1. You can run return of the Guord in coop. There's no shrine to summon, but on map screen go to starting point and go to torii gate - select yoki realm with a companion - wait for a companion without conditions and you should get someone; then you can change the mission to return of the Guord (if you wait with return of the Guord selected, it'll still work, but will probably take longer.)

  2. The performance will be horrible on extended storage, Move something else your NOT playing, delete other stuff, make free space !

  3. It won’t let you transfer it because it’s a half-updated state. Go to notifications. And where the Download for the update is, click options, and delete it. It’ll delete the update file. Then transfer the game and download the update

  4. My current recommendation would be to make a Kingo build, this build allows you to one shot human enemies if they’re knocked down and you attack them from behind.

  5. First off, start playing side missions and obtain divine gear (green tier) and then dismantle that gear to get Divine fragments. Then go kill the Great Centipede boss (pretty easy takes like 3 mins if u just run past everything in the level) and get the Centipede part that he drops. Use that part to make a Divine Rarity Atagi Sadamune (you can add divine fragments by pressing Y or triangle, also keep in mind to choose the highest number in order to get a high chance of making ur Atagi Sadamune in the divine rarity. Next up go craft the Kingo’s Armor if you have the Smithing Text for it, same process make the armor all divine. Now keep in mind to not make gloves this will waste resources. After this you’ll wanna start playing through the new game+ and you’ll see certain areas where theres a lot of revenants, see if they have divine gloves and if they do fight them and get that gear. Gloves have the chance of getting inheritable attack. Equip said gloves, max their familiarity and Soul Forge the gear to a max familiarity armor piece, you’ll wanna do this with all of ur armor pieces. And one last thing you wanna do is to find a sword with close combat damage as inheritable and then inherit the trait onto your Atagi Sadamune. I really hope you use katanas because this took way too long to write. But this should speed your grind if you do use katanas.

  6. No she’s easy, prepare for hell cause she’s the gate keeper to it

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