1. You're freaking awesome. I know it was probably really hard to do, so I'm proud of you for walking away from that relationship.

  2. Just a thought about white labeling... It doesn't necessarily mean the product is bad. I was thinking that as I was putting my Walmart brand coffee into my Amazon brand coffee maker, which is right next to my Target brand toaster. That coffee maker has lasted me longer than the Mr. Coffee, which stopped working after a year.

  3. I got Mulan and I hated it. It wasn't just that the scent wasn't my preference, it smelled cheap to me. Which, for $14 for both that's fine.

  4. I had this happen in a previous month. I was missing all three of my Tatcha add-ons, plus a points item. CS said they'd send an accommodation order with the stuff. That order had my points item and only one Tatcha. So I had to go back to CS and they had to send another order. Fortunately that order had all the correct stuff I paid for, but I was done. I cancelled and deleted the app.

  5. They have the 10 ml sample size of Tatcha in a $10 duo with another sample size again.

  6. The Tatcha site is having an early cyber sale. It’s 25% off your full purchase plus a free gift if you spend 100 or more and they give you three free minis of your choice with every order. I just stocked up!

  7. That sounds like an awesome deal! I probably have a year's worth of moisturizers stocked up, so hopefully I'll be able to get in on it in 2023!

  8. I had an account where I never received any emails from Ipsy, including the cancellation one. I sent them a direct email and said to cancel any and all accounts immediately. I never heard back... Could have been the email glitch... But they did cancel my bag. I also switched my payment to a prepaid credit card that didn't have enough money on it, so they couldn't have billed me even if they wanted to.

  9. I got it a while back and I use it every time I travel!

  10. I mean, did you get a back up one? 😃People really love this bag!

  11. Nah. If I had seen just the bag, maybe lol. But I don't need any of the stuff that's in this sale.

  12. I kinda want the Ace Beauté palette! But I really don't need another palette. And I'm already unsubscribed, so I don't think it's worth putting the shackles back on lol

  13. I've been seeing the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette at TJ Maxx for about $30. If it's a guarantee and it's something you want GBX might actually be worth it. Maybe.

  14. With the exception of the compulsory Refreshments products, I think the quality of items in the regular GB is relatively the same as it was when I had first joined in January 2021. However, in that same timeframe they increased the price by $2 and added a $1.99 handling fee. At $11 a bag it was barely worth it IMO, but for $15, it's not. Their quality control and customer service isn't great. It took three tries and a month and a half to get my August add-ons correct. My expectations were raised about $4 and my willingness to put up with their BS decreased by about $1.99

  15. I'll be honest, I have decluttered a lot of the stuff I got from Ipsy. Most of my HGs I've discovered through Ulta's 21 Days of Beauty. However, there are a few Ipsy gems I love!

  16. Oh Jesus. I’m not surprised. FYI- that MAC lipstick is sold through Boxycharm pretty much every month for $5 (the lip balm rotates in too for that price). They let Ipsy customers shop not too long ago so they probably will again and they let previous members shop too. I wasn’t a customer at all last month and was still able to shop the drop from the first day.

  17. I see MAC lipsticks at TJ Maxx all the time for $7.99. So maybe a couple bucks more but you don't have to wait for delivery and there's no handling fee, so it probably works out.

  18. It's a federal crime to open someone else's mail (delivered by USPS). I'm not sure how often this is enforced, but I'm a paranoid rule-follower so if it was me I wouldn't mess with it.

  19. I feel this! I ordered 3 Tatcha Indigo Creams as an August add on and they did come with my bag, and the first accommodation order only had one of them. Finally got all my stuff today and I am free of Ipsy!

  20. I think a lot of what Ipsy sends out is old packaging, limited edition packaging, or misprints. It could also be that they sell it to ipsy for a reduced price and save by sending it in cheaper packaging instead of the good stuff.

  21. When my kid was about 2, he took my husband's keys and ran off with them. We looked everywhere. We checked the toy chest, in, around, and under the couches, in cabinets... Never found them. About six months go by, and my toddler comes up to me and gives me the keys. I have no idea where they were or how he found them. It was the worst game of hide and seek ever.

  22. Some quick thoughts so far - the middle shade is a bit more rose gold than it looks like in the pictures. It's also a smoother shimmer. The top shade is a chunkier shade, the glitter "pile" you can see on the left edge that I didn't press down did fall off my arm a bit. Looking closely at that swatch on my arm, I can see the specific glitter particles.

  23. I do the thing where you put swatches on your arm and leave them too! I notice the shade closest to my elbow always fades fastest because I accidentally wipe my arm on my body.

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