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  1. Holy shit they’re essentially charging £4,000 a month for their 3 bed flat between 3 people. That’s honesty nuts, it’s probably not even worth half that. Maybe £1,800 as it’s in Acton

  2. Who said charity? I said program. As in a government program. And also….it’s stealing from an insurance company, not the program. You are bad at reading twice.

  3. Yes but you’ll claim the money from the insurance company, and the insurance company will then claim the money from the charity scheme (or raise the cost if people keep claiming unnecessary like you are)

  4. The fact you immediately went to my profile instead of being able to defend yourself says it all. Cry harder, you worthless leech 🤡

  5. You’re the overly emotional one who’s gotten yourself worked up by your own choice. Not sure where leech comes from unless it’s just a generic insult you use. I don’t have to defend myself if you don’t break down by argument

  6. If you need to convince yourself that when someone makes fun of you that they must be "worked up" that only speaks to your insecurities. Cry harder, you worthless leech 🤡

  7. There goes the leech insult again completely unrelated. Anyways I have better things to do than reply to comments from strangers that aren’t making any valid arguments. I hope you aren’t being too hard on yourself

  8. Two people are minimum wage can get by. Just the one, it would be very difficult to rent somewhere by yourself, only option really would be house share

  9. Aw man you must be new here. Every judgemental, self righteous, sanctimonious asshole will be on to tell you how horrible you are. Your dog looks very happy.

  10. If you really liked your dog you wouldn’t lower it’s life expectancy by 75% by over feeding it

  11. The yield changes all the time based on the share price so it may not may not be a concern based on timing. Check out the companies financials and see if that worries you

  12. You've never seen the damage some pets can do I assume? I've had dogs and watched them destroy things I know for a fact a child can't physically do, windows, TV stands, doors, fences, walls, furniture. Basically, If the animal can fit it in it's mouth and it has that kind of habit, it will be destroyed. I doubt a child would be able to put a 3x5 hole in the wall like a decent sized dog can. The extra paperwork as well is a massive issue.

  13. It’s the smell as well, it’s so hard to get rid of that general dog odour once it’s been there for a while. Plus the possibility of it peeing and pooing on the floor

  14. This is satire and just showing that anyone can fake stock events, it doesn’t prove anyone owning any stocks. We need to start showing positions in the our broker as well as stock events

  15. I don’t understand why this matters. If someone comes here showing a fake income, who cares?

  16. It’s because it’s become a daily occurrence of people pretending/lying making these posts on stock events, it’s getting quite annoying and people don’t realise how easy it is to fake

  17. Is this a good idea by Amazon? If they pay $0.2 quarterly it will cost the business $10b annually. Their profit margin is tight at the minute so will eat up most of this

  18. I live in Chiswick and whilst there is traffic it’s not that bad and is not all the time

  19. Yes a company making $128 billion annually in operating profits and growing by double digits will fall to a $800 billion market cap despite the $100 billion buy backs. Sorry but kiss those puts goodbye

  20. There’s been a tonne of people posting screenshots of their stock events app, you can easily just add stocks and pretend you own them. Has anyone who’s provided these pics also provided proof they actually own all the stocks/funds in their portfolio?

  21. We get customer come to us all the time stating they need to pay for some ridiculous expensive surgery in India for their relative otherwise they’ll die. So yeah pretty sure that’s not the case

  22. It’s not a choice if you have to wear it

  23. Got to agree with OP VR Chat, Roblox & Rec Room are likely the closest thing we'll get to a metaverse and even then it's used to hangout, and play games, which isn't what Zuck wants

  24. Zuck doesn’t want people to hang out and play games in the Metaverse? You clearly have no idea why he’s creating it

  25. Granite and it's other counterpart Leverage offer shady etf's. It's borderline fraud. Keep trading them and you'll realise how prices are always a mismatch of what they should be. Oh and 212 knows they just don't care because they profit from it.

  26. On every trade....commission through spreads.

  27. 212 don’t profit if you lose or gain money, it would be more beneficial to them if you gained money so you would keep using their platform. Spread is the difference in asking between buying and selling and is not determined by 212, the lower the volume the higher the spread, if you want to invest or trade in stocks with low spreads then stick to well known stocks with high market caps.

  28. Damn save some float for the rest of us

  29. It depends on the sector, situation and company. In this instances yes it is positive news, it shows that Meta are reducing operating costs quite substantially

  30. This is why there are weight classes

  31. In professional sports, I dont think people care about weight class in a street fight.

  32. Yeah I know, just speaking generally

  33. Bankrupt? Sorry how much cash on hand do they have? How much profit do they make?

  34. Overreaction with YoY losses from their VR division and advertising revenue ? Also the first quarter (last quarter) where they didn’t actually get any new users

  35. How many new users can they possibly get? They already have half the planet using their apps. People get so drawn into them spending money on the metaverse and owning Facebook that they forget they own Instagram and WhatsApp and made $60b in operating profit last year

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