and honestly made the game way worse to me

  15. Yeah the action sequences felt really weird. I’m not sure what the point is of having a bunch of fight scenes with armies of faceless goons that are controlled with quicktime events.

  16. I didn’t predict it, my theory about the half bodies being preserved between the two sides was that they used the genetic technology that slowed Shoma’s aging to also slow the degradation of the bodies.

  17. Which is a cool detail to add. I actually prefer SWTOR to KOTOR but they never explain how your character knows every alien language in that game. In some stories you can legit be like “what are Rakata?” And then speaking to a Rakata in like twelve minutes.

  18. In SWTOR you’re either playing as a force sensitive, a bounty hunter/smuggler, or a member of the military. Other languages probably come naturally to force sensitives, and those other jobs are the types of positions where learning other languages is a very valuable skill.

  19. All three Vader runs, the two main Star Wars runs, and the Dr. Aphra runs are great.

  20. Wait there are 3 Vader runs? I only know the 2015 and the most recent one

  21. 2017’s Darth Vader Dark Lord of the Sith by Charles Soule.


  23. Maybe one of the mods should just pin one of these threads or make a “where to start” pinned thread. It’d help clean up the sub.

  24. You might get prequel story In Dark Horse's Hyperspace Adventures, but honestly, Omega is Filoni's baby, so don't count on her showing up at all until after TBB is over, and even then only sparingly. Ahsoka doesn't show up often either for the same reason. As for Marvel specifically? I really don't see that happening.

  25. It’s also probably better if she isn’t used until Filoni is done with her, given Filoni’s history of retconning things that aren’t made by him (the Ahsoka novel is contradicted by Clone Wars Season 7, and the Kanan comic is contradicted by the beginning of The Bad Batch).

  26. That depends on what part of Star Wars you’re most interested in (characters and time periods etc), and whether you want to read Canon (stuff in the same timeline as the sequel trilogy, Star Wars Rebels, the Disney+ shows, etc) or Legends (the pre-Disney Expanded Universe that is no longer canon). In general you’ll probably be fine jumping almost anywhere you’re interested. So picking a character you like and reading about them is a valid way to start.

  27. I hope she returns to the screen in some way, be it a movie or TV show.

  28. Maybe it’ll happen someday but unfortunately my guess is that the reason the comics are doing so much with her now is because Disney decided they didn’t want to use her for movies or TV shows anymore after Solo underperformed. I assume that after they decided that they didn’t care as much about her they gave the comic writers free rein to use her.

  29. I wonder if this is all leading to her bring Maul back to life. The thing the Knights and the Archivist found looked like some sort of time travel thingy so who knows?

  30. Bringing Maul back the first time was a great decision but I think he should stay dead now. His death in Rebels is a fitting end.

  31. Someone mentioned the audio drama already, so I’ll just also mention that Black Krrsantan is in The Book of Boba Fett.

  32. Oh interesting, that might be fun! Thanks for the info

  33. The audio drama basically covers the 2015 Vader comic from her perspective, and there are some new scenes for when she’s away from Vader and when she has some flashbacks to her college days. I’m in the middle of it right now and it’s great!

  34. I haven't been following the manga recently, does anyone mind explaining?

  35. Goku needed to use Mastered UI (the silver hair one) to fight Moro because UI Sign (the black hair UI) wasn’t strong enough. In the newest chapter he decided to use UI Sign instead of Mastered UI against Gas even though Gas is stronger than Moro. Goku is using UI Sign because Mastered UI isn’t as effective unless he is calm and his mind is at peace.

  36. well maybe he just got strong enough that he doesn't need to use the MUI

  37. I think it’s more that he’s experimenting with how best to use Ultra Instinct, similar to how Goku has at various times preferred SSJ1 to 2 or especially 3, even though those should be superior forms.

  38. I'm predicting a trio combo win or a technicality in which Gas ages too much and dies by his own power.

  39. My interpretation of the game’s events is that the default state IS to retain memory across loops. There are a few things in the game that suggest this to be the case.

  40. No, because it’s a timeloop, so Colt is starting things somewhat fresh each day. Feel free to alternate between being loud and being stealthy. The game is meant for you to adapt and switch playstyles. You don’t need to commit to one thing.

  41. Infusing an item means that it is in your inventory at the start of a loop. If you abandon an item in a level then you don’t get it back until the next loop.

  42. This of course is bullshit and you ahve no idea wtf you talking about. Like dude always has been a home console serie

  43. Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden were released for handhelds and the series feels at home on handhelds like that.

  44. P5r could easily be on switch, it would be insane to put it as a cloud version.

  45. It would still be lazy but at least there would be some argument since the Royal version came out for PS4 first.

  46. It’s so stupid because I promise you 99% of fans would’ve happily PAID to watch the movie on release in cinema. This is entirely Toeis fault and I feel zero sympathy for the money they’re going to lose

  47. The movie already got a delay for a couple months. It’s bizarre that they didn’t use that as a chance to release it worldwide or at least have the western release date only be a week or two different.

  48. Read any of the Darth Vader comics. You might like the 2017 Charles Soule run in particular, but all of the three canon Vader runs are great.

  49. Probably at some point but it’s an ongoing comic that is probably a long way from finishing, so if you want it in an omnibus format you will be waiting a long time.

  50. Not really sure how I feel about Leia leaving Zahra trapped there to die.

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