1. It really sucks that the fed gov enables so much. And we end up feeding this system bc we have to play by these rules to take part in the legal profession

  2. Play by their rules that they are never held accountable via the 11th amendment. I'm interested in becoming a lawyer not for a job, but because it would be cheaper for me to attend law school to represent myself. If I were a lawyer 20 years ago, I never would have went through 90% of what I have in my lifetime.

  3. You can definitely make more doing other things, but not much is guaranteed anywhere. It sucks that law school is so expensive especially given you don’t learn how to be an attorney.

  4. Good for you! Keep at it. Sad part about these agencies is the contradictions and virtual inability to hold them accountable, and the near impossible task of changing laws through our branches of government.

  5. Makes me want to put up some "Tactical permaculture survivalist seeds" for sale on ebay

  6. Trust me, unless you want a federal helicopter landing on your property, it's not worth it. All it takes is one annoying hater to file a complaint and things go downhill quickly.

  7. People within the permaculture field make a living selling information that gets innocent people in trouble. Selling seeds, for instance. What seeds are you selling? Patented seeds that belong to the rightful owner of said vegetative strain. Unless you grow from seed for a minimum of 5 generations, any seed you sell belongs to the owner of the patent of that vegetative specy. Several federal regulators can storm down on you with cease and desist paperwork. That's how bad regulations are. However, many nurseries are selling vegetation they don't own, illegally, because agents look the other way, for whatever reason. But it only takes one agent to interpret your scenerio against the codes on the books, and you'll quickly realize why many pioneers have stopped 'permaculture' activities. Once you are selling products, you fall under federal regulations, and it's just a matter of time before you begin to realize just how bad it is in America.

  8. Having dealt with the County of San Diego regulatory agencies, I can vouch that you will never be able to provide food created in a drainage field for human consumption without reigning in the fury of several agencies. Stick to non invasive natives anywhere near your field. Even fruit trees can receive the scorn of FDA if you're trying to be a certified producer. As it is, permaculture principles are practically illegal, speaking from experience.

  9. As you are all attorneys, none of y'all ever figured out how to get the feds to declassify it as a controlled substance given the nih's expired US Patent 6630507?

  10. Yeah, no amount of money would make me interested in working at a place with on-site showers (except maybe gym related, but not because you slept there).

  11. I wouldn't mind burning the Midnight Oil if it were for something worthy. Lord knows I've pillaged more time on many worthless tasks.

  12. This is why I tried to sue the Federal Government via class action Federal Torts Claims Act in 1999. In order to bring a case like this before the Courts, you needed at least 1 million retainer. For the NIH (a Federal Regulatory Agency) to still be profitting off expired US Patent 6630507 is OUTLANDISH.

  13. Billable attorneys are incentivized to keep the fight going, the longer the fight the more $$ for the firm. In my eyes its a conflict of interest. I've worked for both types of firms. The flat rate attorney worked hard to get the best outcome for the client, including the client's interest in reducing lawyer fees. The billable attorneys I worked for did not necessarily work towards a good outcome, they worked for the work. I also knew many billable attorneys that double billed.

  14. My step father's case lingered for two years, and there was a prenup. The system is made to ensure taxation (with bonus).

  15. So...don't be a public defender, then. Got it. I'll search for the firm or organization out there that only represents clients that are morally infallible. Does that mean I can't work for the DoJ? The US government does a lot of shady stuff all the time. Wouldn't want to take money for representing a government that is morally reprehensible.

  16. I'm no expert, but having observed many cases in my local superior court, it doesn't look like courts have digitized. Judges are still flipping through numerous paper files, placing their seals on bundles of paper all day. I've heard that technology is actually a drain for pd's because of the amount of video surveillance they must go through nowadays. Catch-22.

  17. I don't know you, but I feel your pain. I first struggled with the idea of going to paralegal school in my early 20's. What the role does for the Legal Community is priceless, and, thankfully, there are many firms out there starting to show their appreciation.

