1. I think it’s like Mr Miyagi took in Daniel as his own and taught him the story was revolved around him. By that I mean the movies before the show. This time around Johnny went from being a drunk loser to turning his life around after running into Miguel. Hence I see Miguel as a very important character in the show, I’ve said this before but I want him to win because Johnny never had a win, Daniel won.

  2. Oh my god this is making me cry when cobra Kai ends I’ll be so sad lowkey I’ll miss this show sm

  3. Bro I was at a 71 at mid terms and my marked dropped to like a 61 by the end of the course

  4. Superstore is currently available on Netflix Canada. If a show is leaving soon there will usually be a note saying the show is leaving. There is nothing like that on Netflix Canada for superstore.

  5. Ok. Thanks. Ive been using a vpn to use Netflix canada when i want to watch it on netflix

  6. It is leaving this I get emails from Netflix about new shows and shows that are leaving and superstore is leaving - I’m from Canada

  7. A few days ago my mom got it from Costco Ancaster location…. But if their is still a shortage here and can’t find any see if you have any relatives in buffalo my uncle got it from their since he always travels their

  8. Take Business management and major in law (ryerson university aka TMU) I was gonna go their this September but I ended up taking a gap year and changing career plans

  9. do u think tmu would accept me? I didn’t take any calculus or advanced functions… only data?

  10. Gonna be honest I got in and let me tell u something I literally applied in the first week of June I was just so confused with what I wanted but on the bright side I still got in with a not so good average 81 💀

  11. dental hygienist requires an associates degree i think. You could get the 2 year degree, begin your dental hygienist career. While working you could complete a bachelor’s degree to become a teacher then attempt that career and always fall back on going back to being a hygienist since you’ll already have the qualifications and experience for it.

  12. For me since I’m from Canada we get a 2 year diploma… and then for teachers college their is concurrent education 6 year program or doing a undergrad and then teachers college I’m just hoping it won’t be weird if I join university later

  13. Both of these jobs pay super low in NYC at least.

  14. I’m from Canada hygienists here make a pretty good amount like 40, 50 dollars an hour and teachers have a low pay at 22 dollars an hour some get to 30

  15. I’ve actually thought about doing this as I’m over the tension headaches and wrist/arm issues already. I work M, W, & F but was looking into a part time gig for Tue and Th. I figured it would also help me get my foot out the door of hygiene and into a different career without having to finish my bachelors (I already have 2 associate degrees, I’m tired)

  16. For me I just graduated High school and Picking paths for the future has been the hardest. Yes I have heard about dental hygiene burn outs and stuff I’m just thinking some how I can graduate from dental hygiene and then go back to university for teachers college and teach elementary while doing dental hygiene on weekends or something along those lines.

  17. Hey I wish all the best to you but please don’t stress too much because I did and guess where that got me a 76 at the end :( I had 80 at mid terms I literally worked so much harder to get my percent higher only for it go down last year

  18. Hey just my experience, I graduated in 2015 from the program. It's a bit tough but overall it was a good program. I worked in hygiene for a few years and then decided it's not as good as it sounds in the beginning. Depending on the office you work in, mostly part time or maternity leave positions. The work can be quite demanding and dare I say stressful. Also Sudbury pays the least you can earn as a dental hygienist. It's good but other cities pay a lot more. Anyways I work as an oral surgeon assistant now and it is so much more fun. This is just my experience.

  19. Don’t recommend Cambrian. I have so many complaints about the program here. You’re better off at boreal!!

  20. Wow your the first person that I heard doesn’t recommend it, can I ask why? Is it bad profs or unorganized?

  21. Yes do it! I was in the same boat kind of I wanted to go into the bm program this September was supposed to be my first year I was even gonna live on residence. I cancelled one day before move in day because 18k to just live their was to much and commute was draining with so many sketchy people in the area. Do what you feel is the best for your mental health and what you will enjoy more. Your whole life opportunities will come and go what’s meant to be in your life will happen regardless. Good luck :)

  22. No omg chemistry kicked my ass in the last few months of school and then I kind of changed what program I wanted to go into

  23. Wait ouac applications are open again I thought they are closed till October?

  24. Hey, I’m considering applying here as well. Did you end up accepting the offer? And what was the process like? Were there any entrance exams or interviews necessary?

  25. Hey! I was gonna but then changed my decision last minute and decided not to go. I’m think of starting next September either at Cambrian or maybe getting into one of the private colleges

  26. Hey i got in and I only took advanced functions for math if that’s any help I was gonna take calculus summer school but it’s recommend not required so I dropped it

  27. What were your other courses if you don't mind specifying?

  28. I did all sciences was gonna go into nursing but then changed my mind 💀

  29. Okay so OSAP paid directly to me as well just like the payments u received titled above. How ever if u take both the grants and loan half is directly sent to the university account and the other portion in your bank account I was confused I had money in my uni account and my bank account and if u log into the Nfc account thing it shows you what each payment is

  30. Miguel really lost everything and Robby got everything 😭 hope everything is fixed in season 5

  31. Did he? Robby went to jail, is considered a thug by most outside of cobra kai, Sam left him, has no meaningful father figure

  32. Robby got out of jail, has perfectly fine health, got the girl not Sam but Tory and turns out from the prom Sam might still have some feelings for Robby or honestly what ever that was in the prom episode, Robby’s mom came out of rehab and seems to be doing good, regardless Robby fought in the all valley made it to the finals and at the end even got his dad on the other hand Miguel’s injury never left him he never healed from the first place his mental and physical health took a down turn his relationship with Sam is messed up in a way and Miguel lost the only father figure he had in his life which was Johnny or we can say that Johnny failed to play the dad role he was tryna play to Miguel and on top of that he dropped out of the all valley after pulling his muscle and decided to go look for his father who turns out doesn’t even know about him

  33. Me rn my manager is honestly so unbothered he doesn’t reply to any of messages like barely 😭

  34. I think they shot season 4 and 5 back to back because of Xolo because Xolo had to start shooting for his movie and he wouldn’t have time for season 5 which would make the production start late for season 5

  35. I’m gonna cry if anyone dies but theirs so many ways the story could go

  36. How is that 17k though I swear it said like 7-8k on the website

  37. Loll no it’s not maybe years ago the so it is cause (mandatory meal plans) are also part of it my room has a mandatory meal plan 7 days and the plan it self is like 6 or 7 k and the rest is the cost of the room keep in mind every single room requires a mandatory meal plan regardless of if u even use it or not

  38. Dam well if ur willing to travel around 2 hours to go and 2 hours to come do it if u want next year cause I save a lot of money from that instead of staying but think what’s best for u

  39. I’m also doing bm but have no Idea what elective to take ,some people are searching the easiest one and doing that.

  40. I’m thinking of perspectives in psychology for first option then a back up of rta

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