1. Putin has single handily done more damage to Russia, the Russian economy, than even Lenin ever managed.

  2. No Russian athletes should be allowed anywhere near the Olympics until the war is over with an outright Russian defeat.

  3. Unfortunately, this is ALL Russia has to look forward to in the future domestically.

  4. Bbbbbbbut I thought they had already destroyed them 10 times over.

  5. Showing my ignorance here, but what's the point of having two of them if only the one on the right is firing???

  6. The picture that the OP included really sums it up for me.

  7. As the old proverb goes, the devil looks after his own.

  8. Not Turkey, just Erdoğan shamelessly looking out for Erdoğan.

  9. Nope, Turkey needs to go! Out of NATO immediately unless they change their tune about Sweden. Enough obstruction from these asshole countries like Hungary who are using the invasion as leverage for personal and national benefit. That is no fucking ally, that's a fox in the henhouse or one of the other trickier barnyard animals.

  10. Only wish I could up-vote more than once, Erdoğan and Orbán are both irritating boils on the arse of Nato.

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