1. I have had several cookie strains but never heard of cookies cultivar Confused

  2. I grew up in California I’m talking about Berner brand cookies

  3. Love that strain! I’m very picky. I will actually go out of my way to purchase.

  4. I just opened it up excited to pack my first bowl. My room smells like literal dog sh*t it’s so strong. I had a German Shepard when I was a kid it smells like if nobody cleaned up for months strongest weed i have ever smelt personally blows me away as far as the smell

  5. Man can you explain that ? I’ve never had flower smell like poop lol . I’ve had 20 people tell me it smells like dog shit in a good way . I can’t bring myself to smoke something that smells like poo 💩

  6. As far is the smell that’s literally what it smells like. Like I’m I had a a dog when inside to long went on the floor a couple times and you just walked in the door.

  7. I grew up in California went back to visit a couple months ago I grew up in a town with about 1400 people and it’s probably an hour from any major city 45 mins to a big grocery store (closer to Nevada in the mountains of California think big bear if you know) theirs about 5 dispensary’s in that small town that all deliver so do I think it’s coming oh yah. But it’s a waiting game and I feel we have a while to go but personally I would like to see prices from, far more dispensary’s, and maybe even some new companies before that happens. Although do I think delivery will come before most of those can I say when no. If I had to guess a year or 2 maybe . But I’m not 100% so see what other people say too

  8. 99% of the time, I always dislike the default settings for most of these Linux distro's. Of course I theme to get the look and feel that I deserved.

  9. That is exactly my reasoning have you ever gotten malware? And what website you do use?

  10. Disconnect it, try issuing this command

  11. I’m new to fedora and Linux in general I put in “sudo dev/input/event” and it says command not found what am I missing?

  12. Okay so I did it and it went from /dev/input/event0-17 to once I plugged the controller in /dev/input/event0-18 so it’s connected thank you the only problem is Xbox game pass doesn’t recognize it is that on my end? I can use the controller in Home Screen but not once I get into games

  13. I always use caps and never got this bad. Are you vaping concentrates?

  14. No sir just keif and ground cannabis no this has leaked into the chamber yet thankfully

  15. How do you open these I can’t ever open them

  16. When they are new it’s very hard sometimes I have to use my teeth as that sounds bad but after 2 of 3 uses they fit snug and pop right off with a little pressure it’s just because yours new I think all my new ones I have just have to put a lot of pressure on the top cap aiming up while pushing down on the bottom don’t try to twist. Hope it helps

  17. Extensions are a hit or miss thing, since most of them are maintained by a single user who made them to solve a problem of their own. Still, they are pretty useful, and if a widely used extension gets abandoned, there's a chance one or two forks will arise if there wasn't already an alternative, specially if a distro decides to integrate it to their systems by default.

  18. Theoretically, yes. Any program enabled to run scripts on your system pose a security risk. BUT! all the extensions uploaded to the official GNOME website

  19. i may be worth the money to get a USB wifi dongle that works with Linux, you can get one in the $5 to $20 range, And it can really save a lot of hassles.

  20. Sadly I was using qubes and the dongle I bought wouldn’t work either lol but thanks I’m trying fedora 35 next heard good things

  21. I think that’s because your Xorg is crashing or not fully enabled in the background , it will take you back to the login screen. I just had the same problem. Had to go back to Wayland gnome until I figure this out.

  22. Well if you do please let me know I appreciate the response

  23. Fedora 35 Worlstation. I do not recommend ubuntu and ubuntu based distros because QubesOS's dom0 is fedora. I would also recommend

  24. Thank you I was actually looking into fedora 35 workstation is it like qubes though where they have a suggested hardware page or will any laptop work?

  25. Thanks I have been looking at mint or elementary looks interesting

  26. Qubes 4.1 is in testing, so I’ve never used it. You may have better luck with the stable version, Qubes 4.0. How are you connecting to the network (I.e are you using Ethernet, USB WiFi adapter, or PCI WiFi adapter)? A USB adapter will have a different setup, but the other options should work out of the box without needing special configuration. You should just be able to click on the icon in the top right of the screen and choose your network. It’s as simple as connecting to a network using Windows

  27. sadly the stable version doesn’t work on the laptop I have for some reason I tried it with multiple usb drives as well as qubes suggested fixes I couldn’t get it to work but 4.1 does. on my laptop it’s not that my WiFi doesn’t come up their just isn’t an option to connect to WiFi exempt under network connections that I have found but that’s all Manuel input and I’m not sure if I’m messing up since it still won’t connect

  28. My installation of 4.1 always black-screened while using UEFI boot; the installer would never load. I couldn't get it to work without installing as mbr/legacy boot method. I am interested to know if this is related to VT-d as I was not aware that was an issue.

  29. Just to confirm do you mean you had to convert your hard drive to mbr mine is on gpt currently. I’m also trying to download 4.0.4 rather than 4.1.0

  30. I didn't convert anything. Usually the installer partitions the disk for you. IE if you boot in legacy, it will create an MBR partition and if you boot with UEFI it will create a GPT partition.

  31. Okay so update I read that wrong I tried gpt and mbr neither work tried both usb drives a newer 64gb and a older 8gb neither worked I’m not sure what’s wrong

  32. What about Roth Ira,rollover Ira, and traditional ira

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