1. They don't fuck around with protests. They tried to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64 and half the country was in the streets.

  2. My nephew is 6. He currently lives with his dad and his aunt (dads sister) and aunts mil. The house belonged to the mil and fil of aunt. FIL died in the home. There’s pictures of the man hanging up in the house. My nephew pointed to the picture and said “ that man says to stop messing around and to stop watching so much tv. “ so creeepy.

  3. I paid $15.00 for a whopper with cheese medium fries medium drink. What in the hell ? I was straight up robbed.

  4. I Fuckin cant with this bitch. Who does that ?! Her and her whole Fake ass family are a freak show. Scared of vulnerability. A perfect normal human function, maybe Kim trying to tell us something with her weird ass Alien photo shoot. 🤯 Robots ? Idk But they ain’t HUMAN.

  5. You mention alcohol. Was your fiancé intoxicated? Did this happen in your parents home ?

  6. Blessing in disguise I’m sure it just feels like shit now is all. It’ll get better over time. Appreciate you

  7. That’s a good attitude. Life works in mysterious ways, Trust it. Better is yet to come.

  8. Meghan Trainor has it out for Britney too. Which further solidifies my theories about Kris and Lou Taylor.

  9. I am still bamboozled and dumbfounded by this "fling" and Tyga & Avril's fling.

  10. I feel like there might be some shade toward Gwen Stefani in one of those outfits 🫣 😂

  11. I wouldn’t buy makeup or any beauty products from celebs. Well, I once bought a Kat Von D eyeliner, it wasn’t all that great. But, I do love me Ariana Grande Cloud perfume and Britney’s Curious. I really liked Gwen Stefani’ Harajuku Lover’s perfumes and her line of handbags (Harajuku and L.A.M.B) Also, interested in whatever Danny DeVito is selling.

  12. I invite anyone to guess my age based on these choices lol

  13. Is that big kong in the background? Lol

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