1. Summon another person lol. Only way I could do it cause it would actually switch targeting between us instead of just destroying me or my ash summons instantly

  2. Ngl I think this was a HUGE missed marketing opportunity for Fromsoft

  3. Dark Moon Greatsword for me! It's just such a cool concept and the blade looks gorgeous especially when the Ash of War is active 🌚🗡️

  4. Dude to it's massive nature, just some sense of a quest log. Even if it's just a vague push in the right direction. But without looking stuff up, I don't think I would've done many of the quests to completion

  5. Get Out. Once you know the twists and everything about the story, it really loses its rewatch value.

  6. Congrats on a good start. I love that you close your window at midnight, but still feel like you cut off your late night eating. You must be going to bed at dawn 😸

  7. Haha usually like 2-3am. It's usually 12 hour shifts so I sometimes get off around 2am lol

  8. Thanks for sharing! I am currently doing a 20:4 IF, Crossfit 45min/4 days a week, and lifting.

  9. Bro with that schedule and plan you're gonna get shredded lol

  10. Thanks! My biggest concern are calories in… specifically protein. I am currently eating a decent size bowl of chili or some other type of stew heavy on turkey or chicken. I wait an hour and then drink a protein shake with 4 scoops (90g). I’m thinking the combined calories in are around 1,000-1,200, but I’m not sure. Going to count a little better next time I have to cook. I don’t want to deprive myself and lose too much muscle mass, but it’s hard to eat any more in the 4 hour window.

  11. Yeah I'm thinking about working my way up to a 20:4 eventually but I can definitely see how eating enough in 4 hours is hard. Especially with trying to eat super healthy haha. Best of luck!

  12. Honestly, since it's my first Fromsoft game, literally just walking outside to the Lands Between at the very beginning. Just very awe inspiring and I verbally said "holy shit" when I walked out haha. Absolutely incredible

  13. There should be the most basic level of a quest log. Not like a checklist where you're just going from quest to quest. But like a notebook with vague reminders of quests and who they're for.

  14. ~70% of the known universe is made up of dark matter and not only can we not see it, we don't know why it's so prevalent.

  15. I've been doing this with LotR even tho the chapters aren't hard or anything, but I'd recommend reading the Sparknotes summary after each chapter. I've started doing that with most books and it helps with just clearing up and making sure you've retained all the info!

  16. wjbc says:

    In the books we see Boromir through the eyes of the hobbits, and how we see him depends very much on whose point of view we get. Frodo and Sam do not like Boromir, even before he tried to take the Ring. Merry and Pippen, on the other hand, admire him and are grateful for his sacrifice, so their point of view is very different.

  17. See I just read thru the books for the first time (ik what a scrub), and I liked that Boromir better actually. I just feel like the movies made him a little too much of a jerk, but he's still an admirable character as it goes on. He just comes off kinda strong in the movies imo

  18. I literally ordered one as soon as I saw this post haha so excited!

  19. I just hope they don't add sexual things in it. I feel like it's almost impossible nowadays to find a show without at least some degree of sexual content and I hope they don't succumb to it. Also a bit worried about them focusing too much on social issues instead of writing a coherent story, which is also few and far between nowadays.

  20. Sorry buddy. That ship has sailed. They've put out casting calls for people comfortable with nudity to play elves and hired an "intimacy consultant" read sex expert. To advise on the show.

  21. Basically Skyrim, but LotR. Full creation, lots of stories, one overarching story, a SHIT TON of lore, etc. Someone make it happen lol

  22. Do you want to build mostly on your own or would a refined list be something you might consider. Then tweak however you like from that?

  23. Definitely down to tweak. I'd eventually love to build my own from scratch but I'd be good with tweaking

  24. The set that's illustrated by Alan Lee. Hardcover, beautiful red covers with artistic sleeves. Comes in a box set as well

  25. The balls held for pleasure are the balls that I like best

  26. I like Boromir’s story. Self centered, comes from a family of power, and easily succumbs to the ring. In the end he sees what he did and knows the best way he can right his wrong is to protect the hobbits. He dies valiantly and with honor. Not a long story arc but still a good redemption arc.

  27. Also tbh I never thought the movie did him justice. He's not as big of a dick in the books as he is in Fellowship

  28. hes pretty nice in the movie, at least to the Hobbits. He is seen training them in swordplay and laughing/playing with them. When Aragorn pushes everyone to press on after Gandalf's death its Boromir who says "can we not just give them a minute!?" so to me I see that as him being a mentor/older brother role in the group. Then he inevitably falls to the ring and we all know how that goes. Granted they do make him a lot more aggressive towards Aragorn from the get-go

  29. Yeah I think his aggression from the beginning is what rubbed me wrong. He definitely isn't a full fledged dick the whole time but I think he was written a little less aggressive in the books compared to the movie

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