  18. I'm not an attorney, but did analysis on pd earnings based on all data I could find. In San Diego, here's what I found: DEPUTY PUBLIC DEFENDER I - $74,256 - $85,945 DEPUTY PUBLIC DEFENDER II -$99,216- $114,836 DEPUTY PUBLIC DEFENDER III - $125,444 - $152,484 DEPUTY PUBLIC DEFENDER IV -$142,459 - $173,160 DEPUTY PUBLIC DEFENDER V - $160,451 - $195,041 CHIEF DEPUTY, PUBLIC DEFENDER - $160,534- $260,561

  19. Depending on your discretionary time available each week, the entrepreneurial amongst you would actively invest in real estate via your own brokerage. Over time, your passive part-time income could outpace your full time earnings, making 10k bonuses a moot point.

  20. Yeah I shouldve included that. If I get a score in September I am happy with then I wont take it in October and so on. I should have included it. Someone just said that there is no December LSAT so this post doesn't matter anymore unless I decide on January LSAT, but I assume that one is too late.

  21. Some Law Schools, like Yale, say applicants that apply towards the deadline stand the same chance as someone applying in October. Many schools don't have any admissions on the books until November. Admissions counselors start shifting gear closer to November, on average.

  22. I'm currently studying for the LSAT. Recently started. Over the past 2 years my house increased in value over 500k, and that's before this ADU installation is complete. That's before I tackle any major interior renovations that require a permit.

  23. Nothing that I'm aware of abolishes you of taking advantage of free food providers. Ask your school if they have food vouchers for the hungry.

  24. Nothing that I'm aware of abolishes you of taking advantage of free food providers. Ask your school if they have food vouchers for the hungry.

  25. Light year is a unit for measuring distance, not time…

  26. I think there are several top scientists in other reddits that would disagree my friend. While light year is a distance, if one is travelling at that speed, time takes on a totally different perspective. For instance, if celestial beings were living within a celestial object traveling 5x the speed of light (think LSAT rules) and zoomed past earth with technology far greater than James Webb, analyzing the data, they would not see you or I. They would see varying space and time continuums, most likely. A light year is time when you are within it.

  27. In life one has to take for granted the types of stereotypes within an industry. In law, the stereotypes that exist in terms of prestige are laughable because 9 times out of 10, no matter how much $ a biglaw attorney makes on the job, it's puny compared to the earnings their clients are making. Some people cling to the status their job provides, but that's really just conversational filler for those thriving off lack of substance. If you're a paralegal allowing yourself to be ridiculed by attorneys, it's time to put them in their place.

  28. If I go to Law School, then I've already made it. The minute you pass a BAR, submit an application for appointment to Judicial Appointment in electronic form. A-->B-->C-->D-->Progressively Judge.

  29. Inhale, exhale, per your ideal lifestyle. As a 'Genome' We Were Once Comfortable In Any Variable, ESPecially AS ONE.

  30. Many study for 1-2+ years before attaining 170s consistently. If you can't do it in a month I wouldn't be too concerned as that's not attainable for the large majority of lsat takers. If you didn't grow up with at least 1 parent that was an LSAT writer, don't be too hard on yourself.

  31. Overall, yes. NYC can be exhausting in many ways, but it's nice to be able to escape the law school bubble so easily. If you have non-law friends who live in NYC for work/school, that's a great support system to have when law school inevitably gets overwhelming.

  32. I lived in NYC 40 years out of 44, and have been in SD County for 4 now. Love it in socal. Love the entire Columbia area and always thought if I returned it'd be for Columbia or NYU Law. Congratulats on your accomplishments so far. NYC is definitely exhausting but it's worth it, even short term.

  33. Where are all the entry level corporate paralegal jobs? Surely, incorporating a progressive training regimen into entry-level daily operations nets an ROI for firms?

  34. Thanks, interesting perspective! The field I work in is not lucrative at all! (education). I think he's the one that has a better shot than me!!

  35. All about mindset and drive. People make the most $ being consistent with the mundane. Buying and reselling stuff can make you more $ than partners in BigLaw. Drive and tenacity.

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