1. Really depends on how long the proctor check takes. You can save yourself a lot of time by clearing your work area of anything and everything except your computer, paper, and pen/pencil. Also have your phone ready to go in the sense that they will want to see you turn it off in front of them. Have all these done and you should start no later than 10 minutes after your slotted time, barring any connectivity issues.

  2. I was in the same position as you with regards to PT scores and got that exact score on PT 85. Became super depressed and moved my April test date to June. It was the best decision I made given I ended up scoring 172+. Here’s a tip from my experience: review the PT 85 LR like crazy. Imho, it ranks within the top 3 hardest LR ever released and if you can properly understand the nuances of the LR in PT 85, no other test will catch you by surprise

  3. thank you for the advice and congrats on that score, I’m definitely going to review this one and not just go “oh yeah I could’ve gotten that” like I tend to do sometimes. Any other pts you think are especially helpful/challenging?

  4. Writing sample becomes available about a week before the test administration starts. You can take it at anytime after the writing sample opens

  5. I personally found it helpful when I attended the webinar live for the June exam, but I don’t think I would shell out money for the advice they give which is to be comfortable with the PT’s in the 80s and 90s. And I think this goes without saying since they reflect most closely what your test will be like. However, for peace of mind, if you really want to hear them go in depth talking about the breakdowns of each section, then go for it because they do a good job at it. But as long as you are scoring near where you want to for PT80 and up, you will be fine not listening to the webinar.

  6. What matters here is the school's TARGET median for the upcoming class. The good news is that if you're at the target, the school will want you. The bad news is that no one (except AdComms) knows exactly what that target is. The medians published are medians for the PREVIOUS class (in this case, the 2021 cycle; 2022 cycle medians will be out soon, I believe). Those can be a good indicator of what a school generally expects, but there can be fluctuation and variability in there as well.

  7. How likely do you think HYC will want to raise their medians from where they are at right now?

  8. The top schools almost certainly won't. The glut of 175+ scores we saw from Covid will mostly have subsided; thus, it will likely be too tall a task to get half the class at or above 174 the way they did the last two cycles. I'd honestly be impressed if they even maintained those medians; I'd bet at least one of those schools will drop to 173

  9. Thanks for this info!! Here’s to hoping that being at HYC’s current lsat median is more of a blessing than a curse haha

  10. I had the same question and emailed LSAC to be sure. They responded that “ANY college level credits issued to you need to be accounted for with a transcript from the school that awarded them.” My high school AP classes were technically through a local community college and credit was applied to my bachelor’s degree. Your situation may be different though!

  11. The AP classes i took were through my high school. Ill give em a call to clear things up

  12. Great shot, but if she's dead set on law school next year or debt adverse she should apply to some safer schools that she'll get big scholarships to. She'll likely be in six figure debt at most of these schools if she were to get in. There are some big scholarships in the T-14/15, and she definitely has a chance at them, but they're ultra competitive. There's also always horror stories of people with great stats getting shut out. If she's open to reapplying / taking on debt this list is fine!

  13. The guys at LSAT Demon are solid. They have a daily podcast called LSAT Demon Daily where they pump out 5-10 minute podcasts on LSAT tips and then Thinking LSAT which is their longer form podcast. I listened to both all the time while going to the gym or when I had some spare time. They are tough, but always right

  14. It depends on the goals of a school for a particular cycle.

  15. A historically 5 section test became a 3 section test, so exhaustion becomes less of a factor. A historically in person test where you had to get up in the wee hours of the morning to an unfamiliar proctoring center where a hundred other anxious students were also there can now be taken at the comfort of your home at the time of your choosing. Lastly, as LSAC cites, in the Covid world, everything was online which saved a lot of time. That time was then put towards preparing for the test.

  16. Is it going back in person or still onli e

  17. No sign of the test going back to in person. All signs point to online LSAT administrations are here to stay

  18. See, for me, it’s logic games that kill me. LR could use some improvement but it’s not my main concern. LG on the other hand is just eating my lunch. I’ve been drilling and practicing different strategies and I’ve definitely gotten better, but I still need a lot of improvement.

  19. Theres a limited set of ways in which LG can be tackled, and that mindset helped me. If I were you, I’d go over all the possible types of game boards (sequencing, in and out, charts…) that are normally used on the PTs and study the key words that normally clue you in to what kind if game you will be solving.

  20. I feel like I did okay with LG and RC overall but I have noooo recollection of LR at all and I had 2 sections of LR back to back! 😂 so the fact that I can’t really remember either of them worries me

  21. Honestly, just keep grinding at it. Your blind review score is very good. So just keep taking PTs and blind reviewing them. It’s all about repetition.

  22. Thank you! I have heard that recent administrations have a knack for assigning passages that are difficult to comprehend or have LR questions stems that dont show up on the PT’s. Idk how much PT 75 is representative of recent administrations but any tips on how to prep for the unknowns?

  23. The game createors use the same stuff over and over. The only black swan I'd say to be wary of are abstract/hybrid/mapping games. The older tests employed those but rarely show themselves in the 80'/90's. Stay to the norm....sequencing....mix/match...grouping....hybrid/grouping

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