1. You can now tell your brain, welp that was the right thing to do look what she turned out to be, i wonder what caused her to turn toxic

  2. Where does it say she's losing her boyfriend or the house?

  3. I didn't even see there's more pictures hahahah woops, thanks for the comment otherwise i'd be non the wiser

  4. Yeah, y'all don't know the context. It was an act. He's not like this at all.

  5. You must've had a great dad then, some of us were scared shitless of their fathers and this makes my palms sweaty just by looking at it

  6. It's a video depicting possible child abuse, afcourse nobody knows the context if there isn't one to find for miles

  7. Where is freeza in all this, he must have heard about this right?

  8. This was the case in my old pc.......... big sadge, luckely the new one is still running fine ๐Ÿฅด

  9. Again, another pitbull, they've been in the news an awfull lot these past months

  10. Here i thought asking permission was the right thing to do, stupid me

  11. I wish Requiem would come back from the dead, it was my favorite mmo until it died :(

  12. That comment was saltier than my marmite sandwhich

  13. Looks good though, this imo is a clever tactic because you get all the meat and juices but not the messyness of the sauce and the veggies that always fall out all over the place, this burger is for pleasure not for fun

  14. His facial expressions gave me a 100% serial killer vibes, this dude is insanr

  15. Try a durum roll next, they are so good and less messy

  16. You can eat the whole thing so, the whole thing

  17. Wish we could buy Peugeot cars here in the states. Iโ€™m from Croatia so Iโ€™m used to these smaller cars and I always liked the Peugeot emblem since I was a kid

  18. It's also in the dutch passport and our slogan is french because at some point in history we were occupied by the french bastards and they changed everything ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘Œ, i do love a good peugeot 205 though

  19. No, i did not touch your ass, from where i'm standing that is a physical impossibility

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