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  1. Yes, I'm very lucky that my IBS isn't terrible and I've been able to manage it somewhat, and my work is quite flexible we have good bathrooms at the office and I am allowed to work from home basically two days a week at my choosing, so I try to come to the office as much as possible but sometimes maybe once a week I'm feeling pretty bad and just stay home.

  2. This describes me as well. I do know my triggers mostly and can manage it. Sometimes i still get unexpected episodes and 75% of the time it’s after eating new food like at a restaurant. Something unfamiliar.

  3. I think you should call out your husband’s attitude. Pouting and being grumpy is not a healthy way to deal with conflict in a marriage.

  4. Really sad given she has a kid. Makes it seem that she doesn’t have much joy or love for her baby :(

  5. I’m not super in-touch with everything this person does, but I do have a question, I never see any posts about her child? Do those posts just not end up on this sub? usually their lives revolve around that so just kind of is weird

  6. So she marketed a singles guide to single women and then told them to fuck off if they don’t believe every woman needs to get married. Then she bragged about it being another income stream on sheworkssmart.

  7. I know about the guide but where did the second part happen ?? Sounds juicy lol did she go off in a comment ??

  8. Maybe they don’t have a permanent address but Seems like it would be worth a $10 PO Box and get everything there - safe and locked up

  9. Idk - I think it’s better to make fun of things they chose rather than things they were born with. She chose those eyebrows…she didn’t choose that underbite.

  10. I didn’t see the comment that was deleted, but she doesn’t really have an underbite. She constantly uses her tongue and teeth to push her bottom lip out to make it look bigger. She did it so much before her alleged lip procedures, and now it’s an uncontrollable habit.

  11. We booked a wedding photographer in the South of England, noticed a few months later when showing family who we had booked that he has closed his business, disconnected his phones and refused refunds.

  12. I mean just so you're aware the BBB is basically just Old-School yelp. they're not going to do anything for you. that'd be something more along the lines of an actual government agency like the FTC or FCC. but best of luck getting your refund.

  13. BBB got money back for me! Last year on a shipment I never got. Companies pay them for a good rating and it’s kind of a scam, but I had success as a consumer

  14. I found her on ig. Her comment section is in shambles

  15. And she didn’t make her account private yet? Rookie mistake

  16. This is apparently a different clip from what the OP tweet is referring to. I can't find a clip of that moment, so still don't know whether it's bullshit or not.

  17. Noone who has replied to the OP tweet nor the OP user bthemselves can provide a time stamp or clip. One user said they watched the recess being referred to and said there was no mention of a senator.

  18. If you are new to cancun airport, after the customs part, keep walking till you get outside. Don't stop for anyone ie timeshare people and people trying to convince you to bring your bags over to a table near the exit doors. They claim they are customs people will go through your suitcase and charge you on any gifts etc. This started happening recently in the last few months.

  19. How are they allowed to just loiter and do that in the airport?

  20. I can feel good about Jones' face when he found out and about how completely unfazed his lawyer was about all of this. Even Ghouliani was laughing at that 5d legal maneuver

  21. Only because they took the lump sum. If they took it in payments, they'd have a much higher take home percentage

  22. Anyone else also reading this comment who has taken accounting/finance and calculated annuities…… lol

  23. If I may offer a framing mechanism of when it's okay and when it's not, the big takeaway from scarcity mindset is does it or can it affect other people.

  24. You’re not going to believe this, but I just had an argument about buying new underwear yesterday with my partner. It’s not like I have holes, but I definitely could use some new ones. on the other hand I definitely could just keep wearing these for another 5-6 months… I feel like this is the sign I need to go and drop $30 on a couple pairs lol

  25. If anyone else wonders what MLM is and wants to go down a rabbit hole, come join

  26. ....and he misspelled "descendant", great job excellent attention to detail.

  27. Was that on purpose? I figured they were trying to use the word ”dissent” or something

  28. Hey everyone, writing this on mobile because there's a tornado warning rn, so please be nice if I mess up. Ok so I (F) am in a sort of polyamorous relationship with 3 guys. We don't really do anything sexy (1 guy is too stupid to bring it up, another guy I feel doesn't love me, and the 3rd wants to but is too scared to say anything), but that's ok because I'm still a teen.

  29. Most people I know keep the whole bathroom locked up. There’s more than just the Tushy that’s a danger in there. When really little, door stays closed. If they still don’t know what not to touch when they can open doorknobs, then get a lock (like a hook one that’s above their reach)

  30. You can find it if you search. Here’s the article though. “Revenue is softer than expected”

  31. people who drink a lot think drinking is like peak fun. So they're worried you're missing out if you're not drinking. Or, even worse, they worry you might be judgmental about their drinking. If you carry any drink (including non alcoholic) and just go with the flow otherwise, it shouldn't be an issue!

  32. In case anyone is interested, here’s the actual data. Not even going to add my opinion to it.

  33. I’ve been on this sub for 2 years and haven’t seen it but also I am often high.

  34. Lol it’s been around quite a few times. One of the more recent ones is pretty close to one of the top posts

  35. While the offer to pray for OP is nice, oral sex is not degrading. Oral sex is a perfectly acceptable act for a married couple to engage in if they desire to.

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