1. Viserra was really only interested in being queen so since Baelon rejected her Viserys would be the next best option.

  2. Aegon III hated Morning and all dragons. How cruel would it be if he had it killed

  3. Highly doubt it. Aegon III hated dragons but he did still try to hatch some as he knew how important they were to Targaryen power. Morning just probably died off before Rhaena herself died.

  4. What would be the point of demanding they quit their current groups? They weren’t rigged into them. Revealing the rigged members now wouldn’t change anything. They’d probably get more hate from people that already dislike them but at this point they have more than enough fans to keep going and be successful. Gen 4 wouldn’t change at all.

  5. Rhaegar wouldn’t even be an option. You think there’s any chance that Robert and Ned would risk him being king? He’d be tried for his crime of kidnapping Lyanna and be executed or sent to the wall before his name is even brought up in a great council.

  6. The fact is that they're times of peace, and they don't usually require a 14 year old male to be already married/bethroted like during conflict times, especially if said guy has two younger trueborn sons, two sisters and a bastard brother of his age. Other examples are Edmure and Willas being still unmarried. And the main important reason, the plot wouldn't work the same way.

  7. As I said, we know Harwin was there every time she gave birth and I gave other details as well. Also, Daemon didn’t waste anytime moving on either. Rhaenyra was pregnant with his child less than three months later.

  8. That doesn’t change the fact that we have more concrete details about Laena and Daemon’s relationship than Harwin’s. Daemon fought a duel for her hand, was willing to be exiled for her, and when she was dying he got another maester for her and carried her back to bed when she collapsed after trying to get to her dragon. All this while knowing their personalities. Meanwhile everything about Harwin is either assumed or happens offscreen. He’s not comparable to Daemon or Laena. Did he and Rhaenyra love each other deeply? Probably, but it isn’t shown enough on page for readers to defend.

  9. Lol no… he was already in exile when he married her. It was his marriage to her that allowed him to stay in Westeros. And the boy was a wastrel who stood no chance against him, he knew he would win the duel. He clearly married Laena for political reasons. He was banging his niece immediately after her death, and likely killed her brother. What a great love that is.

  10. This post is pretty naive and I could guess that you were a newer kpop fan without seeing you say it, OP. I’m going to say this for everyone in the back: there are literally no consequences to debuting groups with minors in it. I’m been a kpop fan for 7 years and people have been angry about minors during that time and well before it. It has literally been shown time and time again that people don’t really care, at least not enough for companies to stop debuting minors. NewJeans first album sold 800,000 copies and their new album is about to outsell it. They very clearly have a solid fanbase, IVE does too.

  11. Doran’s thing is not getting into fights he knows he won’t win and Dorne would be destroyed if they tried to go up against the other kingdoms after the rebellion. Doran isn’t a complete idiot. He wouldn’t like it but he’d have to agree with sending the children away. Robert hated Targaryens way too much to agree to marry them into his family. Rhaenys and Daenerys would be sent to the Silent Sisters.

  12. I’d bet that it’s Nüwa, mother goddess of Chinese mythology and the creator of humanity. It would fit with her creating living creatures. Some sources say that Wukong’s stone that he was born from came from Nüwa repairing the Pillar of Heaven which would explain why he’s such a special monkey. Though the show might be implying that she created him herself.

  13. If so, does that mean MK, Wukong and Macaque are brothers?!

  14. I’d say that being born from a stone means that they’re the same species, not necessarily brothers. And we don’t know for sure that Macaque was also born from a stone.

  15. Yeah you sure are dumb and forgetful

  16. I think you’re overthinking it. People don’t write anything for Rhaego because he’s a complete blank slate of a character and is basically an OC with a name. People want to write for characters who have substance and a story they can change or add to. Writing a story around him would require going into such unknown territory that I’m not surprised everyone avoids it. Very few writers are actual authors and they’re certainly not on GRRM’s level. Rhaego is a dead baby who people don’t care about and would be too much work to write for.

