Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade; states can ban abortion

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Megathread: Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade

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  1. I value him as TE1 in dynasty. I get why Pitts is the consensus but I believe andrews will be the TE1 for the next couple years. In my dynasty league he is vastly undervalued. I'm not a contending team, more middle of the road. I wouldn't mind trading him for a haul but I get offers like E. Mitchell and Thielen for Andrews and 22 1.03. I can't even counter with something like that.

  2. I’m with you. If the Pitts owner wants to upgrade I’d be willing to tier down for a 2nd.

  3. Simple, abolish it. The senate is as useful as an appendix is to the human body. It has always just been a body for the wealthy elites to prevent change from taking place by the evolving country. The best thing we as a nation could do is remove that cancerous growth from our government and upcap the House to allow it to actually represent the people. I mean we are capped at 435 because the census from fucking 1910 is what they based that on, we only had 46 states at that point in history. Using these outdated methods is why land has far more of a voice than actual people. We have two Dakotas because when they were formed the Rs wanted four senators instead of just two. The 5,207,078 people of ND, SD, NE, MT, & WY combined have five times the political power in the senate than the 39.35 MILLION people of CA do.

  4. Politicians like to ask themselves what our Founding Fathers would think about something.

  5. Like I said, you have to do it on the clock. This being SF, everyone was of course aiming for the QBs. I had to give a little in order to facilitate the moves but I will admit that the entire league was new to dynasty so I think it was just a lot of excitement at being able to trade picks during a draft that got them going.

  6. Far easier said than done. Constantly being able to trade back is really hard to do, and requires a lot of things you don't have control over to be true. It's unreasonable to expect that you can just keep trading back a few spots. Often people will just say they're content where they are.

  7. Give: dk 2023 second projected mid to late Get: Ridley + 2023 first projected early

  8. This is only going to limit safe abortions, people are going to die, this is horrific

  9. Republicans will remind you that if they don't die they'll be put in prison, along with everyone else involved down to the friend who agreed to watch their dog.

  10. european here, sorry my ignorance, but can‘t they beheld accoutable for this exactly?

  11. No, nothing to be held accountable for in terms of what was said. They do need to be held accountable best we can from the public, but unfortunately they're appointed for life and are there until they die or resign.

  12. For those saying that it should have been codified ages ago, yes 100% agree.

  13. This is a stat I like to bring up when I'm talking with family or friends who even come close to alluding how dems ruin things when they're in power. Dems have very rarely had majorities and POTUS for most citizens alive today. We have largely been governed by Republicans either by their own legislation or obstructing Dem legislation.

  14. Honestly... Raiders look stacked now and they'll have a hot McD offense. Lions could go off, too, if their draft ends up as good as it looked on paper and Goff gets it together.

  15. For sportsbetting I think Raiders is a good pick for some props. They're in a stacked division so it suppresses their win total/playoff potential so it's good value. They aren't projected 4/4 in the AFCW because they're bad. Good leverage spot, especially for some parlays.

  16. Futures have been flat for a while. They'll pick a direction and somehow we'll all be fucked.

  17. It's exactly the same behaviour as every other day. Bears and bulls are totally interchangeable in your statement.

  18. Well yeah he wants them cheap. He’s not about to shell out an extra buck for a made in America product.

  19. Ah so the grift continues. Buy another Made-in-China hat for $35. Trump is running this like a luxury OTC.

  20. I'm not trying to give lil princess a pass here, but there is one major difference surrounding these two statements.

  21. Plus it's not perjury anyway. 'He should continue to fight' and 'I trusted Bill Barr that there wasn't anything amounting to fraud' aren't really in direct conflict.

  22. Incorrect. This is from page 3 of the above linked opinion:

  23. Heller also advocated for gun control, and that guns shouldn't be free to have anywhere and everywhere. Ownership yes, carrying? Heller wanted control on that.

  24. Can you send me some reading material that shows the good guy with a gun theory is wrong? I need to try to convince some relatives...

  25. I'd just ask why they parrot a line that equates gun rights to a fantasy of killing another person.

  26. It's funny cause it's kinda a little like what Q said would happen, but opposite. Maybe the republicans are the bad guys?????????????????????????

  27. I still can't believe the Q cult is a thing. Like I get a lot of the country is easily conned into bullshit, but specifically the Q thing is pathetic. I long for the days where the worst conspiracies the known nutjobs believed was the moon landing was fake or Elvis is still alive.

  28. If this is on the table then yeah take it and run. If planning on offering expect a pretty easy rejection.

  29. Americans drove 750b miles in Q1 which is a quarterly record. Demand is definitely high and the summer isn’t changing that.

  30. I traded my 1.10 and 4.10 for someones 2.10 and 3.02 and was pretty happy with how that turned out.

  31. Whoever took Trautman in the 14th round is a madman

  32. This seems to obviously be from last year (Mitchell at 19.01) -- Trautman hype was nuts.

  33. 33,000 Republicans voted down ballot but didnt vote for Trump.

  34. "We don't like Biden. We just hate you." is the message, which has to hurt even more. If they voted for Biden he could dismiss them as RINOs or whatever. But it sends a bigger message that they just skipped the vote.

  35. Quantifiable proof that Trump was so toxic he lost Georgia. 33k Republican voters straight up didn't vote for him.

  36. I love how hard they try to act like the presumptive 2024 GOP Presidential nominee and kingmaker for their party doesn't concern their interests in any way.

  37. Which is the same overall messaging sent to the internet troops. Trumpists on reddit love telling you that Trump is irrelevant and in the past, as though he isn't controlling the entire GOP.

  38. Kind of funny to me that the consensus in this thread seems to be Dotson, but Moore has had consistently higher ADP throughout the entire draft season (significantly, by 4-5 picks in SF). OTAs have apparently led the hivemind to swing in the opposite direction.

  39. Pickens, Moore, and Watson all went ahead of Dotson in one rookie draft. Fell to 2.01 in 12 team PPR.

  40. Trying to push for a championship. Superflex TEP.

  41. Weird championship push move since Njoku's only interesting if Watson plays, and if Watson plays I'd want him over Dak.

  42. My only other TE is Pitts, so it's more for just having somebody I can play on bye weeks or injuries at this point. Also with that new extension and Hooper gone I figured he'd be a solid backup

  43. It's a hyper-prudish view on sex. When you think proper discretion regarding sex is literally never talking about it and pretending it's exclusively for procreation, everything we see today looks like sexual content.

  44. And let us be clear about Pence. How many second opinions did this guy need to figure out that this shit was illegal? Dude wasn't seeking clarity, dude was shopping around for someone to tell him he was allowed to do it and, luckily, nobody would.

  45. Maybe I'm giving him too much benefit of the doubt, but he probably knew it wasn't something he could do and needed to get multiple people to confirm it so that when he went back to Trump he had receipts.

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