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  1. Need to out gun the shooters, they should stick a rifle in every classroom, bathroom, hallway, and a few in the ceiling and floorboards.

  2. Most primates (including humans) and Guinea pigs (not sure about fish tbh) have a non-functional version of the gene for the enzyme that produces the Vitamin C precursor. I think from memory, the human version is missing some of the exons that is present in the functional mammal version, meaning those sections end up missing from the RNA, and thus the final enzyme protein structure, which prevents it functioning properly.

  3. So hypothetically, say we have the technology to equip our RNA to complete the correct enzyme we need to produce our own vitamin C. Biologically, what would be the impact of a steady, biological flow of vitamin C across the population?

  4. Oooo. The Third Rome bishops vs. Papal States would be an interesting war.

  5. But I thought you can't get covid if your fully vaccinated

  6. Is this the new talking point? Your comment below was pretty salient but literally all the experts that pushed these things originally said "you wont catch or spread covid". Until they realized how shitty and leaky these vaccines actually are. So what was the point of forcing everyone to get vaccinated with such a shitty vaccine? Perpetual boosters for a virus that's 99.8% survival? Crazy days indeed.

  7. Too accurate to have the Premium IS-6, bushed-out, and wiggling side to side to fuck with weak spots.

  8. I like the notion that right before it explodes, we "gift" the whole set-up to Ukraine.

  9. that dudes gotta be on meth or something. who the fuck goes into their garage and revbombs their sportbike at 2am then throws shit at their neighbor?

  10. My neighbor below me just 2 weeks ago, before getting kicked out due to noise complaints (can't imagine why), would rev and work on his crotch rocket at midnight on and off for several days over the course of a month.

  11. Ive been watching For All Mankind, and I am just so blessed to be alive these days to witness the start of something amazing.

  12. R5: I won the Russian 2nd civil war quickly, so quick that no country broke away! Did the ole standard lend lease everything to spain then clear all, changed all non NVKD divisions to 1 artillery batallion, and I rushed to claim as much land westward as possible. Once the war broke out, I claimed as much territory in central and eastern soviet union as I could with as little forces as possible, and set the majority of my forces to immediately march westward. My partisan units that spawned were able to Take Sevastapool, Kiev, Stalingrad, and Moscow which no doubt is why they surrendered so quick.

  13. How do you time the lendlease? Do you send it a day before the war starts, or what?

  14. I’ve been playing for almost two years and only ever played as Italians so I don’t know shit. That said, too much support equipment adds to supply consumption and can bog you down. Also width is a mechanic for both land tiles and armies. Having too small or large width army for a land tile encounter penalties. If you’re playing against AI or player should determine basic builds as AI doesn’t use all of its tools. That’s what I think I know?

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