  17. Melessa Florent gave birth to Sam in 283 so she was clearly off the table. Rhea Florent was either too young for marriage or she was already married to Leyton Hightower.

  18. I get your point OP but I don’t get the comparison to Beyoncé and Taylor Swift since they’re not the norm at all. Most pop stars are lucky to be even a little relevant in the industry when their career passes 10 years, especially women. The vast majority of them don’t make it that far and dwindle at least a little bit. Maintaining long relevance is very hard, no matter the industry. I think you could be a little more realistic with the comparisons.

  19. Daemon would have to be really dumb to still claim the throne in this instance, especially in the show where Rhaenyra and Alicent are so much more likely to get along without a rival claimant son in the mix. The Greens all absolutely loathe Daemon, and he would probably doing the one thing that could make Rhaenyra turn on him in this instance.

  20. I didn’t say he would push his claim to the throne, just that he would still have one even if Viserys had more girls. He’s still pro Black in this scenario, he’d have to be.

  21. As indicated by the TV show, the match with Rhaena is the cost of Velaryon collaboration and support. Guaranteeing future Lords of Driftmark will actually have some Velaryon blood.

  22. OP is asking in the context of the books, Joffrey in the show wasn’t born in 117. The match between Laena and Rhaenyra’s children had nothing to do with the Velaryons.

  23. The text doesn't say that. It just says they were betrothed, not that Laena and Rhaenyra did the betrothing. Targaryen incest is a thing, so endogamous marriage is expected (not stupid), and securing Daemon, Laena and Corlys as allies in the wake of her flagrant adultery was a smart move too.

  24. The text also doesn’t say that their match was to secure Velaryon support. But if you think that Corlys, who was ambitious enough to support Rhaenys in the Great Council, tried to get his daughter married to Viserys to be queen, and married his son to Rhaenyra, the heir, would’ve just thrown his hands up in the air and said ‘Well we won’t support your claim (and thus Jacaerys) because you won’t marry Lucerys to Rhaena’, you are nuts. He’d be pissed but he’s not pulling support completely because he’d lose any chance of getting his family on the throne or gaining influence.

  25. I think they’ll change it only because it nearly fucked them over in GP999. The unfair vote weighing nearly caused the final lineup to be 8K1C which caused Mnet to panic and reveal the potential lineup early to make people for the girls they wanted people to vote for. It just made them look stupid to backtrack so frantically for something they implemented. I’ll be shocked if they don’t reduce the Korean vote.

  26. i mean, to ME, if i was put in the maknae side and someone i knew was put in the hyung/unnie side, i'd feel weird as i'd be as if they had to take care of me, even tho our relationship has been equal friends and with arrangement it'd be, protector friend and protected friend, and i feel like some idols who debut with their friend before signing feel or felt this way, especially those who are foreign where the whole respect elders thing isn't really a thing

  27. Why didn't Rickard call the banners when Brandon was arrested ?

  28. Because that would be treason and he had no valid reason to do it. Brandon did commit a crime when he threatened Rhaegar, that’s not up for debate. Summoning Rickard to answer for him isn’t out of the question. Calling the banners would be escalating things and endanger the Starks.

  29. Tywin didn’t spend a lot of time at court after Robert’s Rebellion so the Lannister influence was Cersei’s doing and it’s not hard to stop her at all. Robert is the king and has ultimate power and the final say. Just veto or get rid of all of Cersei’s people. She can’t do anything about it. The only reason she got as much as she did is because Robert didn’t care.

  30. The original was better but honestly New Jeans did well. It had charm and it was a homage to a lesser covered but iconic song. I enjoyed it.

  31. No. They’ve already doubled down on their concept with Dice. If there was ever a time to change their concept it would’ve been after O.O with the negative reception it got. Changing it now after embracing it just makes them look stupid and like they don’t know what they’re doing. They have a fanbase who clearly likes what they’re putting out, there’s no need to change anything.

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