1. Owning a MacBook or other apple accessories as middle schoolers or younger

  2. I’m still new but I always appreciate when they directly ask me if I’m okay on a station. Occasionally I’m on dto and they’ll ask over the headset, but I’m literally too busy taking orders to answer

  3. Oooh he’s made it very clear that he doesn’t like Wes, in podcasts and whatnot, unfortunately :(((

  4. Me too bro. My mom actually considered it but decided against it. I think she made the wrong decision

  5. Hey Isaac! I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been listening to your music since freshman year had less than a thousand streams (: I started following your Instagram acc when you had 8k and before you publicly came out!

  6. They were paid yesterday for the paid period ending the week before the actual payday. For example, for the pay period 4/25-5/08, payday was 5/13 (5 days after the pay period).

  7. Unfortunately the best way is to get comfy w your coworkers. Learn about: them what's their favorite drink or position, what do they do in free time, what are their suggestions for the store, try to attend gatherings and parties they might throw, learn to laugh and joke w them. Ask about everything. Where are trash bags kept? What's peak like? What's the specific regulars that are fussy about their drinks. Etc. If you're an anti-social introvert it will require a butt ton of energy.

  8. I really appreciate your reply, thank you (‘: I can definitely be a bit awkward at times, but I have been trying to get out of my shell as much as possible! Im always asking tons of questions, as much as I can. I’ll also join Lyra as soon as I’m qualified, no hesitation.

  9. I have two questions! Is it wrong if I start manifestation for more selfish reasons rather than particular self growth? And would it be okay to start my journal on my iPad/Apple Pencil?

  10. So I was previously an enrollment advisor for ASU, at the time I worked for them (about 4 or 5 years ago), there were no restrictions on any state not being able to attend undergrad with ASU online, but for certain programs there are some times restrictions. I know for the grad programs I worked there were more, but I know CA has a bit of a different requirement for becoming a teacher. I would definitely recommend calling an SCAP advisor who would be able to talk you through this.

  11. Looked at your profile scarred for life lol

  12. I wouldn’t have checked if it weren’t for this comment 😭

  13. I got hired at Starbucks like a week ago but haven’t had my first day yet? Do I still count for the 3% raise?

  14. I’m pretty sure she’s pro choice due to her beliefs of “informed consent”. Would she shame women who had abortions? Absolutely. I think she’s very morally against them, but legally supportive of them

  15. Does anyone know where it’ll be published at? Hulu? HBO Max?

  16. I wish California would take that stance for medical personnel

  17. Is it illegal for nurses in California to smoke weed? Even if it’s off the job or for medical reasons?

  18. I’m from Orange County. I didn’t really have much choice to move to the high desert but tried my best to make the most of it. Met some great people (most of whom grew up outside of the hd that eventually moved here), and met some not so great people (those that lived here their whole lives). It’s a varied bunch. The actual quality of living is alright, things are cheaper, but there isn’t much to do. Everyone goes down the hill for anything interesting.

  19. I’ve been so ridiculously stressed. I got a C in anatomy and I was told I need a 90+ teas exam to essentially be considered at all to my top choice. I feel devastated and defeated. I’ll still try my best, I just don’t really think I have a fighting chance anymore. I miss my boyfriend too. I don’t really have many friends. Loneliness and stress has encompassed my life

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